The Thread For 11/22/13: Hackio's Feminist Nightmare Was Obama's Boss

Whether it's having their Beltway centrist hack reporters on Mo(u)rning Jo(k)e or flirting their pieces loaded with anonymous White House sources' quotes, the folks at Hackio (Politico) never cease to amaze me, nor should you.

If you somehow are in political circles from a liberal perspective and still somehow read Hackio, then I suggest that this finally be the reason you just ignore their hack stupidity altogether.

It is something that you frankly should have done a long time ago, but it is never too late. Because this will always happen with this vapid, vain website. It is just their core ethos and why they exist, to be centrist loving hack reporters who live to write ridiculous pieces to be published for link bait.

You could already see Matt Frudge Drudge linking on his long irrelevant website now, even though it would be ironic since he should like the fact that someone is portraying Michelle Obama as a "feminist nightmare" (I'm not going to link to that trash since I already harmed my computer by clicking on it from Twitter). Especially when that same writer in a certain Michelle Cotter, who isn't even acknowledged or known in the modern day online feminist community, praises Sarah Palin as a model for feminists three years ago.

By the way, a feminist nightmare I think is anti-choice extremists trying to vote for a ban on late term abortions after 20 weeks and spread more of their anti-contraceptive, anti-women, pro-extremist agenda throughout the nation instead of a health driven First Lady. But that's just me.

Hey, don't tell that to Michelle Cottle and Hackio though. Because for them, no one is more of an enemy to women that the lady who once was Barack Obama's boss.

Never change Hackio, never change. Because I will enjoy hearing those who still chose to read your pathetic, desperate attempts at attention yell and scream at your hack idiocy. 
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