The 2014 World Cup Halftime and Postgame Thread #2 For 7/1/14: Belgium-USA (Halftime Version)

Halftime: Belgium 0, USA 0 

Simply put, Bedoya and Zusi have to improve. Zusi has struggled mightily with his touches that has either gave away possession or not produce a firm shot at Courtois. Bedoya just hasn't gotten into the game and provided a firm option for Bradley to pass to.

With Johnson for Yeldin taking him down to one sub, Klinsmann may have to ponder what his final sub will be after Beckerman. Does he bring on Davis in a game like this, or tries to implement either Johannsson or even Altidore and allow Dempsey to play behind one of them?

For Belgium, a frustrating first half where the chances were there but also featured a lot of wasted balls from their wide men. Another lethargic first half for Eden Hazard, and he is lucky he has clout since Mertens looks always the first off for Mirallas instead of him. They will also need a bit more from Axel Witsel as well.

Origi will need to comeback here a bit more and produce better decisions in the final ball. 
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