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Andrew Jones' Media Portfolio

(Updated May 4, 2018)

TYT Broadcast Media Videos: 

My report on Comcast spending and net neutrality.

With Cenk giving it coverage for a segment on air for the main Young Turks show:

Notable Writing Clips 
Producer of this viral tweet and video for the WTA Well, @SvetlanaK27 with something you don't see everyday. A self haircut while playing tennis ✂️ — WTA (@WTA) October 24, 2016
My work as editor in chief at SB Nation's Brace The Hammers website 

By throwing fans and writers in Twitter jail, sports leagues are abusing the law at The Guardian
Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty have the courage Tom Brady lacks, at The Guardian
Goodell missed the point: Kaepernick's argument isn't with the military, at The Guardian

Bizarre celebration of Sharapova's reduced ban is profoundly tone-deaf, at The Guardian
All hail the Cowboys offensive line: the neglected stars of the NFL's hottest team, at The Guardian
Andrew Jones' Rio 2016 Olympics …