The Break/Sports Thread #1 For 6/9/10: Strong Rumors Indicated Izzo To The Cavs Is A Deal, Johnson to the Nets

First on Avery Johnson. It seems like he will be the next coach for the New Jersey Nets, and it's a smart move that appears to be the case:

But the potentially bigger news, and especially from the source it came from, could be that Tom Izzo is going to exactly be the next coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers

From the terrific Cleveland sports blog "Waiting For Next Year":
Sources close to WFNY have informed us that Tom Izzo has told his players at Michigan State that he plans on taking the Cavaliers job. Our sources have heard directly from players on the MSU team that Izzo informed them this week that he is planning on making the move up to the NBA level under the ownership of MSU grad Dan Gilbert. We have also heard from a separate source that Izzo is holding off on announcing this until the end of the week, when his kids finish up school in the Lansing area. While Izzo could always change his mind, we are comfortable reporting that he has in fact informed his players at Michigan State that he will be taking the Cavaliers job.

More details as we get them.
And also, from Scott's twitter page:
They can slam him and his site all they want. But it will be his site that will have the last laugh if this does go down, and I hope so considering how the small sites have to look out for each other.
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