The Sleep Time Thread For The Fun Thread For 6/1/10: Um Huggies......

This was a fun but way weird commercial from you

Cats can now tweet. Mad cool.

The World Cup is not stopping South African politicians from still wanting to get rid of all porn online there .

Get this .
AN Italian couple's adoption bid was denied after they said in their application that they did not want "dark-skinned" children.

An appeal court in Sicily ruled that the couple were unfit to adopt children of any description, local media reported.

These are some crazy robbers like few others :
A team of pick-pockets in Toronto is spraying people with feces and then stealing the cash the people just took out from an ATM. Clever!

Toronto police claim that they have four suspects in the bizarre case.

The ploy begins when the crew finds someone who just withdrew money from a nearby ATM. They then follow him or her to their office building and secretly spray the person with a bottle of human feces while riding in the elevator. Then, one of the other members of the crew, also on the elevator, points out the feces on the clothing, leaving the victim shocked.

And RIP to the PC.

Damn, AOL is 25 years old? Huh???
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