The Sports Thread #1 For 11/26/13: 2013-14 UEFA Champions League Matchday 9 (Final Version)

Fulltime Version 

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What a night, with a vintage throwback to old days win for Ajax over a Barcelona side who definitely missed Lionel Messi tonight.

Chelsea, for their awful performance and managing by Jose Mourinho, have been awarded a trip to the Champions League Round of 16, as Mohamed Salah shows again why Spurs should have had him this summer instead of go after Nacer Chadli.

"A bad performance, a deserved defeat," Mourinho said. "Only positive is that we qualified. From first minute I did not like the performance."

"The team was not fresh. Maybe I should have made some more changes."

Good to hear Mourinho at least point the finger at himself for once. Mourinho decided to play Lampard for a second straight match at his age, give Eto'o the start again, and leave Juan Mata on the bench once more.

The loss is all on him, and only him. Luckily, even on his worst day, he still somehow wins, as Chelsea seal their place to the knockout because of Schalke turning in a terrible performance on the road at Steaua. The Bundesliga side clearly missed Kevin Prince Boateng and Klans Jan Huntelaar on the day and now must win against Basel at home two weeks from time.

Team of the Day

And Player of The Day: Jack Wilshere

Yes it was against a Marseille side that has been badly overmatched in this devastating group that gets the mantle of Group of Death in this year's competition. But Wilshere showed tonight why he could be a world class player as many have pegged him to be for the last three years now.

With him adding a goal element while playing as the right slide attacking midfielder instead of the two holders behind in Arsene Wenger's 4-2-3-1, he showed the Emirates once again that he is definitely more than a talented, deep lying passer with the ability to tackle hard.

آرسنال 2 : 0 مارسيليا by kooralive

That has been your day today in the Champions League. I'll see you tomorrow with Matchday 10 coverage of the Champions League. Enjoy all the old stuff down below.

Halftime Version 

DHoe by fifa16

1) Danny Hoesen's tally has given Ajax a deserving two goal lead on Barcelona, as they have dominated La Liga's leaders in total fashion and are fully deserving. Blind, Schone, and Serero have just outplayed Xavi, Iniesta, and Fabregas badly in the midfield.

2) Disappointing from Schalke on the night, as Jens Keller will need to bring Draxler off the bench in order to get the win they have to garner against Steaua.

3) Even more disappointing than Schalke is Porto, who are trailing 1-0 at home versus an underrated Wien side. Still, the Liga Sagres giants are underperforming once again on a day they could have a firm hold over Zenit for that final spot in Group G behind Atletico.

4) Cesar Azpillcueta was made mincemeat by the rising star that is Mohamed Salah, but Basel did not score through the world classness of Petr Cech. Plus Chelsea look a threat, even with Eto'o having to get subbed off because of injury. Torres is back and should help, but Mourinho pays the price of not starting Mata again.

5) Pepe Reina is keeping Napoli in this game as Marco Reus has awakened finally, but the Serie A side are still a firm threat to get a result in this great, vital game....

6) ...Because Arsenal are definitely destined to the victory, although they should have had more than a 1-0 goal lead at the interval on Marseille.

7) Awful Celtic defending and the revival of Kaka has overshadowed another shaky performance by Milan. It just seems common nowadays.

Will be back for the post match thoughts when the final seven games of the night are over.  

First Version 

Notable Lineup Comments After The 1-1 Draw Between Zenit and Atletico 

1) No Boateng altogether & Draxler on the bench for Schalke, in a game they just have to win at Steaua as Basel will be desperate not to lose to Chelsea

2) Rare back to back games started for Frank Lampard against a Basel team that will be hungry against Die and F. Frei in the midfield.

3) Durm is in the lineup for Dortmund in this must win against Napoli for them at Sigma, with all their injuries including both Hummels and Subotic being out, while Napoli are only without Hamsik.

4) Huge match for Celtic and Milan today in Glasgow. The loser of this one realistically out of the Round of 16.

This will be updated at halftime, stay tuned. 
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