TWD Saturday Sports Thread #1 For 11/30/13: The Malzahn Miracle 2: The Sequel (Final Recaps)

Iron Bowl Final: Auburn 34, Alabama 28 

Even with maybe the greatest conclusion ever in NCAA football history, Auburn or Missouri may still not go to the BCS title game if Ohio State and Florida State win their respective conference title games next Saturday. It is something that is already simmering heavy in SEC waters, with a major fear of them being locked out of the main title game. 

And it will be highly unfair for Ohio State to get jumped by Auburn or Missouri (because South Carolina won't jump anybody) after beating a tough Michigan State team with arguably the best defense in the nation. 

But first, let's emphasize how Alabama's lack of a special teams coach haunted them again. It was the right decision for Nick Saban to try and kick the field goal with freshman Adam Griffith spelling a nightmare day for Caleb Foster. But how he didn't factor in Chris Davis great return ability there turned out to bite him in the you know what. 

More about this game later in another thread to come, either on Saturday or Sunday. For now, breathe, stretch, and shake. 

Iron Bowl Halftime Thread: Alabama 21, Auburn 14

After Nick Marshall fooled CJ Mosley, Auburn couldn't sustain a consistent enough running game and tried to just play around Saban's defense, who started to adjust to the Malzahn's offense until the Auburn coach went back to the running on their final drive. Tre Mason really did run hard there and show why he will be a stud at the next level with his ability.

Back for the post-game, for sure.

Photo from Auburn University

First, Mr. Hall of Ohio State with the great middle finger technique:

It's been another wild season in the SEC, especially the SEC West.

Anyway, full runthrough of the biggest Iron Bowl ever, a game so big that even the Taiwanese animators decided to do a video on it. Yes, you read correctly.

More to come on this massive Saturday at The Whole Delivery. 
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