The New York Times Embarrasses Itself.................AGAIN

Half of this writer thought that when I saw this New York Times piece on Bill Halter yesterday, I was perplexed by the timing of the article. Two days before the primary runoff he's favored to win, and you run an article that has the ability to cause voter deflation for Halter and not for Blanche Lincoln?


Well, that "hmmmmm" turned out to be a good "hmmmm." And that suspicion of another New York Times' hit piece has come full to full bore.
The New York Times conveniently picks today to run a hit piece on Bill Halter. It’s rife from top to bottom with misinformation. One “Lara Bergthold, a left-wing political consultant” is quoted, who worked with Halter on the 2003 Wes Clark campaign:

“The one thing that united the campaign was dislike of Bill Halter,” Ms. Bergthold said. “He was the only person I know of that left the campaign not of his own volition.”

Wes Clark is, without question, one of the most despised candidates of all time by his political staff. The only person she knows of that “left the campaign not of his own volition?” Try the entire draft Clark staff, which instantly got the boot once the DC professional consultant class (of which Ms. Bergthold is one) came in.
It its filled with them, including this one (In Italics)
And then it’s off to the races, with one hit job after another:

His ambition, though, has disenchanted a long list of former allies….
Really? He’s running a contentious political challenge to a powerful incumbent, a sitting U.S. Senator who is Chairman of the Agricultural Committee, and there are people who will say bad things about him. Go figure.
Jane's piece is worth the whole read.

But even if all of this has been enough where you don't want to click on, it is yet another sad sad day of a regular occurrence, when the New York Times continues to look a sad shell of what it used to be.
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