The 2nd Thread/The Music Thread #1 For 11/27/13: The Kanye New York Interviews #1 (Power 105 Version)

Screenshot from Power 105

Since the Angie Martinez interview wasn't as hostile as the Power 105-Charlamagne and, shockingly, the Sway interview, just going to give a few thoughts on those main two interviews that have gotten a lot of talk. (I heard the Julian Epstein interview was intriguing, but did not get hostile).

Power 105-Charlamagne 

1) First, on the Clear Channel interview. What was interesting from Kanye there was really breaking down why he chose to go with Jay and not Dame in the whole Roc-a-Fella civil war. It was the likability factor of Jay and not so much of Dame that was the determining decision. It's the karma that Dame was destined to receive for being a world class A-hole to so many people throughout the late 90's and early 2000's.

2) He had to continue that all Jews are rich stereotype.

3) Kanye really made a point on how the real 1% control industries and how it's more than about starting his own business.

4) "I don't have a problem with looking stupid. I don't have a problem with making mistakes in front of people."

5) "And I'm learning.." That was encouraging to hear.

6) The Narcissism is still high in him despite the deep thoughts.

7) Have to give Charlamagne credit, he did not kiss Kanye's behind as I thought he would with Kanye in front of him.

Three additional points

8) Eve made Adam eat a fruit, but it never indicated it was an apple, so Kanye is not fully correct on that. And I don't believe it was an apple, personally speaking.

9) All in all, with how hostile and bad it could have gotten, this interview ended very cordially.

10) The face on the guy behind DJ Envy after Kanye's last comment at the 10:51 mark in the Part 3 version of the interview on Youtube.

A later thread on how emotional that Sway interview got at The Whole Delivery later on. 

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