The Thread For 5/22/14: Mark Culless

Focus: How Mark Cuban's Lack of Encountering His Racial Bias Hurts Society 

In the midst of his still trepidation of revealing all of his feelings for Donald Sterling, Mark Cuban's racial bias comments from last night have gotten traction all day today. 

Now the main issue from this author with Cuban's comments wasn't his candid honesty at expressing what his primary thoughts are that arises in certain situations, but the fact that he never mentioned that a key follow up contemplation over his initial instinct existed in him.

We will all have initial thoughts that serve as terrible ideas to execute. That currently is the case whenever a person has to write, where one sentence or statement needs proper refurbishing before it is finalized. There is a reason why the term "rough draft" is prevalent in our minds since the days we commence our grade school life. You never want to finish with a rough draft, no matter if you are Frederick Douglas or this person.

And that is what Cuban sadly did in perpetuating his fears into a justification of his "rough draft" first thought. He left his first initial instinct be the final choice instead of having the required "is this really a good idea?" second reaction. There was no "am I continuing ugly stereotypes and irresponsible haunting fears by believing that this black kid will attack me if I say on the side of the street?" interrogation from Cuban. (A kid mind you who scares him, not a black man the size of the players he pays or the one he shares a show with in Daymond John of Sharktank, just a kid.) It was the typical, "If I see X, always do Y" steadfast nonsense that Cuban gave that rough full of "Cuban wannabes" last night.  

The Dallas Mavericks' first thought perception with no pause button is the same mindset found in George Zimmerman when he saw Trayvon Martin that tragic February 2012 night. The rest is a painful history that will always be in our memory banks.

Cuban didn't just show (understandable) racial bias last night. He refused to properly slap down racial prejudice like he should have.

His comments give a proper excuse to the white woman to always get scared whenever QuestLove gets into an elevator with her or for that corner store owner to halfway assume some black kid is about to steal an item.

Again, having a racially bias first thought when encountering someone of a different race is human nature and understandable. But what separates those who are able to unite and advance human society, instead of having it stuck in the eternal hell hole that it will always collectively be in the end, is the ability to analyze if your racial bias is right/correct.

It is vital that individuals do this instead of going by his or her opening thought as the ultimate move recklessly like Cuban seems to comfort in without fixing. But it seems destined to always be a fundamental part of our global human dysfunction. 
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