The 2010 FIFA World Cup Thread #1/Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 6/13/10: Chaouchi Butter Fingers Koren's Shot, Slovenia Tops Group C

The lineups, and the live match day thread.......Algeria with just one forward, Slovenia with a 2nd one up top:

Algeria: Chaouchi; Belhadj, Halliche, Bougherra, Yahia; Yebda, Ziani, Lacen, Matmour, Kadir; Djebbour

Slovenia: Handanovic; Breko, Suler, Cesar, Jokic; Kirim, Koren, Radosavljevic, Birsa; Dedic, Novakovic

Prediction: Everyone has basically said draw, draw, draw here, but I think Slovenia, with the terrific Handanovic, will be the difference today over some questionable goalkeeping and defense in the back for Algeria. But the conditions could be the great equalizer here and all, and this can easily be a draw.

Slovenia to top the group at match's end though I think, just because of the team dysfunction.

Slovenia 1, Algeria 0

On a side note, speaking of too little too late, but probably really funny:
South Africa's World Cup organising chief Danny Jordaan may ban vuvuzelas from inside stadiums after complaints from broadcasters and supporters.

The constant sound of the high-pitched horn-like instrument has so far drowned out much of the atmosphere-generating singing usually associated with games.

And Jordaan, when asked if he would get rid of them, told BBC Sport: "If there are grounds to do so, yes.

"We did say that if any land on the pitch in anger we will take action."
And get this from a Manchester United star about them, even though it's a BS excuse:
France captain Patrice Evra has already blamed the noise generated by the vuvuzelas, which has been likened to the drone of thousands of bees, for his side's poor showing in their opening group game against Uruguay, which finished goalless.

He said: "We can't sleep at night because of the vuvuzelas. People start playing them from 6am.
"We can't hear one another out on the pitch because of them."

The live feed of the match:
Watch live video from {ESPN SPORTS CENTER} on

1st half analysis:
Some fine goalkeeping on both ends is all you could say positive about a definitely poor affair going on between these two here, looking like two teams that you just can't picture in a Round of 16 at this Cup.

Handanovic has been terrific, as expected. But Chaouchi has been equally steady so far for Algeria. Good to see from him.

But really, other than that, there has been more action in the stands than on the field in this contest.

Initial End of the Match Analysis:
Well, thank God that was over. But as I predicted, it was going to come down to the goalkeeping and how there would be one mistake from the Algerian goalkeeper, and that was the case here. Terrible from Chaouchi on Koren's effort, and that made the difference there.

More to come from this "classic match."

The Man of the Match, just like this game, was a poor decision. Handanovic was clearly for me:
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