Music Midday Energy Boost For 1/6/15: Def Loaf - Try Me (2014)

This is serving as the current inform, smooth song in the urban black young world still admired by the rest of the planet's youth, despite depicting images that would make kids outside America's hoods (including American suburban kids) not want to admire those hoods.

It's from Detroit's latest figure to make a dent in the game, and it's actually a female. It's "Try Me" from Def Loaf, mixing a serene beat with hard lyrics from Motown (and Michigan in general) 'hoods.

Most people thought it was another annoying guy using autotune or a teenage boy in the mode of Rae Sremmurd. I was one of those people when I heard it being played in the club last month as it gained steady momentum. Instead, what makes this song more intriguing is Loaf being, again, a female.

Though she's pointing a gun and hosting a set of bullets on her kitchen table, I'm not too bothered this time by those still hood images that most should avoid. The reason why is because her flow works well with the beat thanks to her actually rhyming a lot on the song. She extends the first verse past the regular 16 bars and keeps the dedication to rhyming on verse two. For how terrible the standard of the game currently is, "Try Me" does its job of standing out a bit and Loaf definitely could build on this if she continues to get beats that mesh with her flow & dedication to rhyming.

The return of TWD and its music series threads, it's Def Loaf with "Try Me."

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