The FIFA World Cup Kickaround Thread #1 For 6/28/14: Brazil/Chile (Halftime Version)

Final: Brazil 1-1 Chile (3:2 Brazil go through on penalties)

The cruelty of penalties once more for us all to see takes more victims, with Gonzalo Jara being tops of them. 

Jorge Sampaoli just played his tactics as right as he could, as almost saw Mauricio Pinilla be in the history books forever with a strike that beat Julio Cesar and would have silenced a nation for a long time. 

Even if it seemed like they played for penalty and Brazil had the more positive play in extra time, Sampaoli was there for a famous win. And that is what is going to make today so rough for them, and so fortunate for the host nation. 

Halftime: Brazil 1, Chile 1

With Neymar being allowed to go all over the field, it has made Oscar's job a little difficult, as he is playing on the right instead of in the middle. It's made his touches ineffective or in non-threatening positions. 

Scolari may have to alter that a bit to allow him in the middle more and have Fernandinho located on the outside. Outside of his terrible mistake that lead to the first goal, Hulk had a fine first half with great defensive work and being a threat with his running. It's a shame that he had to go Bruce Banner in the first half in just one moment. 

For Chilean, outside of his goal, it was an ineffective first half for Sanchez. He let Vargas be too isolated up front by coming to the center of the box, but needed to come back for the ball more and help his central midfield. 

Medel, Jara, and Silva has been in the right spots in the end, but their passing and clearences at the back have been extremely shaky.  

No changes are required at the moment, but to help Oscar on the other side, Scolari will have to move Luis Gustavo preferable to the right of the field when Brazil have to defend. For Sampaoli, he'll need more from Diaz or Aranguiz, or have to sub them out for Valdivia, Carmona, or Gutierrez. 

(Will be back for Postgame after it all). 

The battle between Fernandinho and Vidal will be so immense. Aranguiz and Diaz will have to be vital and make it a three versus two in the midfield for Chile, causing Oscar or one of the outside attacking midfielders to help Luis Gustavo and Fenandinho.

That will allow Sampaoli's team to have control of the game and allow Isla and Mena to go forward.

It's why Oscar's track backing in this match is so vital.

(More to come at halftime for sure on this match)......

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