Embarrassing All "Andrews", All Over The World

Talk about making something unnecessarily big and stupid out of nothing............and starting the "nothing" yourself:
The White House statement this morning was accurate in claiming that Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff applied for a job in advance of hearing back from the White House about employment possibilities, a Romanoff spokesman just confirmed to me.

"The White House statement is accurate," Romanoff spokesman Roy Teischer told me by phone just now.

The political world has been preoccupied this morning with the White House's admission that top aide Jim Messina did discuss job possibilities with Romanoff as an alternative to taking on the White House-backed Michael Bennett in a primary. But the White House also said Romanoff had approached the administration for a job first.
Romanoff basically tired to do what Joe Sestak did to build the "White House is fully against me in the primary over the established Senator" narrative and help him out in his now seemingly lost primary against Michael Bennett.

Instead of truly being with the people, Romanoff comes across (on this story alone) as being just for himself. And frankly, that is not only very disappointing to see, but mind-numbingly stupid from him.

It creates a narrative where one can say "Those crazy far left people and their crazy minds are at it again", especially from some in the White House. And based on Romanoff's idiotic behavior, they probably will feel that way once again.
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