TWD Sunday Sports Thread #2 For 11/17/13: NFL Week 11 Early Game Thread

Final Early Game Thread 

It was certainly a wild early window session as always, captured off by the wildest one, a 5-hour tornado storm delayed overtime thriller that the Bears edged the Ravens over 23-20. The win gives Chicago the 6-4 first place with the Lions, who saw Jim Schwartz making the bone headed decision to not take the field goal and a seven point lead, resulting in a turnover on 4th down and a huge Steelers win.

The Original Thread & Halftime Thread 

The best NFL song ever, that original NBC anthem. Magical. This will be updated when the Week 11 early games reach halftime.

Halftime Thread Thoughts

1) Stay safe out there in Chicago folks. Also, Ray Rice has awoken. 

2) Chad Henne needs to be the quarterback for the Jaguars. He just plays well for them when give a chance to start. 

3) Matt Ryan just doesn't have Julio Jones and a line. Just a forgettable season

4) The Jets and Geno Smith, just getting trashed on the road again, no surprise there. 

5) And speaking of getting thrashed, the Washington defense can't stop Nick Foles and company, even if LeSean McCoy is out with a hamstring. The Shanahans, by keeping Griffin in the pocket, are going to get him killed. 

6) Just a shootout between the Lions and Steelers. The Steelers are just woeful on defense this year, where not only do the old players have to be removed, but does old Dick Labeau have to as well. 

7) Another wild battle of Ohio between the Bengals and the Browns, with Andy Dalton in need of not throwing the terrible pick six. Even with Joe Haden playing well, AJ Green is still good enough to win that matchup, where Haden can't cover him 1 on 1. 

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