The FIFA World Cup Halftime And Postgame Thread #2 For 6/28/14: King James

Full time: Colombia 2-0 Uruguay 

The image that fits this game completely, king James once more.

No one else on Colombia did anything today to break down Oscar Tabarez's fine tactics for the day. There were no clear chances for both Teo Gutierrez or Jackson Martinez, as Jose Pekerman may want to rethink the two forwards for the rest of the tournament. And there wasn't a major sniff for Juan Cuadrado either.

But both Cuadrado and Gutierrez were instrumental in the buildup play for the second goal that lead to "King James" doing what he was just destined to do this tournament.

Score of create goals.

A star turned into a superstar this evening, and it was a joyous thing indeed for a 22-year-old growing before our eyes.

Halftime: Colombia 1, Uruguay 0 

Nothing more need to be said about that.

Oscar Tabarez's side otherwise had great tactics and did win the battle with Jose Pekerman that half. But players decide games, not coaches, and James Rodriguez and Colombia's ability to explode at any moment can get them out of the toughest of quagmires.

Tabarez won't panic early as they did look a threat towards the half progressed going forward, with the comfort of knowing that Zapata and Yepes are still the centerbacks for Colombia. Rios has been otherwise great in the midfield, while Gonzalez has been okay but has to give them more going forward in the rare moments they will get.

And how long Forlan is left on, as he is at least looking to be a threat, will be interesting. For sure, Gaston Ramirez will look to be an option at some point in this half regardless of the score.

(Back with the final talk after this second half ). 
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