The House of Lords For 11/21/13: Consequences and Repercussions

It's something that should have happened a long time ago, and that was even before the Republican Party became the deranged and nutcase element that it has been for years.

Simply put, it shows again how you need to elect the right people with the correct ideology into The House of Lords (The Senate) in order to have the right, correct bills that work for the good of the nation as a collective whole.

When Harry Reid was finally fed up over the secret and not so secret blockings of judges continuing by the nutcase party, both him and Obama just had to just do what was required.

Senate Republicans were given a final warning in July, but they just wouldn't listen unsurprisingly.

And as Sir Moulitsas states as eloquently and directly as he usually does, Republicans knew full well that Reid & company had the full will to end the filibuster if the stupidity didn't stop.

So all of them bellyaching as usual and vowing that the Democrats will regret this move, as McConnell blazingly did the best today, is the usual expected nonsense and disbelief they feel over the Democratic Party's high ranking officials actually following through on their threat.

A lost for immature nutcases, a win for common sense, and an even bigger win for Sir Waldman as well.

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