The Read International For 8/8/10: Israel Tells The Rest Of The World To Shove It, While The Rest Of the World Slams Iran Again

Because who is going to tell them to stop? America? Hahahaha, that's a good one:
Israel has said it will launch its own investigations into last week's deadly raid on a Gaza aid flotilla, after rejecting a UN proposal for an international probe into the attack.

In a statement on Monday, the Israeli military said it was gathering an "internal team of experts" to examine the operation and "establish lessons from the event".

It said the investigation would report its findings on the attack, which left nine activists dead and more than 100 wounded, on July 4.
It seems almost though the UN is the 21st century League of Nations nowadays.

But we all shouldn't be surprised at all though.

Funny enough though, while "Netanyahu and his Yahoos" continue to go freely do what they do, expect more sanctions, as always more sanctions, on Iran .
The United Nations Security Council has agreed on a final package of economic sanctions against Iran, paving the way for a vote as early as Wednesday, diplomats have said.

Tuesday's announcement came after countries reached an agreement on a list of companies and individuals subject to a travel ban and an asset freeze.

The draft resolution - the fourth mandating sanctions against Iran - is sponsored by the five permanent members of the Security Council: the US, Britain, France, China and Russia.

In addition to the blacklist, it expands an existing arms embargo against Iran, and prevents the country from importing technology for certain kinds of ballistic missiles.
The same old same old again.

And it is made even worse when Iran claims that their missing lost scientist has been kidnapped by us :
The Iranian government says it has evidence that one of its nuclear scientists was abducted and is being held in the US against his will.

Shahram Amiri disappeared a year ago while on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

A video broadcast by Iranian TV purports to show Mr Amiri saying he was kidnapped and is living in Arizona.

Hours later, another video posted on YouTube appeared to show the scientist saying he was happy in America. The US denied abducting him.
But that lost scientist though has been reported to have defected Iran for the US in full happiness with being here. Either way, someone is lying here, and lying through their teeth.
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