The Read International For 6/1/10: Taking The Punishment For Them Again

Sigh :
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been privately asking foreign leaders to "dial down" criticism of Israel until all the facts of the flotilla attack are known, according to a source who personally discussed the matter with her.

"She says she's been working the phones for last 24 hours trying to get people to cool off a little bit, to see what the facts are," the source tells me, adding that she said she was trying to "dial down some of the rhetoric of the inernational community."

"It's difficult," the source adds. "She says people are furious."
Covering up for them again I see.

It not surprisingly though, especially when you see Anthony Weiner do his same usual "love for Israel forever" dance, no matter what stuff the IDF and the Netanyahu Administration does.

We'll only hold accountable anyone who is not named Israel, that is the top policy model for the State Department to follow. I sure do bet Netanyahu feels all the more powerful today, thanks to this Administration and its current State Department tepid and pathetic responses to something where everyone else in the world is rightly upset with for a justified reason.
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