The Fun Thread #1 For 6/4/10: Adidas Over The Top But Disappointing World Cup Commercials

With how a lot of people on Twitter, like CNBC's Darren Rovell, were hyping this up as this great event. And when you saw that a "Star Wars" theme will take place, I thought it was going to be better than even Nike Soccer's "Write The Future" campaign.

But at last, it isn't to me. First, here's the ad:

It made no sense. No soccer star besides an injured and now internationally done Beckham, and a theme that had nothing to do with soccer. Uggggggggghh.

And I was hoping very well that it would upstage Nike's ad, considering everyone had been wondering when Adidas where going to debut their World Cup commercials. But unless they have a continuation of this series, than it just sadly won't be the case.

Also, this will probably be the most enjoyable, funniest thing you'll read all day today. Here is the caption (and no, it is not another Glenn Beck attack on the girls):
That is a really fun read, guaranteed.

More to come folks.
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