The Flashback Fridays For 9/25/15: All 4-One - I Swear (1995)

Now because of "The Minions" in Despicable Me 2, this song got a hilarious second wave.

But what makes this hit from 20 years ago even more funny is the fact that honestly, no one from this 4 person group is known by anyone individually. Like, none of them have their own Wikipedia page. Yet, they have sold so many records just on this main hit, especially over in Asia.

And the even funnier thing was, "I Swear" wasn't even their song. It was a cover of a popular country music song from a John Montgomery that dropped a year before in 1994.

The Flashback Friday of this week, it's the still largely mysterious group that is All 4-One with, one of the all time weirdest videos and most endearing songs ever, in "I Swear."

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