Helen Thomas Is Retiring Immediately

This 89 year old lady is a threat to our moral society of stupidity:
The White House Correspondents Association is currently debating what to do about Helen Thomas in the wake of the explosion of outrage over her claim that Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" and go back to Europe.

The WHCA has not commented publicly on her remarks, but in an email circulated late last night, CNN's Ed Henry, who's also the secretary of the WHCA, described them as "shocking and indefensible."

That makes it unlikely that she'll be allowed to hold her plum seat in the White House press room. which, unsurprisingly, was empty today:
What a surprise, Ed Henry the head of these insider steno-graphing gossip wannabes.

What a brave stand Henry is taking, such great journalistic courageousness here. Standing up to the threat of DC journalism that Thomas is to there high moral society of stupidity.

Yes, whether you believe her statements or not, Thomas knows that saying things like that in public would come with the risk of dealing with a mob like Henry and all using the chances they can get to rid of her once and for all. Especially when AIPAC always hovering around.

Nevertheless, this is a prime example of how just sad our media culture is in America right now.

Updated: Well, this has all lead to Helen Thomas retiring immediately :
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