The Intercept Review For 3/12/14: The NSA's Proud Global Malware Spam Attacks

As you may have heard, yes, I am apart of The Intercept part of First Look Media, although I have been with First Look since its start and will be a main member of its sports team when that venture is launch (stay tuned).

In regards to today's article from Ryan and Glenn, it shows how the NSA basically can spread malware to any source they want. Now they always will claim it is just for targeted terrorists and suspicious suspects. But the evidence shows that is not the case, since system administrations are being targeted as well as Belgian telecommunications company Belgacom thanks the NSA's British brethren, the GCHQ, getting the tactics from the NSA themselves.

But the NSA has its own international disturbing as well, assisting in helping Israel be a constant irritate to Iran and their nuclear program
Previous reports have alleged that the NSA worked with Israel to develop the Stuxnet malware, which was used to sabotage Iranian nuclear facilities. The agency also reportedly worked with Israel to deploy malware called Flame to infiltrate computers and spy on communications in countries across the Middle East.
More thoughts on this later for sure, as well as more from TWD today. 
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