The Flashback Fridays #1 For 10/18/13: Blaque feat NSync - Bring It All To Me (1999)

The funny thing about this song is that it technically featured N'Sync, and specifically, JC Chasez, since he was the only one who even had anything to deal with the song from LeftEye's group. Although he was nowhere to be found in the video or song besides maybe the songwriting.

Okay, he was in this version, but not in the video's version.  Actually, it was a good move that he wasn't in the song, since it was kind of awkward for him to say "His thug appeal." Blaque's version by themselves is a lot better, and Vevo really does need to take that off (the 'featuring NSync's label) so more people won't be confused. The page views are not worth the embarrassment.

Then again, Vevo is incompetent in the first place as we all know.

Your first Flashback Friday choice at The Whole Delivery this week, and hopefully, for many more. 
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