Yesterday's Leftovers For 8/8/10: Oh That Lovely Hate Mail

After the Helen Thomas post yesterday, I received this wonderful email (edited):
What a huge f---ing hypocritical piece of s--- you are. Its ok to insult Jews but not Muslims? Are you f---ing kidding me? You are part of a substantial problem we have in this country which is only getting worse. My (insert race, religion, pet cause) is untouchable, but yours? Give me a break.

Your writing suggests you don't like Jews much. And now we know why...
First off, I laughed when I saw this email, because it came out of nowhere at all. Seriously, I don't get hate mail like I'm Mr. Moulitsas. In fact, I rarely if ever get hate mail at all. I'm just not that big and all to get any hate mail, simple as that.

Second, it was pretty easy replying back and simply dealing with this wonderfully nutty email.

As that post clearly indicated, I never said it was okay to insult ANYBODY and be a hypocrite. And I have plenty of Jewish friends, colleagues, or quality acquaintances, like Katie here, who aren't afraid to call out Israel.
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