TWD Sunday Sports Thread #1 For 11/17/13 (First Version): NFL Week 11 Notable Thoughts

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1) Criticism of Colin Kaepernick has gone beyond insane. People have to recognize and acknowledge the obvious fact that he had no one to throw to last week and how that has been a problem with injuries to Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham and Vernon Davis, with Anquan Boldin slowing down as well. I think with Manningham's second week back from absence and Davis being cleared to play that he will lead them to a huge win in New Orleans of all places, the site of where they lost to the Ravens in the Super Bowl in February.

2) Key day for Andy Dalton for sure. He has to be the "good Andy," not the bad one today for Cincy. For me, I say that he will be his good self and give the Bengals a vital bounce back win in the battle of Ohio.

3) For me today, this is already a "Do or Die" game for the Jets, even with the Colts doing them a favor in coming back to beating the Colts.

4) Robert Griffin sure would love to shut up Darrell Green today. Nick Foles and the Eagles would love to shut up their fans. Would not be surprised if this doesn't become a shootout since you can never be sure of anything with the NFL. I think D.C. gets the win.

5) The Ravens are getting a bit more healthy on offense, and that will help Joe Flacco to a huge road win. But I do think Josh McCown plays well again today for the Bears.

6) Percy Harvin with show why the Seahawks should go to the Super Bowl this year, although the loss of Sidney Rice is still devastating.

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