The Sports Thread #1 For 1/28/14: Super Bowl Media Day 2014 (Updated Version)

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This is quite a wonderful statement being made by the Northwestern football players, and it could leato something so revolutionary with NCAA football and basketball. 
Paperwork signed by what union organizers say represents the majority of the current Wildcats football team was submitted Tuesday to the Chicago office of the National Labor Relations Board. Cards filled out by individual players declared they wished to be represented by the newly formed College Athletes Players Association (CAPA) against what they deem their employer, Northwestern University. 
CAPA is backed by the United Steelworkers, who had their international president, Leo Gerard, and national political director, Tim Waters, in Chicago to assist in the process. It is running in conjunction with the National College Players Association, a once small advocacy outfit from California operated for years by former UCLA linebacker Ramogi Huma.
And unsurprising, the powers that be do not like their decision, as evidence by Northwestern Athletics Vice President Jim Phillips: 
Northwestern believes that our student-athletes are not employees and collective bargaining is therefore not the appropriate method to address these concerns. However, we agree that the health and academic issues being raised by our student-athletes and others are important ones that deserve further consideration."
This is will certainly grow with more and more attention for sure.

More to come in this Thread, here is the first version down below.

First Version 

A picture from Sir Sherman himself.

Media day was it's usual fun and stupidness at times, but it also included the intriguing sights on whether Marshawn Lynch would talk to the media and of course Sir Sherman.

Sherman had another terrific press conference, where he gave no bulletin board material, continued to show how much of a team player he is, and was so candid yet never too much of a forced show boat.

And Lynch, well, the video up above will show how he is truly the embodiment of Oakland.

More on the Broncos' round of Media Day later on in the day.

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