The Rise "n" Shine Thread For 11/19/13: No, It Wasn't Pass Interference

Despite Patriots fans and Skip Bayless whining and yelling all over Twitter like King Tommy boy did above, that was not a penalty and was the right call.

Of course Luke Kuechly faceguarded and made contact with Rob Gronkowski. But in the end, let's explain how Gronkowski goes too far in the end zone, and how Brady throws it too short.

As you can see when the throw is made, Gronkowski fails to turn around instantly, goes two steps too far into the endzone and does not cut in front of Kuechly and safety Robert Lester, who made the interception to end the game.

Now the rule in regards to outright face guarding is required to be a penalty, but a pass also has to be catchable first and foremost.

It's a call that is left up to the referees, and head official Clete Blakeman did well for me to pick up the flag on back judge Greg Meyer's initial decision.

Besides the retired referees having their different opinions,  Cris Carter explained on Mike & Mike just now how the Patriots' star tight end failed to really make that call happen and ran too wide instead of flat.
"The type of route he was running, he was running a pump route against cover two man, so he was suppose to split those two safeties (Lester and Kuechly, who isn't a safety of course but not what Carter meant there. Now Brady, because he had heat, he didn't step into that football. So because Gronk wasn't a great actor and because Brady didn't step into it, it lets the referee be able to call this, and you have to be able to understand it. And as a wide receiver , if i can't get to the ball, there can't be pass interference."  
"It's tough for (some) people to swallow." 
In short, Gronkowski fails to go into Kuechly and Lester, and Brady threw the ball too short. Patriots' fans and those who have sympathy for them this morning and disagree with the call can vociferate all they want.

It was the right call, and the Patriots' luck did not save them again like it can occasionally.

Now from The Whole Delivery again, here is Tevin with "Tomorrow." 

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