The Read International For 6/9/10: The Newest Toughest Sanctions On Iran EVER........Before The Next Newest Toughest Sanctions On Iran EVER!!

Photo from AFP
Same story, same result:
The United Nations Security Council has overwhelmingly agreed to a new package of economic sanctions against Iran.

12 of the council's 15 members voted on Wednesday to approve the sanctions resolution.
But Turkey and Brazil, fresh off their fuel swamp deal with Iran a few weeks back, casted their votes for the alternative, and Lebanon wasn't abstained their vote.

Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice (especially Susan Rice) have been harping on with how these are the toughest sanctions ever on Iran.
Susan Rice, the United States ambassador to the UN, praised the vote as a "decisive" move against Iran's nuclear programme, which she called a "grave threat to international security."

"Iran has shunned opportunity after opportunity to verify the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme," she said.

"Iran has given us all more reason, not less, to suspect that its goal is the ability to develop a nuclear weapon."

Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, said on Tuesday that the sanctions are the "most significant" ever against Iran.

"I think it is fair [to say] that these are the most significant sanctions that Iran has ever faced," she said. "The amount of unity that has been engendered by the international community is very significant."
But the bigger story maybe the growing tension between Turkey and the United States here.

And with Turkish Prime Minister Erdogen stating that he probably will be on the next Gaza aid Flotilla boat from his country, expect more of those tensions with the Obama Administration to possibly rise just like they have gotten with "Netanyahu And His Yahoos".
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