Sports Sunday Thread #4 For 6/13/10: Celtics Pierce Lakers Road Heart, Win Crucial "Swing Game"

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Kobe is so angry at his teammates, you could test his temperature and you would say it's mercury. That is all that you have to say with this game.

But Gasol has to assert himself and demand to Kobe that he gets the ball more than 11 times. Oh, and Doc Rivers is the premiere coach in this league right now.

The live press conferences, with Doc Rivers now.

The pivotal swing game of the series.....will the Celtics bring the string and give this series its first winning streak at its most crucial time?
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The 1st quarter Analysis: Both teams are desperate to control the paint and not shoot too many 3's at the moment. The paint, the paint, the paint, who controls the paint is so important here, and who can make those mid range shots?

And as always, the Bill Simmons love thread is fun to look at .

1st half analysis:
Rajon Rondo, getting into the land and just going into the paint no matter what. He is attacking the basket, and showing confidence in his jump shot tonight. He must continue to go into the land and not turnover the ball.

Paul Pierce has come out on fire tonight again, and so has the active Kevin Garnett, with 7 points and 8 rebounds.

If it wasn't for Andrew Bynum, the Lakers would be in serious trouble. Nothing from Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol has somehow reverted back to the Gasol of 2008. At least Ron Artest started getting going in the second half, and even driving Rondo to pick up a technical foul for "shoving" Artest in a pure acting job that would make soccer drivers proud.

Simply put, Pau Gasol has got to wake up and take over this game in the paint somehow, someway, because they are getting tough resistance here.

3rd quarter review:
Simply put, it was all Kobe and no one else......until the Lakers somehow survived in that last 2 minutes without him real well. 73-65, the Lakers two biggest minutes in that game may have been there if they somehow when the game.
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