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It really does:

Meanwhile, the only even decent statement from our own nation about how the IDF murdered that one American teenage citizen apart of the "Fallen on the Flotilla."
“Protecting the welfare of American citizens is a fundamental responsibility of our government and one that we take very seriously,” Clinton said. “We are in constant contact with the Israeli Government, attempting to obtain more information about our citizens.”

Clinton said that two other Americans had been injured, one on the flotilla and a third during a subsequent protest who remains hospitalized.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs Thursday said that “upon being told” that a U.S. citizen was among the dead, President Obama “expressed his deep condolences, and we certainly express our deep condolences to his family. Obviously, this is extremely horrible news for them.”
No who knows if she got angry on the phone with Shimon Peres or whoever over there in the land of Zion, or if Obama did (though I highly doubt it considering the reckless cavalier nature of Biden's awful statements).

Nevertheless, Clinton's statement will probably be the best that we shall get from the Obama Administration. And that is a damn shame.

And speaking of damn shames, the fact that no one in the corporate media here (except maybe Olbermann or Maddow) will not have the guts to just get this man from Al Jazeera instead of all these "I love Israel forever no matter what" defenders speaks yet again of how sad our media is.
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