The 1st Thread For 10/14/15: How's CNN's Bogus 'Fact Check' Once Again Displayed How Fradulent it Always is

It's always going to be an embarrassment when CNN hosts any debate in this era when they have largely been exposed, day after day, year after year, of being centrist media clowns laughably desperate to appear being the network that actual holds anyone accountable.

And after Anderson Cooper's latest, constant interruption of a Democratic debate to make it seem like he's a real journalist when he is just a fraud, the network went and got its usual fact check hack Tom Foreman to try and pull a fast one on Bernie Sanders. Only, it failed miserably.

It was centered on of course the gun debate, the one topic where centrist media fools like CNN will think that they can show Sanders as having the usual duplicitous politician tactic of possibly "flip-flop" on their weakest topic just like everyone else.

Now, we can discuss whether his D- rating for NRA or his preference to not want gun manufactures to be sued under UNKNOWING circumstances (I capitalized that because that is key) is the most important part of his under the microscope position on the issue, since it won't be going away until his campaign ends in the primary or in the White House. But look closely at the latest nonsense of journalistic integrity Foremann and this pathetic, desperate network chose to embark on again.

In that potion of the debate, Cooper asked Sanders "do you want to shield gun companies from lawsuits?" Now here's what Sanders FULLY stated in that section (start at the 1:33 mark, end, if you chose, at the 2:04).

"Of course not, this was a large and complicated bill. There were provisions in it that I think made sense. For example, do I think that a gun shop in this state of Vermont that sales legally a gun to somebody, and that somebody goes out and does something crazy that the gun shop owner should be held responsible? I don't. 
On the other hand, where you have manufactures, and where you have gun shops, KNOWINGLY, giving guns to criminals or aiding or abetting that, of course we should take action."
Now, in July, Sanders told Jake Tapper, "If somebody has a gun and it falls into the hands of a murderer, and that murderer kills somebody with the gun, do you hold the gun manufacturer responsible? Not anymore than you would hold a hammer company responsible if somebody beat somebody over the head with a hammer. That is not what a lawsuit should be about.”

Okay, we got all of that? Good.

Now, watch the nonsense after the debate when Cooper calls on Foremann for more of their "fact checking", or rather, half-fact checking.

You see what Foremann and his hackish producers did? They completely cut off Sanders' first answer, which is CONSISTENT to what he said in July. And, Foreman did not emphasize the key word that Sanders said: KNOWINGLY.

All they played was the latter half of Sanders' reply, the holding gun owners accountable part ONLY if they KNOWINGLY knew they would contribute to a mass shooting crime.

Foreman and his producers completely edited out Sanders consistent, initial response to what he said in July and made him appear as a calculated flip-flopper to someone not able to pay attention or see the full details of this all. And they were happy with their work to label what he said as "False." Only, it was the CNN that was once again "False" themselves with their half-fact checking.

KNOWINGLY is an important, huge distinction. KNOWINGLY is a subtle but massive detail that was completely ignored here by Foremann and CNN's usual, pathetic attempt to still appear to outsiders as a great, accountable news organization to all.

Thankfully over the last 10 to 15 years, CNN have been constantly dressed down as clowns here on the site and everyone else able to pay attention. And their thirst all day for Joe Biden on Tuesday was about as bad as All Republicans saying the word "Benghazi" or Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake's constant addiction to proving they know a LOT of hip-hop songs.

But it's moments like this where no matter who you support, this should be another reminder to constantly hold powerful media networks like this accountable despite how irrelevant they have become. They still host these debates and still have a perception with some in the daily public, either some of my colleagues in media or people who don't have time to see the frauds that they are on a regular basis, as not being as terrible as they truly are because they have these spots.

It's another moment of an endless array at how CNN and centrist media as a whole continue to think they are slick. And why our political culture is the crapfest it will always be if they continue to freely operate like this, no matter how irrelevant they become on a daily basis when no has to suffer watching their debate coverage. 
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