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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Flashback Fridays (Christmas Edition) For 12/23/11: Run DMC- Christmas in Hollis

Definitely a song that has only one version, and isn't performed every year by different artists on Christmas album after Christmas album. Flashback special this week, it's once again Run DMC's Holiday legendary song "Christmas in Hollis."

Run dmc Christmas in hollis by avajra

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Friday Flashback For 12/9/11: MC Lyte feat Missy Elliott- Cold Rock The Party (1996)

15 years ago, long before some two random guys were claiming they were "party rockin" nowadays, these two, the proud vet MC Lyte and then up and coming Missy Elliott, dropped this '96 quality track with Diddy's help......It's "Cold Rock The Party," a Flashback choice for this Friday.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Fun Thread For 12/5/11 (1st Edition): Best Rapper In The World

Have to say, sometimes worldstarhiphop.com can get some gems:

I can't wait until I do a collaboration with him in the future (and no, I certainly wasn't referring to his father or elder figure in the vid with him who almost ruined the video.)

More to come after this (Hopefully.)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Soulful For 12/4/11: Jill Scott feat Paul Wall- So Gone (What My Mind Says) (2011)

Second single from that latest solid album from her, Sunday Soulful choice this week, it's Philly's pride once again (And yes, amazingly, Paul Wall still somehow exists.)

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 12/2/11: Dead Prez- Hip Hop (2000)

Since the airwaves virtually banned them a few years back, you won't be hearing this even randomly on the stations anymore. So that fact makes this 2000 conscious classic from Dead Prez all the more deserving of "Flashback Friday" recognition.

And remember, "it's bigger than...."

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Fun Thread For 11/30/11 (1st Edition): Mike Tyson Sings "Girl from Ipanema" In Brazil

This man just continues to make all of our smile, no matter what the weird fashion he is able to do it in:

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Music Wakeup Call For 11/29/11: Sean Paul- She Doesn't Mind (2011)

With a weird haircut resembling a cross between Pitbull and Miguel, Mr. "Gimme The Light" has returned out of oblivion.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Black Violent Friday 2011

Sharing that U.S. holiday spirit of good will for another year.

And these various reports tell of a nation that sure does loves its Wal-Mart, a company who treats its employees by enduring nutcase people like this without being unionized.

It sure does seem like same human behavior, doesn't it?

Happy National "Shop While Getting Stomped Day Everyone."

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Fun Thread For 11/18/11 (1st Edition): Nintendo Builds Life Size Mario Karts

This is just too superb:

No word on whether they built life sized question marks to go along with the other items.

More in This version of The Fun Thread later on.

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 11/18/11: Yung Joc- It's Goin Down (2006)

This dude has sat on all the money he made from this song, including all of those insane parents paying him to be at their intolerable kids' Sweet 16 birthdays on that recent MTV crappy hit show they dumped. I wonder if someone besides me (and your regular club DJ) will ever care about him.

Your first flashback this week, it's Yung Joc with the motorcycle recent dance hit "It's Goin Down..."

Yung Joc - It's Goin' Down VF by SoSouth
And as you can see, you can gladly learn your French at the same time.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Fun Thread For 11/16/11 (1st Edition): Stan Verrett Didn't Say What You Think He Said Guy

At first glance, I seriously chuckled. But on second hearing (and that was before I saw how Verrett was steady enough to encounter almost every tweet thinking that he said the "N" word), it is instead the most talked about usage of "neither one" in human history.

More on The Fun Thread in its final edition, soon....

Music Midday Energy Boost For 11/16/11: Ludacris Slams Big Sean and Drake In Needed Diss

It was always just humorous that both of them thought they invented a story that has been years long before they were in diapers (in terms of music relevance, not literally).

To be real, this was more of a warning shot than an actual damaging diss (the lines weren't one knockout line after knockout line). But even without him saying their name, Luda definitely directed it big time at Big Sean and Drake wrong statements.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sports Thread For 11/15/11: The Euro 2012 Finals Have Been Set

Photo from UEFA.com
The strongest European Championships in recent editions will take place next summer in Poland/Ukraine, as playoff favorites Croatia, Czech Republic, Ireland, and Portugal join the other 12 countries into the finals.

In the tie that certainly was most in the balance, Portugal finally showed their offensive might with a 6-2 emphatic victory over Bosnia & Herzegovina side.

The scoreline may appear as a match of one way traffic, but it was far from the case. Bosnia replied after two great strikes from a Cristiano Ronaldo free kick and a Nani rainbow gem to score through Zvjezdan Misimovic from the penalty spot right before half time. And just when the Iberian power thought it was assured of a smooth evening after Ronaldo's second and Senad Lulic's sending off, the Bosnians showed continued resilience down 10 men with Emir Spahic's poaching finish to make it 3-2.

But the host eased their nervous fans' fears with another class goal, a left footed blast from Helder Postiga to make it 4-2. Miguel Veloso made it another highlight reel tally with a deft left footed feet kick for 5-2. And they rounded out their rocky but advancing campaign with Postiga's 2nd by way of a header.

The other contest that left some uncertainty in advancement was the Czech Republic's 2-0 advantage heading into Montenegro. But an organized Czech side stymied the host chances of a famous comeback, with Petr Jiracek's 81st goal booking their short travel to Poland/Ukraine in a 1-0 win on the night and 3-0 aggregate overall.

And there were no major fears for Croatia and Ireland, as their opponents Turkey and Estonia respectively could not overcome their massive deficits. The Croatians finished 0-0 on the night, as their 3-0 advantage in Istanbul from leg one was more than enough. The same and then some could be said of Ireland, as they advanced with a 5-1 aggregate win. Celebrations were expectedly abundant in Dublin, as Stephen Ward 32st effort was cancelled by a pride filled goal for the away team from Konstantin Vassijev to make the 2nd leg score 1-1.

These four playoff winners join Spain, Germany, Holland, England, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Russia, Sweden and joint host Ukraine and Poland in the finals next June.

The Occupy Wall Stree Thread For 11/15/11: The Restraining Order To Restrain King Mike

This a real key in that restraining order:

Respondents/defendants (Bloomberg and the city) are enforcing "rules" published after the occupation began or therewise preventing protesters from re-entering the park with tents and other properly utilized.

It's not only allowing the protests back in (which the city had no problem with), but also allowing protests to bring back, or get, new tents and sleeping bags.

King Mike and his buddies were completely thrown off by news of the restraining order at that "Tough Guy" press conference. And expect them to fight like hell so they won't get embarrassed from their and Bloomfield Properties shady wishes.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Fun Thread For 11/14/11: The Baby Relaxed By Biggie's "Hypnotized"

The Fun Thread is here once again, for all your fun-ness to be filled:

In case you missed it, here's the famous baby being settled down by Notorious's "Hyponotize."

Your next lab mouse might just be Mighty Mouse.

The comments section basically let's the writer of this crappy piece know that there is nothing terrible about Alanis Morisette's "Ionic."

Six happy endings that absolutely screwed the movie's ending.

I def remember doing that six line "S" sign in these so called pre-Internet memes.

I'm sure this is the day you dreamed that you hoped would happen for your kid......being read to by a porn star.

The live action Lego movie is acoming!..................in 2014 though.

And throwback Stephen Colbert before we was Stephen Colbert:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Evening Cool Breeze: Common- Blue Sky (2011)

Somehow, this has less than 500K views...........Music's math definitely stays screwed up nowadays (though we all know the reasons why of course).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Music Evening Chill For 11/8/11 (Special TWD Edition): Heavy D and The Boyz- Overweight Lovers in the House (1987)

The first track on the first album that turned out to be the first single:

Rest in heaven Dwight Arrington Myers.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

TWD Saturday Sports Thread For 11/5/11: SEC Game of the Year- LSU/Alabama

Photo from Getty Images' Streeter Lecka
It's not the "Game of the Century." And it really shouldn't be the game of the year if Oklahoma hadn't goofed badly against Texas Tech at home.

Nevertheless, it is always special when #1 and #2 play each other during the season and are from the same conference. And with CBS/ESPN hype to go along with it, even the biggest cantankerous critic of the SEC being annoyingly thrown into our faces will have to acknowledge its massiveness.

The game really comes down to whether Jarett Lee (and/or Jordan Jefferson) will outplay A.J. McCarron, or viceversa. McCarron has enjoyed tremendous protection this year from that terrific line of Alabama, and it will be telling if he will enjoy that same time in the pocket this year to keep his 67% completion number high.

Both teams will look to find some way to establish the run against these formidable defenses. But I just think the growth of Lee, a quarterback who not only resists making awful decisions like he use to, as a guy who can win games with key throws will be the difference to LSU securing the victory.

Especially when Randall is a superior wide receiver who has a better chance at getting open than Maze does tonight, as both locked down secondaries will be ominous as usual.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Flashback Friday #2 For 11/4/11: Mannie Fresh- Real Big (2006)

Before Birdman and Slim gave him the shady shaft from Cash Money, this was his last hit record for their label. And this humorous song produced his funniest video to date. From a half decade ago, it's Mannie Fresh with "Real Big."

The Flashback Friday For 11/4/11: Just A Whole Bunch of People- Lady Marmalade

But seriously, it's Christina Aguliera, Mya, Lil Kim, and Pink with their almost decade old now re-do of "Lady Marmalade."

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Return of The Fun Thread For 11/3/11: Pigeon Tricks Are Superb

The long overdue return of the Fun Thread:

Today's joint edition of "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" and "It Really Really Isn't That Serious." (And maybe stretching it on putting this as "Fun".....Just Maybe, although I know some of you chuckled when seeing this.)

For those mourning over leaving their 20's, here's five reasons why you shouldn't feel downtrodden.

No matter what color you are, covering any hip hop song that's almost a decade old and putting your own spin on it like it's groundbreaking is just not a good idea at all.

Barrel Roll has taken over your day.

And finally, from the sound genius that is "Okay Peter", the song about a mean girlfriend titled "Itch with a B":

Your long awaited return of the thread that is fun, otherwise known as "The Fun Thread."

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Flashback Friday #2 For 10/28/11: The Roots - What They Do (1996)

Classic, timeless, and underrated video from the incomparable The Roots, the 1996's treasure that is "What The Do", parodying perfectly the O.D. music videos of that time that still persists to this day.

The Roots - What They Do by Ofca

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 10/28/11: Lil Romeo, Nick Cannon and 3LW- Parents Don't Just Understand (2001)

‎10 years ago when "Jimmy Neutron" was the damn cartoon (actually it was always Nickeledeon's semi-ripoff of Dexter's Laboratory). Nevertheless, it's fittingly wack lead single for its soundtrack is the first Flashback Friday this week.

It's three "long-n-gone from the music scene" artists Romeo, Mariah's husband, and what eventually was 2/3's of the Cheetah Girls with the re-do of "Just Don't Understand."

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sports Thread #1 For 10/27/11: 2011 BNP Paribas WTA Championships, Day 3 (Azarenka d. Li)

Photo from Getty Images

The minute Caroline Wozniacki got off to a third straight poor start, she was going to be in trouble, especially when she allowed her latest slip outside the gate to the indoor ace that is Petra Kvitova.

No one is playing better under a roof in 2011 than the Czech sensation, as Kvitova scored another class victory.

Photo from Getty Images
Stability is everything for a baseline tennis player. And it is a key aspect that Victoria Azarenka has at the moment while Na Li certainly is in a desperate search for.

That was evident from the first point today as the Belorussian confirmed herself as clearly the best player in the White Group, with a 6-2, 6-2 comfortable victory over her Chinese counterpart.

It wasn't a thrashing or a beatdown at all, as Li showed at times why she has a 4-1 record over Azarenka by having more power in her strokes and not getting overwhelmed by Azarenka's aggressive persistence. The only major problem Li can have against Azarenka is a lack of consistency from the ground, and that is currently what the French Open champion is dealing with.

Azarenka gives herself the best chance to win points better than anyone in the WTA at the moment. Despite still not possessing a serve that could win points consistently with an ace or a one-two combination, Azarenka can placed herself in auspicious position in points with decent placement on her first and second serve. "Decent" would be an utter insult to how terrific Azarenka's efficiency was on 1st serve throughout this match, missing just three serves in the first and finishing with 80% overall for the match.

But that also shows how Na Li lacked the ability today to place questions on Azarenka like she has done in most of their meetings, especially at both the Australian and French this year in straight sets victories. Her up and down forehand was mostly down in this match. And the capriciousness of that stroke at the moment brings everything else down in her game.

Li made 37 errors yesterday, but was fortunate that her mental advantage over Maria Sharapova made the Russian more unstable and reckless than her for the 7-6 (4), 6-4 tussle of a win. Today, she simply met a better, more discipline and more relaxed opponent who wouldn't shoot herself in the foot and always fixated on the right shot. That caused Li to make 39 more errors today despite playing seven less games.

Again, Victoria Azarenka isn't playing overwhelming, out of this mind tennis that Petra Kvitova is capable of playing against the best of the best. But she is playing the sound, shrewd tennis of reliable execution that the rest of her colleagues in Istanbul don't have as much as she has at present time.

And it's that tennis that Na Li hopes will automatically come out of nowhere in the match that will decide who goes with Azarenka in the group to the semifinals tomorrow against Sam Stosur. Then again, with her winless record against the Australian, the likely bet will be that her search for stability will have to continue into the offseason.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sports Thread #1 For 10/26/11: BNP Paribas WTA Championships, Day 2 (Li d. Sharapova, Azarenka d. Stosur)

Photo from AP

Match Review: Na Li defeats Sharapova for a 4th straight time in a 74 error horror.

It sure wasn't pretty for Na Li. But for Maria Sharapova, it was utterly hideous.

For the first time in two months, the Chinese #1 was on the winning end of a result, out steadying Sharapova 7-6 (4), 6-4 in a, quite honestly, poor display of tennis in the 3rd match of the White Group.

It was Na Li's 4th consecutive victory over Sharapova, all ending in straight set results. And if you witnessed this non-aesthetic contest, you will see why that is the case, even at a level where both players made 37 unforced errors (and most of them were cringe worthy for their fans and neutrals to witness.)

Sharapova had clear advantages to control the match against a still unconfident Li, with a 4-2 lead and a few chances for a commanding double break advantage. She blew that.

Sharapova then had a chance to serve out the set at 5-4. She blew that, getting routinely broken at `15.

Sharapova once again looked to have momentum on her side at 4-0 up in the eventual tiebreak. She then became a mental mess once again, letting an erratic Li out of the hole to lose the next seven straight points on all errors, the set, and any chance of reversing the rivalry's current mental dynamics.

And the Russian let that desultory form plague her to a 5-2 deficit in the 2nd, with double faults, poor footwork, and a lack of confidence taken away by Li once again being the stronger force between the ears.

Then fittingly, Li became the fragile force that she has been since Roland Garros, getting broken at 30 and letting Sharapova have an easy hold to feel the pressure for a second chance at serving it out. And the French Open champion was feeling that, seemingly succumbing to the choking syndrome facing 15-40 down at 5-4.

But the law of current mental edges in tennis came up once again. Li showed just why she now owns the rivalry on Sharapova by outdeling her once again when it mattered the most: By being steadier and bolder to turn around the game for a needed victory.

For Sharapova, it is the same tired tactical and mental nightmare that has plagued her over the last few years in big matches against prime opposition.

The unexpected lost to Stosur for the first time in 10 meetings yesterday was really curtains for her campaign in Istanbul. And anyone who has seriously been paying attention knows that it's more than the serve causing her problems.

It's right between the ears: A place where she makes an unconfident Na Li look strong once more.

Photo from AP

Match Review: Azarenka defats Stosur Easily 6-2, 6-2.

For all the relief getting the Maria Sharapova money off her back was yesterday, Sam Stosur sure is guaranteed to have the opposite feeling with the Victoria Azarenka monkey still on her after today.

For the 5th time, the Belorussian handily took apart the US Open in straight sets, winning 6-2, 6-2 in her opening match at the BNP Paribas WEC Championships. And Azarenka almost went the entire match without encountering a single break point.

That last tidbit shows how utterly outperformed Stosur was today in dealing with a simply better player than who she faced yesterday. Azarenka won't donate anywhere near the inane errors on double faults or over-aggressive serve returns that Sharapova gives top-level opponents. Steady play to go along with her constant intensity was present today from Azarenka, impressive considering her getting to Istandbul Monday after winning Luxemburg the day prior.

Stosur can take some solace that she has the struggling Na Li next, as the tables turn where she is now the nightmare opponent for her opposition.

But she must find the steady level that she was yesterday instead of the erratic Sam that popped up today over a nemesis she still owns.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sports Thread/The Live Thread #1 For 10/25/11: The BNP Paribas WTA Championships, Day 1

Updated after match #1: Petra Kvitova reversed her up and down performance with a solid display all the way through to defeat Vera Zvonareva 6-2, 6-4. Kvitova's level of play was way more higher and stable than the Russian, who still seemed to be in a rout after losing to Dominika Cibulkova on Friday.

But Kvitova showed her credentials of why she could easily be a dominant #1 in the future with a tremendous return day and great hitting from the back of court on both wings.

1st version:

First, the three scenarios for Caroline Wozniacki to finish #1 in the world again.

First match preview: Petra Kvitova vs Vera Zvonareva

The last time these two played, it was once again Zvonareva's movement and ability to turn around the point that was too much for an up and down Kvitova.

Although this is indoors, and Kvitova is brilliant indoors on any surface, I just feel Zvonareva has the matchup edge against her.

Kvitova's movement continues to improve, but in order for her to win this important opening match, it needs to be extraordinary today. I feel it won't be however, and Zvonareva will capture a big win in the Red Group opener.

Live Thread in a bit...

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Flashback Fridays #2 For 10/21/11: Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff- Girls Ain't Nothin But Trouble (1991)

Their first single ever, 24 long years ago.........Whoa, the year I was born, this was dropped.


About All That Fawning....

It was bizarre seeing how much praise the liberal blogosphere heaped on Steve Jobs amidst his sudden death last week. Seeing this from the Huffington Post shows further more how his personality was something I never warmed too.
"You're headed for a one-term presidency," he told Obama at the start of their meeting, insisting that the administration needed to be more business-friendly. As an example, Jobs described the ease with which companies can build factories in China compared to the United States, where "regulations and unnecessary costs" make it difficult for them.
What "business" was Jobs talking about?

This administration has time in and time again (even with its persistence to take original Republican ideas of tax credits/cuts to show rational people that, hey, they seem to put in original Republican holidays) show how business friendly it actually has been (small business and not coming close to fully holding Wall Street accountable despite "Ohhh, stern scary rhetoric!)

And I guess Jobs' desired more deregulation to get away with even more questionable labor conditions and practices of workers than what is going on in China.

But that already irritating aspect of Jobs' ego causing him to get something wrong again is only second fiddle to these tidbits:
Jobs suggested that Obama meet six or seven other CEOs who could express the needs of innovative businesses -- but when White House aides added more names to the list, Jobs insisted that it was growing too big and that "he had no intention of coming." In preparation for the dinner, Jobs exhibited his notorious attention to detail, telling venture capitalist John Doerr that the menu of shrimp, cod and lentil salad was "far too fancy" and objecting to a chocolate truffle dessert. But he was overruled by the White House, which cited the president's fondness for cream pie.
He sure was a very humble guy, that Stevey Jobs.

Steve Wozniak will always be the one I hold found for the original days of Apple, even if he never desired to be the marketing and showman force that Jobs was.

A lot of people really were ticked off with Jobs' arrogance and really disgraceful way he treated others (let's not even get into the China manufacturing).

It's a shame that he is gone, but it's also a shame that most still don't know how difficult he was of a person to deal with.

The Flashback Friday #1 For 10/21/11: Bad Boy- Been Around The World (1997)

Officially this is Combs' song (and his debut album). But realistically, this and many others were the entire label's songs of course. Your first Flashback this week is "Been Around The World" from 14 years ago.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Evening Acoustics: Kelly Rowland- Down For Whatever (2011)

Yeah, she's a dominatrix in my mind now. Another video that leaves me to opine that .

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Fun Thread/Music Thread For 10/19/11 (1st Version): Your Tweet of 2011

And here's exactly why if you still haven't seen:

BEAU-TI-FUL. May Maroon 5 forever go platinum for that one.

Music Wakeup Call For 10/19/11: Musiq Soulchild- Yes (2011)

Though it doesn't hit the emotional element that "Love" and "Who Knows" hit, it is still superb enough:

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Fun Thread For 10/14/11: Protesters 1, Bloomberg/Brookfield 0

The Friday Flashback #1 For 10/14/11: Bone Thugs n Harmony- Days Of Our Lives (1996)

15 years since the "Set it Off" movie, and the best track from that soundtrack is one of the many classics from Bone Thugs-n-Harmony not named "Tha Crossroads." Your first Flashback this week, it's the brilliant "Days of Our Livez."

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony by crapulacs

Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Wakeup Call For 10/10/11: T-Pain ft. Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa- 5 O'Clock (2011)

A very solid return for the Teddy Penderass man, as well as the Music Wakeup Call too.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Midday Music Energy Boost For 10/5/11: Elle Varner (feat. J. Cole) – Only Wanna Give It To You

This song is making some moves at the moment, and it's your Midday Energy Boost for the day:

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread for 10/4/11: Just Tevin....


Midday Music Energy Boost #1 For 10/4/11: Chingy-Paperman (2011)

The only significance in watching this sad effort is the fact that Chingy still exists!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Midday Energy Boost #1 For 10/3/11: Drake- Headlines (2011)

Meh.....(And your eyes my hurt after seeing it with all the graphic switches, which are way too many).

Drake ~ Headlines (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

(H/T to the homie D.Scott).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Soulful For 10/2/11: Xscape- Just Kickin' It (1993)

This group's impact on 90's R&B will never be forgotten. Your Sunday Soulful for the night, it's Xscape's 1993 hit "Just Kickin' It."

Xscape - Just Kickin' It by lachula

And let that ride you into the week ahead. Goodnight.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Friday Flashback #1 For 9/30/11: Janet Jackson feat Jermaine Dupri- - Someone To Call My Love

Maybe because they split is why this song never gets a much replay as you think it may have for how it was "on point" a decade ago. 2nd Flashback for this week, it's Janet and J.D. with their hit "Someone To Call My Love.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Friday Flashback #2 For 9/23/11: The Calling- Wherever You Will Go (2001)

Another rare rock song choice for The Friday Flashback that is just too good to deny its brilliance. From 10 years ago, it's The Calling with their hit "Wherever You Will Go." And the girl in the video just went crazy as hell.

The Flashback Fridays For 9/23/11: Missy Elliott- I Can't Stand The Rain (1997)

Because you maybe getting hit with precipitation in your area once again, your first Flashback Friday song of the day is Missy Elliott's first single that put her on the map, it's the 97' classic "The Rain."

Missy Elliott - The Rain [Supa Dupa Fly] by Warner-Music

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Friday Flashback #2 For 9/16/11: Redman- I'll Bee That (1998)

From the funny hook to the funnier moment between 2:18-2:40, with quality lines in between from this New Jersey legend. Your 2nd Flashback Friday choice for the day, it's the Reggie Noble man, with his '98 hilarious hit "I'll Bee Dat."

The Friday Flashback #1 For 9/16/11: Blackstreet feat Dr. Dre and Queen Pen - No Diggity (1996)

What seriously ever happen to this group is beyond me (besides David Hollister). Still, this will always be a classic (and you know they are doing some behind the scenes producing and writing for sure).

Your first Flashback Friday choice of the week, it's Blackstreet featuring Dre and the also much forgotten about Queen Pen with "No Diggity."

Blackstreet - No Diggity ft. Dr. Dre, Queen Pen by VEVO

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sports Thread #1 For 7/12/11: 2011 US Open, Men's Final- Djokovic vs Nadal

Only two men have defeated Novak Djokovic this year. But both of them egressed on Saturday, as the Top four turned into the Final two of today. Can Rafael Nadal be the third to defend his US Open title? Or will it be the officially the year of the Serbian young king.

The tactics and the prediction, right below.

The Tactics:

For Nadal
1) When you have an opening, go down the line, not cross court. End the point when you are in control instead of letting Djokovic back into the point.
2) Establish the lefty serve with authority.
3) Mix in the serve and volley to make Djokovic not comfortable.
4) Galvanize the crowd to firmly be on your side.

For Djokovic
1) Continue being "the better man" at the turnaround points.
2) Aggressive like the last 3 sets against Federer, not passive like the first 2 sets
3) Only come in and mix it up when you aren't in full control of the baseline momentum in this match
4) You own the rivalry now. You survived match points. Nothing can stop you this year....

Prediction: I think Djokovic still has that mental block, and is just better slightly at defense. Nadal just isn't legendary enough in his offense. Djokovic in four sets.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Soulful #1 For 9/11/11: Jill Scott feat Eve- Shame (2011)

Philadelphia just has tremendous artists. And when they get together, great things happen, like this wonderful effort from Jill Scott and Eve. (In addition, the Roots was also apart of the extended version of this video):

Jill Scott feat. Eve - Shame by foxysoul

TWD's Sports Sunday Thread #2 For 9/11/11: 2011 US Open- Sammin Sam Shocks Serena For First Slam Title

Full review to come on a scoreline everyone expected to go the other way.


An American plays on September 11 for a Grand Slam singles title, while an Aussie that has been disrespected this tournament looks for a career defining first one. Here's "The tactics", and the predictions

For Stosur:
1. Adjust to the Ashe conditions as fast as you can.
2. Don't just use the kick serve, hit the hard flat one as well.
3. Come to the net with quality approach shots to the backhand.
4. Keep your nerves on the big point, stay calm.

For S. Williams:
1. Again, stay relaxed, fight the nerves
2. Keep Stosur off the net, target the backhand.
3. This is your moment, this is your time. This is your final hurdle.

TWD's Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 9/11/11: NFL Season Predictions

Photo from the Associated Press
The toughest divisions in football are certainly the NFC North, the NFC East, and the NFC South (minus the Panthers, which could be very ugly for them in that division). The Packers showed why they are the favorites to repeat in the NFC, while the AFC is definitely wide open with no clear cut favorite.

For sure, the AFC South and the NFC West are truly a hell of a mess.


AFC East
1. Patriots
2. Jets
3. Dolphins
4. Bills

AFC North
1. Steelers
2. Ravens
3. Browns
4. Bengals

AFC South
1. Texans
2. Titans
3. Colts
4. Jaguars

AFC West
1. Chargers
2. Chiefs
3. Broncos
4. Raiders

Wild Card: Jets, Ravens

NFC East
1. Cowboys
2. Eagles
3. Redskins
4. Giants

NFC North
1. Packers
2. Bears
3. Lions
4. vikings

NFC South
1. Falcons
2. Saints
3. Bucs
4. Panthers

NFC West
1. Rams
2. Seahawks
3. 49ers
4. Cardinals

Wild Card: Eagles, Saints

AFC Title Game: Jets over Chargers
NFC Title Game: Packers over Cowboys

Super Bowl: Packers over Jets.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

TWD's Sports Saturday Thread #2 For 9/10/11: 2011 US Open- Women's Semifinal (S.Williams/Wozniacki)

The best two female players in the world currently, here are the tactics for this blockbuster semifinal. And though with no disrespect to Samantha Stosur, this is the de-facto final in spirit (and in placement).

The Tactics:

For Wozniacki
1) Serve, serve, serve
2) Forehand, forehand, forehand
3) Stay relaxed, this is a friend, and this is your moment

For S.Williams
1) Stay relaxed, especially that you are playing a friend, not a true adversary
2) Use the net, use the dropshots, get Wozniacki off the balance
3) Scoreboard pressure, stay ahead.

This is the classic match between counterpuncher and puncher. Can the counterpuncher punch the puncher enough.

Prediction: I think this will be a classic encounter, and I hope there are warm feelings after the match. I do think that narrowly, Serena will win in an epic 3 set match, just because of her legendary quality to pull her through. But if she is a little off, Wozniacki will win this match.

TWD's Sports Saturday Thread #1 For 9/10/11: 2011 US Open- Men's Semifinals #1 (Federer/Djokovic)

It's the Top 4, the last 4, once again. It's a reversal of the schedule from the French Open, with Federer/Djokovic first before Murray/Nadal clash for the third straight Grand Slam.

Keys to the first semifinal, for Federer/Djokovic:

For Federer
1. The magic of hitting over your backhand has worked.
2. Keep Novak off balanced with your usual variety, including the dropshot forehand
3. Same formula from the French.

For Djokovic
1. Be aggressive today, none of this passive stuff in the tournament.
2. Don't worry about the crowd.
3. Show that you still are the faster player.

TWD's Saturday 1st Thread For 9/10/11

Bring in Luda for the return of the Saturday 1st Thread:

And the legends of De La Soul:

De La Soul & Q-Tip - Rollerskating Jam by hushhush112

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Music Wakeup Call For 9/7/11: Estrelle feat Rick Ross- Break My Heart (2011)

Could care less for the Fat Man, but he is what he is. Just glad to see Estrelle back to maybe being relevant:

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Friday Flashback/The Summer Cool #1 For 9/2/11: Ja Rule Feat. Ashanti-Always On Time (2001)

Another flashback to a decade ago, when they both actually mattered in comparison to nowadays.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Music Wakeup Call for 8/29/11 (2011 US Open Edition): 30 Seconds to Mars-Kings and Queens (2010)

The best theme song for tennis in a long while, and ESPN picked a perfect song for it:

The Sleep Time/Rise "n" Shine Thread For 8/29/11: Just Tevin

As always.......See you on the flip:

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TSTRNS Thread/Sunday Soulful #2 For 8/14/11: Deemi- Soundtrack Of My Life (2006)

Still one of the more underrated, deep songs in the last few years. With Miri Ben Ari in the strings, a rare second Sunday Soulful selection is the vastly overlooked Deemi with "Soundtrack of My Life.

Deemi - Soundtrack Of My Life by joel18

And with that, it's a Sleep Time thread, so, goodnight.....Tevin!

Sunday Soulful #1 For 8/14/11: Maxwell- This Women's Worth (1999)

Maxwell - This Woman's Work by lachula

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Flashback Fridays/The Summer Cool #1 For 8/12/11: Jay-Z- IZZO (H.O.V.A) (2011)

And since this is "Watch The Throne" week, the first Flashback Friday throwback this week is for sure the legend from a decade ago at this time, the first single of "The Blueprint" 13 for 13 classic.....It's Izzo.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 7/11-12/11: Just Tevin

He's back, and so is TWD (for now):

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Music Wakeup Call/The Summer Soul #1 For 7/8/11: Frank Ocean-Novacaine (2011)

This song is just on fire at the moment. The return of "The Wakeup Call" folks:

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Sunday Soulful For 7/17/11: Next-Wifey (2000)

Next-Wifey by lachula

Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 7/17/11: FIFA Women's World Cup- Japan/United States Live Thread

The Lineups:

Japan- Kaihori; Kinga, Iwashimizu, Kumagai, Sameshina; Ando, Sakaguchi, Miyama, Kawasumi, Sawa; Ohno,

United States- Solo; Lepeilbet, Rampone, Buehler, Krieger ;Boxx, Rapinoe, Lloyd, O'Reilly, Cheney; Wambach

The Tactical Questions:

1: If the long ball doesn't work to Wambach, can the US bring down a Japan side that is now organized, determined, and mentally tough?

2: Can Ohno be clinical if she gets her chances, as well as Kawasumi, Miyama, and of course, the great Sawa?

3: How will the match be called, will light calls be made, as the US will try to be more physical than Japan.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Music Wakeup Call For 7/11/11: Lloyd-Cupid (2011)

This was suppose to be on "Sunday Soulful" last night, but things didn't work out, so......It's the selection for today for the return of the Music Wakeup Call.

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Sports Thread #1 For 7/8/11: Yao Ming To Retire From Basketball

From Getty Images
Do to the lockout, things may complicate this. But it appears we have seen the last of the wonderful giant in the Association:
Yao Ming has informed the NBA he intends to retire, reports Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski. It's unclear whether Yao can officially file retirement papers during the NBA lockout. Yao's contract with the Houston Rockets expired on June 30, and he would have been an unrestricted free agent if not for the lockout.
One of the nicest guys, and developing into one of the most impact centers the game has ever seen.

Really sad to see him go. Rough day for me truly.

The Flashback Friday #2 For 7/8/11: Vanessa Carlton- A Thousand Miles (2000)

Long before Shawn & Marion put this in "White Chicks", this song was already a top hit before. And the music video perfectly fits it.

Also, Carlton never sold out to the industry, and really gave it a royal middle finger when they tried to make her "sex up" and everything. For that, much respect and praise for her and this classic from a decade ago, your 2nd Flashback Friday choice, "A Thousand Miles."

The Flashback Friday #1 For 7/8/11: DJ Webstar Feat Lil B- Chicken Noodle Soup (2006)

‎"It's The.....D......J......Webstar.​" From a half-decade ago, it's the dance joint that definitely dominated in 2006. Never mind where the girl is at nowadays, but here it is, your First Flashback choice of today, it's "Chicken Noodle Soup."

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The Summer Cool For 7/7/11: Cee-Lo Feat Wiz Khalifa- Bright Lights, Bigger City, REMIX (2011)

Big shoutouts to the homie D-Scott for this one.

As usual, no much added from Wiz, but just another excuse for me to give Cee-Lo the praise.......That man has made the masses see his genius.....Enjoy!

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TWD's The Summer Cool/Independence Day Special For 7/4/11: Kid Rock- American Bad Ass (2000)

The annual excuse to play Kid Rock, because we all know he doesn't matter anymore........Enjoy the classic, "American BadAss."

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Sunday Soulful For 7/3/11: Sisqo- Incomplete (2000)

This week's Sunday Soulful takes us back to "Thong Song" man, but in this classic ballad of his (& last good song). Besides "playing the other" field and his 2nd album being a massive fail, still I wonder to this day how this guy could just fall off like he did?

He had all the talent and, BAM, Usher and him had a verbal beef and that was Sisqo's career. Anyway, "Incomplete", the tearjereker, from 2000......enjoy.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Wimbledon 2011 Thread/Sports Thread #1: The Calm During The Storm(s)

Photo from Getty Images and Wtatennis.com

The renowned phrase before ominous weather hits, "The Calm Before The Storm", is certainly also used frequently in sport.

A massive force that can't be stopped when fully ensconced, the feeling of relaxation, prior to the arrival of extreme conditions, can change rapidly when those conditions come. It could cause a player to lose his or her nerve in a sudden instance, never being able to recover from the acerbic nature of such a powerful, pestilent force.

Sometimes though, there are special instances where special people have an ability to show "The Calm During The Storm." Moreover, some people are just "The Calm", no matter when or where.

Petra Kvitova, in the year of 2011, has shown she is not only level headed and relaxed in the most stressful situations. Instead, she IS that level headed person, blessed with the "Calm gene."

It was evidence today, and proved to be the defining difference at how the 21 year old survived the storm of her much more experienced, accomplished opponent, as well as the storm that is "Finals' nerves" at Wimbledon (or any of the other 3 Grand Slams for that matter).

It could have easily been a torrential downpour of capitulation to the championship stage and to Maria Sharapova for Kvitova. And it seemed that way when Sharapova boldly intended to make Kvitova be the one to serve first in the final, as the Fulnek native struggled to buy a first serve in the opening game and was broken at 30.

But instead of letting Sharapova be a front runner and have little resistance on the day, Kvitova immediately turned it around. "The Calm" was restored, and it was here to stay.

A 0-40 lead on return, and a break two points later showed instantly after just two games why so many, from Martina Navaratilova all the way do to Oracene Williams, have talked highly about her (this author included.)

If there was a player that truly represents the phrase "Hakuana Matata" not only on the women's side, but in tennis today, it is Kvitova. The remainder of the first set saw her calmly imposed her will on a more nervous and tension filled Sharapova, showing her controlled intent on being "The Lion Queen" today. She wasn't broken the rest of the way in that initial batch of games, shattering any sense of invisibility that most thought Sharapova did have in this tournament until that reality changing opener .

You started to see then that Sharapova's choice to defer serve to Kvitova was more not just about her belief in her return game to be better than the Czech's serve, but also, and most importantly, her lack of total confidence on her serve. Coming off a 13 double fault semifinals performance can do those things. However, that dreary effort also had to deal more with the questions on whether the 3 time Grand Slam champion is truly "mentally tough?"

The proverbial wisdom throughout most in the US TV world is the opinion that Sharapova is right after Serena Williams in terms of being strongest upstairs in the women's game. With the way she has lost to Li Na at the French and now today to Kvitova, that claim is very dubious to say the least.

Being a great fighter doesn't automatically mean you are "mentally tough." There are other important factors that warrant a player to truly be given that mantle of cerebral master. It's what makes Serena the legend she is, and how Kvitova could be on the road to creating her own legacy in the game.

"The calm gene" allowed Kvitova to overcome nervous pitfalls in the second set. She is human after all, and those dips in champion aura gave Sharapova the belief that maybe the storm of herself and the moment would be too much for Kvitova in the end.

But the peerless placidity of Kvitova's mental strength returned within the next point of that crucial 7th game of the 2nd set. In the blink of an eye it was 15-40, Sharapova feeling the pressure, leading to inevitably succumbing to Kvitova for what would turn out to be the final fatal time.

The inexperienced one had "the calm gene," while the Grand Slam winning veteran lacked it again in a major moment on the ultimate stage to win a long awaited and still elusive 4th major title.

Along with the valid challenges to her mental toughness ranking, Sharapova's no sets lost form going into the final was highly overrated. She had faced a slew of undersized counterpunchers, a 17 year old (Laura Robson) that severely tested her and couldn't hold her own mental enough to win, and a wild card comeback wonder kid (Sabine Lisicki) who still lacks the mental consistency to combine with her huge game and heart to win in the latter stages of a Grand Slam.

In short, Sharapova benefitted from a fine draw of not having to deal with a top class player until the final, where her dominance of the tournament would truly be put to the test. And it failed that examination in very disappointing fashion.

The reason for that epic failed centered on Sharapova encountering a player with the game and the mind that would ask severe questions about the Americanized Russian. A player that could overcome the fierce storm that she tries to place on opponents to make them submit to her unflinching will. A player that refused to let the "Come On's", the shireking, and the other antics that gets under so many other players' skin faze her.

That was not the biggest storm that Petra Kvitova had to overcome today though. She knew that she was the better player going into the match, and it was all up to whether the harder storm of "the finals moment" would prevent her from displaying just that?

And with 40-0 up at 6-3, 5-4 to her advantage, this new star personality in the game of tennis did the calmest thing you could ever do to win a match, hitting an ace down the middle (her first and only one of the day at that) to overcome that second storm to prove that "the calm" in her was the strongest force today.

It would be very foolish to say that she won't be able to exhibit calmness after the storm, either. Especially when she is "The Calm."

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The Flashback Fridays #2/The Summer Soul #2 For 8/6/10: Spice Girls- Wannabe (1996)

The Flashback Fridays #1/The Summer Soul For 7/1/11: Usher- U Remind Me (2001)

From 10 summers ago at this time:

TWD Friday First Thread/Wimbledon 2011 Thread #1: Men's Semifinals- Tsonga vs Djokovic

The Tactics

1) Use the serve, be the serve.
2) Don't give anything on your return games.
3) This is your best surface.........This is his worst surface
4) The crowd is behind you. The crowd loves you

1) Remember, this is 2011......You are invincible, not 2010
2) Get everything back, mix up the looks on return
3 Swing hard in the beginning, mix it up from then on with the forehand and always look for your backhand down the line
4) Stay level headed, stay sound

Prediction: I say Tsonga wins this in 5 sets.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Wimbledon 2011 Thread #2: Women's Semifinal #2- Sharapova-Lisicki

Tactics for Sharapova/Lisicki

1) Stay steady, stay calm.....
2) ....But this isn't a counterpuncher, and you will need to serve aces today
3) Miami match may mean nothing, but......it may mean something to you upstairs, and to her.
4) Look at Sasha for strength, and don't let the crowd get to you.
5) Breathe

1) You play with no pressure, you are on a magic journey
2) First serve, and be occasionally bold on the 2nd serve
3) Drop shots, and get her off the baseline. Make her move up and down instead of just side to side
4) Make it more physical than mental
5) The crowd will be behind you, and get into Sharapova's head. Make her nervous and doubt herself.

I say Lisicki in straights I think. She is playing with house money, and the magic. And Sharapova's form has been overrated this tournament, as she looked shaky against Robson before the nerves got to the 17 year old.

The 1st Thread/Wimbledon 2011 For 6/30/11: Ladies Semifinal #1- Azarenka vs Kvitova

For Kvitova
1. You got through your bout with adversity (2nd set against Pironkova) , and you past it with flying colors.
2. Keep that lefty magic serve going
3. Defend as well as you can
4. You are the more talented player, but she will throw everything at you

For Azarenka
1. No holding back on your first serve.....104 mphs and more, and then change it up
2. Be an all court player.....Be Bold, use everything including coming to net
3. Stay mentally calm as you have been in this tournament
4. Play with no pressure.....You are the clear underdog.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 1st Thread/Wimbledon 2011 Thread For 6/28/11 (1st Thread): Ladies' Quarterfinal Tactics And Predictions


Tactics for Lisicki-Bartoli

For Lisicki:
1) You are still playing with house money. Try not to feel nervous
2) Test Bartoli's fitness
3) Don't be scared to come to net
4) You guys are the best two players on grass in the top half right now......Show that you are the best

For Bartoli:
1) Breathe, breathe, breathe
2) Attack Lisicki's 2nd serve, back up a bit on her first serve, take away her down the middle at least.
3) Show this to be a mental tough match.

Tactics for Kvitova-Pironkova

1) Place Doubt into Pironkova early
2) HIt hard, but especially, to her forehand for short easy volleys
3) Keep your concentration high.

1) You haven't thought about the rankings at all......Don't do it now
2) Don't get tight, and stay with Kvitova
3) No off speed serve.....Go for it, because the junk won't work in this match.

(The other two quarterfinals will come in a bit.)

Monday, June 27, 2011

The 1st Thread/ Sports Thread #1 For 6/27/11: Wimbledon 2011-Maniac Monday, Women's Preview

Photo from AELTC
Match of the day:

Serena Williams-Marion Bartoli: Of the many great matches on Maniac Monday, this contest on the women's side stands out the most. This could be either Serena's first win over someone in the Top 10 in the early days of her comeback, or it could be another huge win in the Frenchwoman's mini revival to the sport's pinnacle. Serena will need to be as sharp on serve as she was against Kirilenko on Saturday or face a long two hours with Bartoli, in search of back to back semifinals at the Grand Slam. It's first up on Court 1 and it should be a fine one. Serena-Marion, a fascinating contest awaits.

The Rest of Day 6's contests....

Peng-Sharapova: The 2004 Wimbledon champion still hasn't dropped a set here at The championships, but her form hasn't dramatically improved over the first three rounds. Still, the Russian has won the big points when it matters, giving her the confidence enough in her game to make a deep run here. She will need that against Peng, the last remaining Chinese women who is continuing her impressive year with a 2nd week appearance in a Grand Slam.

Petrova-Azarenka: The Russian has been impressive after three rounds, still showing the talent to be a true threat in the sport despite questions on whether she would be elite again. Petrova will need to carry that form against a very determined #4 seed looking to still make her first Grand Slam semifinal, and playing with the belief that she will do so.

Paszek-Pervak: One of these two 20 year olds will be in a Grand Slam quarterfinal, a prediction barely anyone made at the fortnight, if anyone that is were so bold. The Austrian is the slight favorite going in, coming off the backs of her big emotional victory over Francesca Schiavone on Saturday, while the Russian has never been this far in a Grand Slam, as she'll play with full house money in this match.

Lisicki-Cetkovsha: For drawing Li Na in the 2nd Round, the resurgent German has gotten three fairly manageable encounters to round out her first four match journey. This is that third and last one against a 26 year old Czech who has had the Grand Slam of her life, coming back against Aggie Radwanska and out steadying Ana Ivanovic to make it to this round.

Kvitova-Wickmayer: It's been a perfect 6 out of 6 for the Czech sensation so far at Wimbly 2011, showing the form that make her a legit title threat. The Belgian #2 won't be easy, scoring a big win over Kuznetsova in Round 3 to book her place in the last Round of 16.


Venus Williams- Tsvetana Pironkova: It is the awkward 4th match that will make Venus' fans nervous, as her Grand Slam bogeywoman is back. Pironkova again has found the magic on the Wimbly grass, dispatching of Verz Zvonareva in the previous round to go along without dropping a set.

Caroline Wozniacki- Dominika Cibulkova: The Xperia Hot Shots lead host is into the Wimbledon 4th Round for the first time, defeating Julia Goerges in Round 3 with the usual energetic persistence she shows in every match. But she comes up against the determined Dane, who has been nothing sort of impressive so far at Wimbledon this year.

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The Saturday 1st Thread For 6/25/11 (1st Edition): Wimbledon 2011 Day 6

First, as always......Ludacris:

Full Day 6 runthrough of the English/British Championships, to come. Stay tuned.

And De La Soul:

De La Soul - Roller Skating Jam Named Saturday by Brownsugar18

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The Sleep Time Thread And Rise "n" Shine Thread For 6/23-24/11: Day 5 Wimbledon Preview And Tevin

To Tevin, see you later:

Day 5 Preview:

Wozniacki-Razzano: Huge heartfelt for Razzano, still playing in the early days of the posthumous time of her fiancée'. She is mentally tough, and she had a fun match with Wozniacki at Eastbourne two years ago. But the Dane will win in two sets, as she is on a mission.

Sharapova-Robson: The magic could be in the air today for Britain's young hopes. She plays with no pressure, and the dynamics of this match could be similar to Caroline Garcia-Sharapova at the french, with the crowd against Sharapova, the pressure on her, against an exciting young player who plays with house money.

Maria again should win this in straight sets, but if Robson shows that she is ambitious in this match from the get go, this could be danger for the 3 time Grand Slam champion.

(More to come in the day.)

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The Flashback Friday/The Summer Soul #3 For 6/17/11: Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River (2002)

Enjoy Timbaland's best artist project ever's fine selection from 2002:

Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River by perleligerienne

The Friday Flashback #2/The Summer Soul #2- P. Diddy- Bad Boy 4 Life (2001)

More great 10 summers ago nostalgia today, as Bad Boy 4 Life from Sean Combs is the next in this great day of Flashback Friday selections.

The Flashback Fridays/The Summer Cool For 6/17/11: Alica Keys- Fallen (2001)

10 years/summers ago, the single that started it all. Enjoy:

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

TWD Sunday First Thread/The 2011 French Open For 6/5/11: The Sixth Sense (Why Nadal Won His 6th)

Why Nadal won?

1) Because he is Rafael Nadal, simple as that. His fighting survivor instincts are second to none, and his ability to close out a match on Chartier, even after a nervy 3rd set finish, is also supreme.

2) Roger Federer just hit 11 aces. Hitting that many aces against Nadal on clay is still quite amazing, but there needed to be more for Federer to garner his biggest win ever. He needed as many cheap points that he could get, like he did against Djokovic.

3) And with that, no matter how hard he tried to improve it against the Spaniard, Federer's one handed backhand just wasn't strong enough to overcome Nadal, nor was his forehand too fierce to top Nadal's forehand on the day.

(Pre-Match Analysis, down here below):

For Federer:

1) Keep valuing your serve to the bitter end. Getting any cheap points against Rafa anywhere, especially on clay, is great.

2) Let your forehand be steady, and let your play at net be bold.

3) You've get the perfect weather conditions to dominate points, to get your finest win ever. Leave it all on the court.

For Nadal:

1) Keep Federer at bay on his serve.

2) Win the forehand battle, and show that it is the best shot on the court.

3)You have the ideal conditions to dominate him again today like you did 3 years ago. You are back to your best on clay, and most continue to stay humble, as you have done.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The 2011 French Open Thread #2/Sports Thread #2 For 6/4/11 (3rd Version): Historical-LI Brilliant

From Getty Images

The full write up on a remarkable day for Chinese and Asian tennis, as well as world tennis in general.

The tactics. For Na Li:

1) Show Schiavone that you will not be bothered by the short ball today.

2)Hit the ball in the middle of the court for a majority of times, and close when you get an opening. Don't rush

3) Close this time. You were up a set against Clijsters, and it's important for you to finish the job if you get the chance today.

For Schiavone:

1) Stay steady on the forehand, and continue to be you.

2)Show that you are the champion, and survive the power of the China woman.

Prediction: Schiavone in 3 dramatic sets that we'll remember forever.


1st set analysis and tactics:
72% first serve, that says it all about Na Li's serving and her stroking off her confident first swing. 17 winners, just 10 errors, while 3 winners and 4 errors for Na.

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