The Sports Thread #1 For 5/2/14: The Petty Team

Focus: How Floyd Mayweather Revealed That Despite Everything He Has, He is Still A Fool 
Photo From Mayweather's Twitter

In case you needed another reminder to this fact that won't improve your life one single iota, Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid current athlete in the world now. More than LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. More than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. More than Miguel Cabrera. More than even Peyton Manning and Tom Brady combined.

He is an still undefeated and considered pound for pound the #1 boxer, even if his ducking (which will be addressed later in this column) is maybe the greatest thing about his career. He is about to have another one-sided victory over a far inferior opponent that will lead to him getting another $32 million pay check.

But no matter how he has made a living now at being able to dupe thousands of people into playing for his ridiculously overpriced PPV fights against fighters who will never be ask quick as he is (including yours truly last time against Canelo Alvarez), Mayweather still seems like a man who is on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

The reason for that conclusion is because of the ugliness Mayweather displayed yesterday in broadcasting all of his and former fiancee's (Shantel Jackson) private information to the whole world. In arguably the ugliest Instagram post of all time, Mayweather dropped the news that the separation happened because Jackson made the very personal decision to abort their pending twin daughters. This came weeks after Mayweather then posted a "Throwback Thursday" picture of Jackson and captioned it as saying that he paid for plastic surgery for her while the two were together.

The move represented the awful side of Mayweather once again that has turned many forever against him and not able to acknowledge the world class pugilist he is. And it represented two dreadful characteristics that any person can have prevalent in Mayweather.

The first is his petty trust for personal revenge. Originally Mayweather claimed that him and Jackson split in much more amicable terms, the conventional "our careers just got in the way" reason. But the minute he caught wind of Jackson dating Nelly, the trust for Mayweather to be #1 and win every fight both in and out the ring faired up more than his ego does on those long played out All Access 24/7" clips of him.

The only way he could get back at Jackson was to embarrass and humiliate her in public, even if that was at the expense of him looking like the un-datable fool (or at least for women who don't want to have deal with his domestic violence or this latest insanity) he has become. But it was not out of the norm of pettiness for him, as his continued cowardly prodding of Manny Pacquiao still is in full existence. The mere thought of Pacquiao's name still brings both anger and uncomfortable sentiments for Mayweather, just as seeing his former significant order be able to have a life without him with another male celebrity.

Which leads to the second terrible trait "Money Team" Floyd has exhibited in this latest episodes: desperation.

Desperate to overcome what looks to be the worst Pay Per View sales of his entire career in a fight against a tough but completely overmatched Marcos Maidana, Mayweather used the story of a women's abortion to prevent incoming awful sales. He figured he couldn't do anything else more to sell this sham of a fight, so why not use a female as his final shield against the loss of few watching? It's a move that you would have thought would have come from Mayweather wannabe Adrien Broner, not a 38-year-old man with many kids, millions and millions of dollars, and being at the pinnacle of his profession. Mayweather professed in the last two years that he was happy in life and done with being an over the top moron like he became since the buildup to his career turning Oscar de la Hoya fight.

But that represents how even at his current age and with all his accomplishments that Floyd Mayweather needs for his own mental clarity to win "in and out" of the right at all costs.

He is cognizant of the fact that many in the public still thinks he ducks Pacquiao (including yours' truly). It seems that he even ducks the likes of Amir Khan, desperate not to face a boxer that is either as fast or faster with his hands than he is now. Those things however pale in comparison to the more important thing here that exists away from the squared ring: The sudden reigniting of how unbearable of a person he can truly be.

All the money in the world can't make you happy. And in Floyd Mayweather's case, it can't stop you from being a petty and desperate human being. 
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