The Cinema For 6/4/10: Just Don't "Get Him To The Marmaduke"

The Cinema has returned folks, with 2 well-received debuts and one that will certainly be considered as one of the worst movies of the year:
First, it's the movie that you probably are sick of seeing commercials of. It's Get Him To The Greek . Thankfully however, it is far from a disaster to most.
In fact, the consensus really like it, and it seems to be this year's Hangover for a few maybe. And P. Diddy acting great? Apparently just so, in the mind of Rich Roeper:

But "The Spill Crew", always a great indicator on any film, especially summer comedians, said that this was middle of the road at best and very annoying:

They really didn't like Russell Crowe, and they made some really really good points on this film.

Nevertheless, it has much of the consensus for I guess going so wild, and them liking P.Diddy's craziness (even though I wasn't much of a fan of that 6 black kids Jordan line that is running through every commercial of this movie.)

But in the first weekend after the summer, Get Him To The Greek isn't the only movie debutting this week with a majority approval. The horror movie Splice also gets its shinny wrapper removed this week, and most also feel that it is a solid film .

From the Globe & Mail's astute Rick Goren:
A good horror flick always does metaphoric battle with our interior demons, and Splice summons them in impressive numbers. On the surface, it’s a classic Frankenstein’s monster tale, albeit ramped up to a modern lab and outfitted with the latest in biotechnology. Yet below that, in a vast sub-layer of twisted psychology, there’s a whole lot going on. Perhaps too much – this is one of those genre films that really wants to show off some smarts, to set itself above the common beast, but that cerebral badge sometimes seems a bit ponderous and, in a realm where the visceral rules, a little counterproductive. Then again, in these summer days of brain-dead blockbusters, why complain?
You don't see that many horror movies come out in the early summer (or the entire season for that matter), so nice to see one that certainly seems like a fine choice to give the $10 to $15.

One debut movie this week, however, that is by far a hell hole disaster from the moment it was thought of is the movie based off the just decent cartoon Marmaduke.

Even your kids will ask "Mommy or Daddy or both, why the hell did you think I would like this movie?" And that's even with them asking you to take them to see such garbage.

Take it away Tom Long of The Detroit News :
Kids deserve better. Heck, dogs deserve better.
The review is 1 trillion times more worth it than even thinking about this movie any longer.

And this edition of The Cinema was certainly worth even more than seeing that nightmare. Until next week everyone.

From The Cinema, FIN.
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