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Friday, March 28, 2014

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 3/28/14: Xscape - Just Kickin It (1993)

Once again, bringing this 1993 smooth classic back that further certified Jermaine Dupri and So So Def as a force in music to be reckon with. It's "Xscape's "Just Kickin It", once again a Flashback Friday selection.

More to come at The Whole Delivery later on in the day. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

The 1st Thread For 3/17/14: Why I Don't Live in Los Angeles

Thankfully they can laugh about it after their initial reactions. So scary:

Chris Schauble and Megan Henderson are thankfully having fun with it on both Twitter and Instagram, but as SoCal native Megan said, it is always scary.

More to come today at TWD.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Saturday 1st Thread For 3/15/14: St.Patrick's Day Weekend

Bring in De La Soul.....

And Ludacris:

More to come at TWD, stay tuned. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Friday Fun Thread For 3/14/14: Oregon Man Calls 911 On Attacking Cat (First Version)

Bring in Rebecca Black, it's the Friday Fun Thread: 

And the star of this week is this insane cat from Oregon, and how a man had to call 911 on it for a justifiable, but still bizarre, reason. Not so fun but oh so insane

More to come in the Friday Fun Thread, stay tune for a later version. 

The Flashback Fridays #1 For 3/14/13: Ciara ft Petey Pablo - Goodies (2004)

The song from a decade ago that put Ciara on the map, her first single with JazzePha providing the brilliance as usual and a then in-demand Petey Pablo being smooth. Honestly, how Petey didn't have another hit after "Freak-A-Leak" is a shame since he had more skill than most would give him credit for.

But back to Future's fiancée getting all the attention here, and how she basically has never reached the heights of her first single despite trying desperately throughout the following 9 years to do so. Still it was great to see almost all of Atlanta outside of Ludacris, T.I, and the Dungeon Family crew in this, as Monica, Lil Jon, Bonecrusher, and Chilli paid their support to their new star of Atlanta at the time.

So your first Flashback Friday choice today, it's Ciara feat Petey Pablo with "Goodies."

TWD will continue on this Friday, stay tune.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Sports Thread For 4/12/14: Darrelle Revis Will Sign With The Patriots

Darrelle Revis will be a New England Patriot, replacing the loss of Aqib Talib to the Broncos. It's a major move by the Patriots as they get Revis for less money than Talib while getting someone better than him.

The deal was originally just a one-year deal for $12 million, meaning that Revis could likely be with another team in 2015. But there is an option for the Patriots to keep him for a second year, only they would have to pay him $20 million if so. And with the Patriots' frugal reputation, that is unlikely the case.

For now he is a member of a team whose head coach, Bill Belichick, he called a "jerk" during his Jets days. And gives Belichick that shut down corner his defensive scheme so desperately needs.

Still, the offensive side of the ball and making sure Tom Brady has top receivers to throw to is still a major hole in their chances for a long awaited 4th title in the B&B Era.

The Intercept Review For 3/12/14: The NSA's Proud Global Malware Spam Attacks

As you may have heard, yes, I am apart of The Intercept part of First Look Media, although I have been with First Look since its start and will be a main member of its sports team when that venture is launch (stay tuned).

In regards to today's article from Ryan and Glenn, it shows how the NSA basically can spread malware to any source they want. Now they always will claim it is just for targeted terrorists and suspicious suspects. But the evidence shows that is not the case, since system administrations are being targeted as well as Belgian telecommunications company Belgacom thanks the NSA's British brethren, the GCHQ, getting the tactics from the NSA themselves.

But the NSA has its own international disturbing as well, assisting in helping Israel be a constant irritate to Iran and their nuclear program
Previous reports have alleged that the NSA worked with Israel to develop the Stuxnet malware, which was used to sabotage Iranian nuclear facilities. The agency also reportedly worked with Israel to deploy malware called Flame to infiltrate computers and spy on communications in countries across the Middle East.
More thoughts on this later for sure, as well as more from TWD today. 

Music Wakeup Call For 3/12/14: Mark Steele- Not Like Y'all (2014) - Listener Discretion Is Advised

A sound instrumental well by producer J.Mac for Mark Steele's "Not Like Y'all" gets this song deserved play on ESPN2's "First Take."

And Steele really hopes to break though as the latest North Carolina artist to break though nationally/globally after Petey Pablo and J.Cole. He could if he keeps getting production like this while just grow as an artist.

And to reiterate, listener discretion is advised, especially if you aren't black.


More to come at The Whole Delivery. 

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 3/11-12/14: Just Tevin


This is TWD. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Sports Thread #1 For 3/7/14: The Televised Growth of Tennis' "6th Slam"

First off, I wanted to start this off with some well wishes and prayers for both Matt Cronin and Elena Baltacha, as both are now battling cancer. The tennis community is firmly behind them in their fights to rid of that awful disease for sure. Matt was unable to attend Indian Wells as he mentioned on his website, while Elena announced her terrible news today on her website.

Everybody certainly hope they pull through, with Matt saying on Twitter that his first surgery went well.

Onto better news is the perspective on the BNP Paribas Open, and how it is finally being televised early. For the first time ever, at least a portion of the first round is being broadcasted at Indian Wells, with a live pregame show to setup the day (on Tennis Channel/TennisTV, while BTSport at least in Britain has the WTA coverage) . This is something that should have happened a long time ago, even well before Ellison cemented his Oracle wealth and made it into arguably the best non-Slam event (more on that in a bit).

And not just the first three courts are being streamed, but even Stadium 4 gets the TV love, adding to the big step the tournament and both the ATP/WTA had made here (and needed to make).

Still, there are improvements to be made on the TV side, as all the courts should at least have a camera on them with the money Ellison has (new Stadium 2 and the two tents built with charging centers have been an outstanding edition).

But the first thing that needs to be done is to make sure the coverage starts when the main draw tournament begins, which is not Thursday but Wednesday. Although the cameras were fully on around the grounds for up to Stadium 6 on Wednesday, it still is strange that the tournament wanted to go globally live on Day 2, showing how Indian Wells still has a TV problem that tennis needs to get all the way straight, not 90% correct.

For both Indian Wells and Key Biscayne/Miami, it simply is unacceptable that the two biggest tournaments outside of the Grand Slams in the sport is not live from the get go, especially in this day and age of both online streaming and having a channel dedicated to tennis.

It always has been a joke that almost the first three or four days of both these 96-player tournaments has not been televised. (And globally Miami still has that problem, as most of their matches will be unavailable for the first four days of the tournament in two weeks time).

It simply is something that tennis keeps on harming itself with a problem that should easily be solved.  

(More to come at The Whole Delivery, including Day 3 coverage here in Indian Wells as well as other things).

The 1st Thread/The Flashback Fridays #1 For 3//7/14: California Dreams- California Dreamin' (1992)

Although their reunion was so classic on Jimmy Fallon two years ago, it is always so great to see the original version from the show's pilot (first) episode. One of the best TV show theme songs ever, and maybe the best in my mind.

NBC truly had some golden TV show songs in that early to late 90's period. In fact, I am rewatching this show to see whether I thought it was almost as good as the original "Save By The Bell" (not the rebranded junior high years that was sucky, but the first season at high school) as the best 'TNBC-Peter Engel' show.

So since I am in California right now, here is the first Flashback Friday show, the classic song from the "California Dreams" song, it's "California Dreamin."

More to come at The Whole Delivery on Friday, stay tuned. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 3/6/14: K-Michelle- Can't Raise A Man (2014)

K.Michelle is really moving with this single, and it's a shame that it's not further up the Billboard charts. Maybe because she recorded at least 12 months ago from what I heard but glad she has a video for it. 

Your music wakeup call of the day, it's K.Michelle's second single off "Can't Raise A Man."

More forthcoming at The Whole Delivery in a bit, stay tuned 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Fun Thread For 3/5/14: "Don't Wake Me Up Cause I'm Dreamin'"

Classic, especially since I am out here now, with BNP Paribas coverage and other stuff to run through on:

More to come at The Whole Delivery, please stay tuned. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The Thread For 3/3/14: The (Needed) End of The Phrase 'African-American"

Of the mini dynamics of blacks winning last night at the 2014 Academy Awards was the always intriguing usage of the phrase "African-American" and how its life span should be in grave condition.

Last night, some white controlled media organizations forgot to do their simple two second research and see that Steve McQueen is not an American (thankfully that wasn't the case with Lupita Nyongo from what I have seen). It was such a lazy display that was simply all too predictable and how the term "African-American" has morphed as a second meaning of 'black' in American society.
MSNBC and Rolling Stones were apart of the several organizations who make this painful gaffe, resulting it something that should have long been the case: The phrase African-American must be buried, and last night was its belated funeral.

For too long, blacks of all kinds in America have been lumped as a monolith for PC/euphemism purposes. "Black" was used for a long time as not a description but another racist epithet used by white society through our country's shameful early days, integrating nicely with "nigger" at any moment.

Even in current times, "black" can be used so awkwardly still. Sir Birther hairpiece's (Donald Trump, who added to his legendary tomfoolery last night) quote of "I've been friendly to 'the blacks '" a few years back resonates of a white privileged clown still occasionally uncomfortable with darker shades of people. And Lord knows how many still bring pejorative sentiments when they begin a sentence with "those black people."

They really are quite funny when they start the sentence displaying their irrational and disturbing hate.

But "black" now and always will be a description that you can't ignore, that you can't be willingly blind to if your 20/20 vision or glasses are firmly in tact. If "white" is freely used and embraced, then the same standards must apply to "black" as well.

And the limitations of "African-American" dilute the full history of one's origins. It would be a real shame if we just said European American for all white Americans as the proper term, simplifying a history of English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Greek and Italians, among others.

It's already a real shame that has transpired with Nigerian, Kenyan, Ghanian, Somalian, Togolese, Ivorian, Sudanese, Moroccan, and Caribbean backgrounds, and it is something that must end.
Caribbeans are the most vocal about it, because it is again a forced amalgamation of national and cultural identity that leads to the racist and ignorant to label the black culture as unsophisticated.
The Jamaican and Haitian are as different as the Swede and the Swiss.

Now of course the American black maybe disinterested in their ancestors' past beyond their (forced) arrival to these stolen American shores. But don't rob an American black person's desire to see what their background truly is.

It's okay to say the word 'black' liberal non-black friends and those who aren't. We again, for the umpteenth time, will not label you a racist or an idiot for doing so.

But I say today that I wish the term African-American became as common as seeing Woody Allen at Farrow's family functions.

However, the likelihood of that happening is about as slim as black screenwriters' like John Ridley suddenly becoming the needed norm in Hollywood.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

TWD Saturday Night Thread For 3/1/14: Allen Iverson Jersey Night

"I was shooting for stars, on a Saturday night..." Bring in Bobby Ray.....

And my favorite moment, his dunk over Marcus Camby:

Saturday, March 1, 2014

TWD 1st of the Month- March 2014

 As always, bring in Bone Thugs.......

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