The Fun Thread For 11/18/13: The Ron Burgundy School of Journalism

Fun Thread time again, your vital fun in the middle or end of your day.

Ravel Morrison may or may not be the latest English overhyped soccer player, but he is such a talent as the above video shows.

Emerson College, home to a school named after Ron Burgundy.

Never change Taiwan animators, never charge.

The funniest screw up of many more serious ones about the 2022 World Cup in (likely) Qatar.

Cue your fitting Kanye West "girl who only wants you for money" song.

Speaking of him, good debate on who Kanye hates more now: Obama or SNL.

And sweet from Steve Harvey.

That is all for this edition of The Fun Thread. Stay tuned for more at The Whole Delivery later today. 
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