The Sleep Time And Rise "n" Shine Thread For 6/2-3/10: Only Brazil Has Given Haiti The Full Promised Pledge

Photo from the AFP
The rest of the world has got to get it together, especially the country that I am from and currently in at the moment:
Haiti's president has called on leaders from Europe and the Americas to keep their promises of aid for the Caribbean country as it struggles to rebuild from the January's devastating earthquake.

Speaking at a donor conference in the neighbouring Dominican Republic on Wednesday, Rene Preval said that the nation faced an "immense challenge" to rebuild.

According to aid experts, Haiti needs about $11.5bn for its anticipated decade-long rebuilding effort.

But so far, Haitian government officials say, only Brazil has delivered its entire aid pledge of $55m.
We can't even do consistent aid correctly right now. Hopefully that will change soon ladies and gentlemen.

To Tevin, Goodnight:
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