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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Music Thread of 2008: The Winner Of The Cacophony Award Is.......................A Tie? A Tie?!

Yes, It has come to this. The 2008 worst song of the year is actually two worst songs.

It was a tough decision, but first, Soulja Boy gets his own seperate award for Marco Polo. It was so bad that it had Bow Wow in it, and that certified how it would have been an injustice to the other songs. Nothing was as bad as this:

But, the Cacophony Award goes to:

Summertime - New Kids On The Block
Yup, New Kids on the Block.

Happy New Year everyone.

12/31/08:TWD's Agenda For The Last Day of 2008: Celebrate And Company

Photo from google.com
Whether you are celebrating or not in the mood to celebrate (because all of our lives are vastly different of course), still it is courteous to say Happy New Year's Eve and hope that you make it on the flipside.

Today unlike earlier in the week, it is expected that there won't be many posts made today. Things are going down here for the owner, publisher, and founder of The Whole Delivery. But make sure that it is known that news coverage of almost everything, from the meaningless bowl games to the real meaningful situation still arising in Gaza (with Israel rejecting France's truce option), that The Whole Delivery will be here to either delivery for you or deliver you to other places.

Also, in the next post, we will announce our worst song for 2008. It was so hard, that we may have to slip the Cacophony Award down the line here.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread for 12/30-31/08: The Sad Story of Jena 6 Figure Mychal Bell

Photo from the Associated Press
Apparently, after getting caught for shoplifting, Mychal Bell apparently shot himself in the chest on Monday night. If you remember, Bell was of the six black teenagers charged with beating a white classmate in 2006 at the Jena high school after stunning racial tension. And here's the reason why he did just so
Bell's grandmother, Rosie Simmons, and mother, Melissa Bell, told police that "Mychal had made comments over the past two days that, because of the current media attention he had because of the shoplifting arrest, he didn't feel like he could live anymore," Monroe Police Lt. Jeff Harris said, reading from a police report.
On a much, much brighter note, tomorrow is, duh, the last day of 2009. In fact, technically, tomorrow is today already. And with that last line ringing a bell, here's "Tomorrow" from Telvin Campbell, a usual fixure on the "TSTRNS" threads. Seriously, you wished this applied to what is going in Gaza.


The Read International for 12/30/08 (Besides Onging Israeli-Palestine Gaza Conflict): Ukraine Pays Off Gas Debt To Russia

(Photo from NASA) The sad report of the Columbia Space shuttle Crew
Other news coming out from the world on the penultimate day of the year:

Ukraine has finally played off its gas debt to Russia.

The BBC unearths the chilling NASA report details of the the crew onboard the disintegrated space shuttle Columbia and their final minutes.
The report includes grim details of the crew's final moments as the shuttle broke up over the state of Texas.

It also concluded that the astronaut's seat restraints, suits and helmets did not work well, leading to "lethal trauma".

"This report confirms that although the valiant Columbia crew tried every possible way to maintain control of their vehicle, the accident was not ultimately survivable," said Nasa's deputy associate administrator, Wayne Hale.
And this may make you more sad and angry at the same time after reading this:
Nasa also found that the astronauts did not have the necessary training that may have increased their chances of survival.

If you thought it couldn't get more corrupt and nutty in Guinea, well, get this one" A banker is their new Prime Minister. Yes, you read right, a banker. And the guy was living in Egypt, for goodness nationalist sakes.

And in a victory for him and his family, Muntazer al-Zaidi will have his court day postponed to lessen the charge from a maximum of 15 years in prison to a 2 year max. Hopefully he will not continued to get tortured like he has already been. And his lawyer makes a massive point here:
At today's hearing Muntazer Al-Zaidi's lawyer, Dhiaa al-Saadi, said that throwing shoes had not put George Bush, who ducked to miss them, in any danger danger. "Have you ever heard of anyone being killed by a shoe?," he said.

"In Europe, they throw eggs and rotten tomatoes to insult. In Iraq, throwing a shoe is a symbol of disrespect."

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sports Thread #2 for 12/30/08: Broncos Fire Shannon (Was It Really a Shocker?)

Photo from the Associated Press
Sooner or later, Mike Shanahan was going to feel the pressure of losing his job in Denver after only winning one playoff game since John Elway left the building. But still, the shock of him losing his job today is still, well, a shock to some fans. And it basically brought disgust from Jay Culter and shock from basically the whole locker room.
"I was talking to Mike yesterday about personnel moves," he said in an interview on KCNC-TV in Denver. "I'm as shocked as anybody else. I think it's the wrong move."
Though Culter and the team may not be happy about this, it just had to happen.

As John Clayton said, what cost Shanahan his job was more his General Manager's role, especially with his draft picks (um, Maurice Clarett)and moves on the defensive end. You can say whatever you think about Shanahan being a great coach or not after he won his second Super Bowl title, and you can point to how classy the man is.

But results are results, and considering this collapse to the Chargers at the end of the season (the first team ever to blow a three game lead with three games left to play since divisional play began in 1967), 14 years was long enough for owner Pat Bowlen.

(Maybe more surprising to me was the fact that Dick Jauron kept his job with the Bills, considering their mini collpase from a 5-1 beginning to a 7-9 end result)

Music Thread For 12/30/08: The Cacophony Award For Worst Song

The suggestions have all come in, and the choice will be made tomorrow. Tune into The Whole Delivery to see who will be the winner of the inaugural Cacophony Award, the worst song for 2008.


Sports Thread #1 for 12/30/08: Another, Albeit Passionate, Pathetic Attempt To Justify Bowl Games

Photo from google.com
Add Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated to the list of people not seeing the big picture with why bowl games, in the total whole scheme of things, are antiquated and assisted in the shameless money making corporations of college presidents and the NCAA.

Mandel's lets compulsive nostalgia from his Northwestern days fuel his argument of why bowl games matter:
In 1995, I was a sophomore at Northwestern when the Wildcats, which hadn't posted a winning record in 25 years, inexplicably rose up to go 10-1 and earn their first Rose Bowl berth in 47 years. Those of you old enough to remember it don't need me to rehash the details. For those of you who weren't, I would describe the shock level as akin to Appalachian State beating Michigan -- if Appalachian State had completely stunk the year before and also gone on to beat Notre Dame, Penn State and Wisconsin.

Obviously, the excitement level on our previously apathetic campus soared with each mounting win, but when Michigan upset undefeated Ohio State over Thanksgiving weekend to send Northwestern to Pasadena -- things went to a whole other stratosphere. Suddenly, we were all on the phone with travel agents (this was pre-Expedia) trying to find flights to L.A. We lined up for hours in the biting cold to buy tickets and we bought up T-shirts faster than they could print them.
Now, it's not a bad thing whenever a writer talks about his past by showing his love of the sport. And you can't question that about Mandel, who clearly loves the sport. And to his credit, unlike BCS accepting hack Ivan Maisel of ESPN, he presents a different argument for while bowls still matter, by listening Pat White's father celebrating his son's fourth consecutive and final bowl win or the close game Boise State and TCU played against each other.

But Mandel still conflates the idea that people won't care about these bowls anymore, which just isn't true. People know that the players will play in anything when all is said in done, and they will treat their bowls games as their own Championship Games or Super Bowl. That is certainly the case for a senior like White, who of course has placed in much more glamorous bowl games in his record setting career at West Virginia.

At the end of a day, a game is a game.

Family will come and see their sons, brothers, nephews or cousins no matter what. (And in possible rare, VERY RARE cases in the future if it happens, daughters, sisters, and nieces. Wow that's a liberal thought, isn't it?). The same with friends, alumni, avid fans, and anybody else.

And those games, from the more valued New Year's Day Bowls to the, sigh, Texas Bowl, will still exist if a playoff existed. An eight team playoff healed this year wouldn't result in no bowl games for BYU or Arizona or even Notre Dame unless the BCS presidents (namely in the SEC) were so pissed that their perfect plan of making max profits went out of the window, causing to hold players, coaches, and the college football nation ransom by demanding either all bowls or none at all.

I say, let them try doing just that, I dare them. Because it would clearly expose the obvious fact to most of us: that they care for their pockets than they do for fixing the problem.

That painful fact is what gets me irate about even this column from Mandel, who as I said before, at least didn't spew the same "A playoff would still cause controversy and devalue the regular season" BS brought up every year by the likes of Maisel. They are fully cognizant that these presidents don't give a damn about doing what's right. Of course no system is going to be perfect, and whether people liked it or not, Boise State would have a claim of not making the Top 8 this season, regardless of their defeat to TCU showing that they weren't on say, even Utah's level.

But everyone knows the real reason why people feel this way about these bowls games, no matter if its the Rose Bowl or the incongruously named PapaJohns.com Bowl. They will still leave with the lingering question, "Is this team, in this year's case either Oklahoma or Florida, truly the Champions of College Football?"

A question that will continue to remain, year, after year, after year, until someone has the guts, whether President-elect Obama or someone else, to bring major reform to a broken system.

Double Standard, Much?

CNN ran a headline tonight saying, "Obama's 12 day vacation in Hawaii nearing its end, family plans to move to Washington this weekend."

Amazingly enough, President-elect Obama is not the President. Wouldn't you think about having an update of the current President, in his last few days, amidst all the craziness going on, since he is still, you know, the President?

Nope, no deep discussions or headlines about him ending his vacation in Crawford, Texas. Yes, his vacation, at the end of his tenure, and yet, he takes a vacation just because it is the holiday season? Didn't he take plenty of vacations this year, like official ones (because with the job he's done, we all know he taking his share of unofficial vacations until his friends signal him to show his ugly head to get bills like FISA passed of course).

Nevertheless, he goes free without any coverage from the likes of CNN or MSNBC. No coverage, or outrage, of why he isn't working his butt off 24/7 from our America media apparently, nope?

No round the clock coverage of Bush, or Cheney, or anybody else, the people actually in charge.

But hey, we'll run headlines of Obama because we are all about being the "Most Trusted Name in News", huh?

12/30/08- TWD's Agenda For The Day: Highlighted Videos From the Last Few Days

Due to me having constant headaches, The Whole Delivery has been far from "the whole delivery" as 2008 is in its last hours. Hopefully that won't be the case anymore, as the headaches have subsided from now. With that, today's agenda will focus on a few highlighted videos of importance that has made the rounds on the Rational Online News Network:

Today, on Morning Joe, in discussion of the ongoing problems in the bombing of Gaza, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski told Joe Scarborough a mess again, in front of his daughter:


On yesterday, MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall showed further how idiotic RNC chair committee candidate Chip Saltsman is for pushing the "Barack the Magic Negro" song (and how idiotic Kate Obenshain is for defending Rush Limbaugh for using the song):

TPM's 100 Seconds from yesterday, as America's media spits out all types of perspectives on what is going on in Gaza,

And finally, CNN International, much better than their American counterparts, has an account of one their reporters onboard a humanitarian ship that was traveling to Gaza, rammed by an Israeli ship.

Monday, December 29, 2008

12/29/08-TWD's Agenda For The Day, Part 2: War To the Bitter End

Photo from BBC
A "war to the bitter end."
Ehud Barak, the Israeli defense minister, told parliament Israel was not fighting the residents of Gaza. "But we have a war to the bitter end against Hamas and its branches," he said. Barak said the goal is to deal Hamas a "severe blow" and that the operation would be "widened and deepened as needed."

Israel's intense bombings — more than 300 airstrikes since midday Saturday — reduced dozens of buildings to rubble. The military said naval vessels also bombarded targets from the sea.
America's passive one sided response as usual, coming from the worst Administration ever as Obama stays silent during vacation in Hawaii:
On Monday, the White House released a statement saying "in order for the violence to stop, Hamas must stop firing rockets into Israel and agree to respect a sustainable and durable cease-fire."

But in Damascus, Syria, a senior exiled Hamas official said there can be no talk of a truce with Israel until the assault ends and Israel reopens the Gaza crossings.

"We need our liberty, we need our freedom and we need to be independent. If we don't accomplish this objective, then we have to resist. This is our right," the official, Abu Marzouk, told The Associated Press in an English-language interview.

A a six-month truce between Hamas and Israeli expired earlier this month, but Hamas refused to extend it.
Bold words from the former minister as pivotal elections come up
"Hamas is looking for children to kill."

"Hamas is targeting deliberately kindergartens and schools and citizens and civilians because this is according to their values. Our values are completely different. We are trying to target Hamas, which hides among civilians," Livni said.
The conflict between these two states continues. And until a ceasefire ends, it is only going to get uglier.

The agenda's pending schedule at 1:40 PM, as today, The Whole Delivery will announce the worst song of the year for 2008.

12/29/08-TWD's Agenda For The Day, Part 1: Utter Rubbish (A TRF Column)

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
It really did happen. So bad, that it generated a "reel feeling" from me, because it is just too real to not write about:
Bad is 6-10, 5-11, 4-12. Very bad is 3-13, 2-14, 1-15.

But "bad" or even "brutal" would not be sufficient enough to describe what was witnessed this year from the performances of the Detroit Lions. In their 75th year of existence, they performed lower than all expansions teams, then all bad teams, then even the all time losing teams of losing teams.

"Bad", "Brutal", and even "Losers" just aren't the words to label this inept amalgamation of freight.

"Utter rubbish" is what they are. "Utter rubbish" is what 0-16 is.
Rookie running back Kevin Smith was one of the few players Lions fans could be proud of, but when you are apart of the mess, you make the mess as well:
Smith decided it was in his best interest to taunt on the field in the 4th quarter. A player, on an 0-15 team, with a chance to go 0-16, taunting?

That's more idiotic than not wanting to kiss your spouse after you said, "I do."

And what do you know? That taunting led to a penalty being called on him, hurting the chances of a miracle win. On the next play, the very next play, Dan Orlovsky (blessed his soul too, because he tried as hard as he could, he really did) threw an interception to Nick Collins to basically bring out columns such as this one trying to comprehend the collage of terrible an 0-16 team can actually produce.

"It was a very bad, selfish decision," Smith said. "I let my emotions get the best of me. It was tough, but it is no excuse."
And believe it or not, there was one truly outstanding performer for this team. But really, what does that even mean to him?
"It's surreal to be 0-16 with guys you care about; guys that I've seen work hard," he said. "I've seen years past where we've had better records and we've been way worse, but who cares? Nobody cares. All of us have our names on this."
Read the full version on The Reel Feel, as I go over there and read it again myself, still in disbelief that this actually happened.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Music Thread #1 for 12/26/08: The Flashback- Jagged Edge ("Promise")

With the Christmas tree in the opening scene, and a few of the decorations in the video's background, it was fitting that today's throwback video is the tearjerking classic from Jagged Edge called "Promise". The video,filmed eight years ago at around this time, is always a joy for both R&B fans and supporters of other genres. And for this week, it is the Flashback throwback on TWD Weekend.

So enjoy "Promise" from Jagged Edge.

12/26/08-TWD's Agenda For The Weekend, Friday Edition: States Continue Painful Cutbacks on Medicaid

Photo from google.com
America's health care woes continue.

From Washington Post writer Amy Goldstein (with contribution from Chris Jenkins, Lisa Rein, and Nikita Stewart), a chilling story today about states across the country cutting back their Medicaid program.

You can think the Bush Recession again for more valuable statistics added to the legacy.
With revenue falling at the same time that more people are losing their jobs and private health coverage, states already have pared their programs and many are looking at deeper cuts for the coming year. Already, 19 states -- including Maryland and Virginia -- and the District of Columbia have lowered payments to hospitals and nursing homes, eliminated coverage for some treatments, and forced some recipients out of the insurance program completely.
In this article, good news is harder to find than good work (or in actual reality right now, any work, but it comes here in this paragraph:
According to a Washington source who is in close contact with lawmakers, some in Congress also are beginning to entertain the idea of allowing unemployed people who have lost health benefits to sign up for Medicaid, with federal money paying the entire bill.
However, Florida won't pay the bill for older adolescents and new mothers sadly:
Nineteen states and the District have cut Medicaid for the current fiscal year, according to a survey this month by Families USA, a liberal consumer health lobby. All but one, plus six other states, are drafting deeper reductions for the coming fiscal year that they hope to avoid. Florida's Medicaid officials have just handed the governor and legislature a blueprint for a 10 percent reduction; it would eliminate coverage for 7,800 18- and 19-year-olds and 6,800 pregnant women.
And not a surprise that the disgrace that is Lindsay Graham is allowing his state to do this:
In South Carolina, Medicaid officials last week announced the third round of cuts since August. They are "real unpleasant stuff," said Jeff Stensland, spokesman for the state's Department of Health and Human Services. The program will stop paying for most dental care for adults, eliminate nutritional supplements, cut home-delivered meals from 14 a week to seven, curtail mental health counseling, stop building wheelchair ramps and pay for fewer breast and cervical cancer screenings.
And you'll shake your head at the letter Edna McCain, a founder of a hospice hospital in the state, received in the mail. It this isn't a paradigm of how troubling this news is, I don't know what is?
Edna McClain, founder of Hospice Care of Tri-County in Columbia, S.C., helped coax state health officials to expand Medicaid to cover nursing care and other support for dying patients in the mid-1990s.

She was stunned this month when an e-mail arrived from South Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services informing her that as of Jan. 1, Medicaid no longer would pay for new hospice patients. And after March 31, it would stop covering most people on Medicaid already in hospice care.
I'll let you go ahead and read her noble attempt at trying to prevent a decision that she is nevertheless powerless to stop.

So many spots to be in disgust with when reading this. From the cutbacks on coverage for old teenagers and pregnant women to the neglect of folks in their potentially macabre stages, it is getting uglier by the day with health care in America.

At what point will "enough" truly be "enough"?

(The Pending Schedule will be in the comments section at 3:40 PM)

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread for 12/25-26/08: From Where It All Began

Hope your Christmas went well everyone. And if you didn't celebrate Christmas, I hope your day still went well. Until tomorrow, peace.

The Read International For Christmas 2008: Military Coup Goes Through in Guinea: More Israeli-Palestine Tension

Photo from the AFP
Three stories to past along tonight on this installment of the TRI (The Read International) thread:

Though the world is condemning it as a whole, the people of Guinea are happy that the military coup to overthrow their government in place has been successful. Leading the country now will be Moussa Camera, who forced the outgoing Prime Minister to endorse him:
Ahmed Tidiane Souare said on Thursday he and other members of the government that was overthrown after the death of Lansana Conte, the long-serving president, earlier this week were ready to work with the coup leaders.

"Mr President, members of the National Council for Democracy and Development, we thank you and we put ourselves at your disposal," Souare said in comments broadcast by Radio France International.

Earlier on Thursday, Souare presented himself at an army camp near Conakry after being ordered to do so by the country's self-declared president.

Camara ordered the government and senior military leaders to give themselves up by the end of Thursday.
As expected, the heavy hitters of the world have cast criticism on these events, but two things need to be said from their reaction. They can lambaste the craziness that has taken place in a country that has been dysfunctional for a long time, but what will their quotes honestly do? Trade embargoes won't lead to an overthrow of the military in the country, especially when the people are enthusiastic about the takeover. Also, where was this denunciation of political actions in Guinea from the international community when that dictator, Lansana Conte, was in charge? Just wasting their energy, that is all they are doing.

In the second story, it has already gotten ugly and unfortunate again between Israeli and Palestine, as the blockade placed on Gaza by the Israelis has led to missiles flying everywhere and more contentious feelings between the two states. Hamas still doesn't recognize Israel's existence, and just as egregious, the closing has led to moral wrong from Olmett and company:
There are shortages of more than 100 essential pharmaceuticals and critical emergency surgical kits, while more than 100 containers of humanitarian aid at Ashdod port in Israel have been cleared for entry into Gaza.

Due to the lack of fuel and spare parts, Gaza power plant has been shut since Dec. 19, affecting all aspects of daily life including sanitation, water and power supply to households, schools, and civilian institutions.

In particular, 60 percent of the Gaza population is receiving running water once every five to seven days. The waste water treatment plant, unable to operate regularly, has since Saturday doubled the amount of raw sewage it is dumping into the sea to 40 million liters per day, OCHA said.
And in one more hint of news that would make Captain Jack Black want to retire, guess how much those Somalian Pirates have made off the rest of the world in their looting?

$30 million. China looks to make sure that they won't get jacked either. And if the pirates try and do so, the consequences will be deep.
China's state-run Xinhua news agency said the fleet will join in multinational patrols of the Gulf of Aden.

It said the fleet is equipped with ship-borne missiles, cannon and light weapons, and carries helicopters.

The report said the two destroyers, among China's most sophisticated war vessels, were indigenously designed and manufactured.
Oh, and I had to point the word in bold out. "Indigenously" is not a word.

Shoddy journalism? Indeed so.

TWD Condolences: Harold Pinter Dies At 78

Photo from Meteor Blades of dailykos.com
As with Eartha Kitt, The Whole Delivery gives its condolences to the family of the Nobel Prize winning laureate:
The provocative Nobel laureate Harold Pinter died December 24. Although his work in the theater over the course of 32 plays was broadly praised, his political views drew savage attacks, including one from fellow Brit and neo-conservative Christopher Hitchens, who wrote in 2005 that giving the Swedish award "to someone who gave up literature for politics decades ago, and whose politics are primitive and hysterically anti-American and pro-dictatorial, is part of the almost complete degradation of the Nobel racket."

Matt Schudel at the Washington Post writes:
Mr. Pinter's works, which bore the influence of the existential dramatist Samuel Beckett and the modernist poet T.S. Eliot, explored such themes as sexual frustration, jealousy, loneliness and an overriding if indistinct sense of fear. The social or mental balance of his characters -- and, by extension, society as a whole -- was often undercut by a biting, sardonic humor.

"Words are weapons that the characters use to discomfort or destroy each other," Peter Hall, who frequently directed Mr. Pinter's plays, once said. ...

... "I've never been able to sit down and say, 'Now I'm going to write a play,' " he said in 1976. "I just have no alternative but to wait for the thing to be released within me."

Thursday, December 25, 2008

TWD Condolences: Eartha Kitt Dies at 81

On this Christmas Day, The Whole Delivery would like to give its condolences to Eartha Kitt's family, as the legendary actress has passed today at 81.

Kitt is certainly one of the all time legends for sure, and she was battling with colon cancer for a while.

The Whole Delivery gives a deep blessing to the Kitt family. Take care.

Sports Thread for Christmas 2008: The Overhyped Ness Will Soon End

(Photo from nba.com)Garnett and Bryant will face off again in today's marquee matchup
Well, at least it isn't at the level of the Shaq-Kobe Christmases of the past, is it?

Nevertheless, ESPN has been hell bent on marketing this game, and rightfully so, they should.

Of course, the Celtics have separated themselves from the other big three in the last few weeks (though you maybe are inclined to make that "Big 3" a "Big 4" with how the Orlando Magic have been playing of late). Hell, they have even distinguished themselves from any other team in history by having the best record in the league after 29 games. And a key reason for this tremendous start is the continued growth of Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins.

It absolutely amazes me how people don't back off of Rondo all the time. He hasn't proven to be a consistent threat on the perimeter, yet teams still take the chance of guarding him close, leading to the former Kentucky guard to blow right by and cause undo havoc. Add to the fact that he is one of the better rebounding guards in the

And Perkins has gotten so competent on the offense end that Doc Rivers has decided to give him isolation set plays. This is Kendrick Perkins we are talking about here.
Kendrick Perkins and "isolation plays" in the same sentence from last year would have been about Perkins guarding someone.

Two years ago, it seemed like Perkins would be another guy added to the list of "Straight out of high school" busts. He had no dexterity whatsoever, and was for all intensive purposes, a certified bum. Now, he has almost averaged a double double thus far (9.1 ppg, 8.6. rpg) while still being a strong defensive presence like he was last season.

Just as crucial to the Celtics even being better than they were last year (and any team in history at this point), is how Tony Allen has made the loss of James Posey this offseason seem stunningly irrelevant. Of course, playoff time will be the true determination of whether the two time Finals winner's absence will be felt or not. But so far, Allen, who has recovered from that terrible ACL injury that he had two seasons, has fill in marvelously as the six man off the bench in replacement of Posey. Add in contributions from Tony House and the big two downlow of Leon Powe and Glen Davis and you see why the Celtics looked poised to possibly have the best record in NBA regular season history.

On the other side, the Lakers scored back to back wins against Memphis and the currently offensively challenged New Orleans Hornets (who suffered another ugly loss today to the Magic)to combat being swept in the Florida double last week (Miami and, of course, those Magic guys again). Of course, without Jordan Farmer now, it puts more of an earnest on the starting five to be dominant when they are on the court. Of course, with Andrew Bynum in the lineup, it gives the Lakers the chance to not get bullied around like they were by their rivals in last season's finals.

That physical presence in the paint (and really, across the court) is why the title went back into the hands of the Boston franchise for the first time in two decades. Bynum's presence is integral today, and both Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom must facilitate him. Their shrinking performances in last season's finals will not suffice, even if Kobe Bryant goes off for 40 points.

And I think with the Celtics 19 game winning streak on the line today, in a game where their physical toughness against the Celtics will be heavily questioned, on this day, I think both Odom and Gasol will be up to the task. More of a statement game for them than the Celtics, I see the Lakers getting a bleated gift from Santa today.

12/25/08- TWD's Agenda For Christmas: Your Family

From The Whole Delivery and my family, hope your Christmas (and if you don't celebrate Christmas, you're hold day) goes well.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sports Thread #2 for 12/24/08: The Quick Christmas Everunthrough

(Photo from goal.com) It appears that Ronaldinho's house was mysteriously robbed this past Monday night
Lots of things to go through.

We start off with a very unfortunate situation for Ronaldinho. His house in Italy apparently was robbed:
Thieves broke into Ronaldinho's house and made off with thousands of dollars worth of goods but left behind the football star's Golden Ball trophy, Italian media reports said Wednesday.

Ronaldinho was at home in Brazil when the burglary took place early Tuesday morning, Corriere della Sera reported. Four thieves stole mainly jewelry and watches, Corriere reported.
Even more bizarre is the fact that this same house that Ronaldinho currently lives in has been broken in previously two times by former owners. Weird and unfortunate indeed.

Charles Weis guarantees that questions about his job will be placed on hold until next season, as Notre Dame finally ends their 15 year bowl drought by beating Hawaii 49-21.

Why search Plaxico's Burress home for guns if the gun was licensed in New Jersey? What a dumb situation that sadly will be dragged out all the way to the first quarter of 2009.

Heck, if I was Donovan McNabb, I would still decline to even talk about a contract. And reporters, stop asking him the same s(explicit) please.

Shouldn't DeAndre Jordan have stayed an extra year in school like Hasheem Thabeet did? And goodness, Kevin McHale, it is fitting that you are the coach of the Timberwolves. Because you deserve to coach a team where you decided to trade O.J. May for Kevin Love on draft night. Boy, that has worked out real well, hasn't it? And speaking of rookie bust as we near 40% of the season completed, has you even heard from Joe Alexander at all?

Why does every holiday have to have golf on the menu?

And in a story that will be looked at a little later this week, here's ESPN's best attempt to join the fray and muddy up Eric Holder. At least it's just doing some journalism instead of creating stupid outrage though.

Holiday Cartoon Throwback Thread #3 for 12/24/08-A Huey Freeman Christmas

In comparison to both Charlie Brown and even Rocko, the Boondcoks Holiday special isn't much of a throwback. And it ain't even suppose to be for boys and girls either.

But here at The Whole Delivery, we can still change the rules a little bit. And because of that being the case, we are going to have a Huey Freeman Christmas, delivered to you.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Happy Holidays.

Early Christmas Gift To Franken, A Lump of Coal To Coleman, And A Perfect Pic From TPM On This

Look at Talking Point Memo's great pic up on its site as this thread is getting posted. Just look right below.

The pic says it all. It looks to be Al Franken Senate seat for Minnesota now, as it has been revealed that the Minnesota Supreme Court has slapped down Norm Coleman's lawsuit of alleged doubled counted ballots in their never ending, until maybe now, battle.

A sweet Christmas gift for sure for Al Franken. And "Bah Humburgness" indeed for the incumbent Coleman.

Holiday Cartoon Throwback Thread #2 for 12/24/08- Rocko's Modern Life Christmas

Hello Boys and Girls, welcome back to the Holiday Cartoon Throwback at The Whole Delivery. As we showed you earlier, Charlie Brown's Christmas is always a delight.

And as we promised, we would deliver a second holiday special to you, and that is the case. Here's Rocko's Modern Life Christmas. Yes, you read correctly, Rocko's Modern Life Christmas.
Rocko's Modern Life - Rocko's Modern Christmas

Check out to see the final Christmas special that will be seen on the Holiday Cartoon Throwback Thread. Take care boys and girls.

Sports Thread for 12/24/08: Lakers Farmer Out For At Least A Month

Photo from google.com
Tough injury for Derek Fisher's backup, as he will have surgery today to repair his torn MCL.

Part of the best bench in the league, Farmer's injury will require consistent effort from the rest of the non starting five of Phil Jackson squad that was definitely present in last night's easier than expected victory in New Orleans. Especially when the Lakers play the 27-2 Celtics and the "bully" that is Kevin Garnett now (quotation marks emphasized of course, because I still don't think he is a bully).

Holiday Cartoon Throwback Thread #1 for 12/24/08- Charlie Brown Christmas

Saturday Cartoon Throwback is back Boys and Girls, and it's in Holiday Form. Today, we celebrate two great holidays specials of many out there. And since ABC only showed it once, it was vital that we have a Charlie Brown Christmas here at The Whole Delivery:
This classic from the legend that is Charles Schultz will always be memorable for generation after generation.

The first part

The next part

And the final parts

We will have more for sure, as SCTT transform into HCTT!!!

Happy Holidays boys and girls!

Music Thread #1 for 12/24/08: Christmas Videos (Boys II Men)

Another R&B Christmas classic from 1993, here's Boyz II men with "The Birth of Christ."

12/24/08- TWD's Agenda For Christmas Eve: Obama Message

No agenda for the day, so be prepared to see anything, including a Christmas Cartoon Throwback and Music Threads featuring Christmas videos.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 12/23-24/08: A Fitting Award For A Fitting Candidate

While TWD organizes its music and soon to be sports awards for 2008, it was important that we acknowledge the wonderful people at Media Matters and their glorious trophy giving accolade.

Media Matters has announced its 2008 MisInformer of the Year, in a very competitive and contentious race indeed, to Sean Hannity.

But wait, there's still more to enjoy from this wonderful website. Take a lokt at their year end review at how terrible the American media has been, throughout this year, and really, for many , many years.

Good night, and have a great Christmas Eve (or a great December 24th!)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Msuic Thread #3 for 12/23/08: Christmas Videos (TLC)

Take it back to 1993, for Christmas video number three, here is TLC's "Sleigh Ride."

Montather Al-Ziedi Still Getting Tortured (And Bush, Still Being Silent)

Photo from the BBC
No one in the American corporate media (outside of probably Olbermann and Maddow, though I'm not even sure if they have reported followups on this) has even bothered on updating on the status of Montather Al-Ziedi ever since he released his second shoe at our lame duck joke of a President.

Unfortunately, initial reports indicated that Al-Zeidi was getting tortured severely. And even more devastating to read is the fact that the infliction he is reporting taken has continued.

From Siun at Firedoglake, who has been following the journalist's condition, it seems Nouri al-Maliki continues to show signs that lead some to believe he could be the country's next dictator.
As Laura Doty mentioned over at Oxdown, more accounts of the abusive treatment of Al Zaida are appearing at the same time that Prime Minister Maliki is attempting to slander the shoe thrower with claims that: Mr. Al-Zeidi "revealed the name of the person who instigated this act". Then Al-Maliki stated that "this person is a well known murderer who is linked to beheading people".
Al-Maliki is basically trying to smear Al-Ziedi to curb any public condemnation towards the detainee. But it's not working Diabolical indeed, and so is the sentence that al-Ziedi faces:
Muntazer al-Zaidi stands accused of "aggression against a foreign head of state during an official visit," an offense that carries a prison term of between five and 15 years under Iraqi law.

But the court could convict him of the lesser charge of "attempted aggression" which carries a prison term of one to five years.
And the continued torture? Here is what his brother had to say about that after seeing him for the first time in jail, two days ago:
"I met my brother for around an hour. He has been tortured while in detention for 36 hours continuously. He has been hit with iron rods and cables," the brother said.

"There is very severe bleeding in his eye, and he has bruises on his feet and nose, and he was also tortured with electric shocks.

"He was forced to sign a statement confessing to receiving money from different groups and saying that he did not throw his shoes for the honor of Iraq," Uday said.
But did he apologize then?
"But Muntazer said I will not apologize for what I did -- not now, not ever."
This is gut-wrenching stuff to the soul to read, less than two days before Christmas and during the Holiday season. But this is real life, where there is no specific epoch exempt from the stories that will shatter some hearts, make people want to punch something, or just ask themselves about the level of fairness in the human existence.

And you would think someone out there, in the nine days since this incident, would ask the Shrub about his thoughts on the situation, about what his answer was to letting the guy go or not. You would think that no one would mind answering that question after he said, "It was a just a shoe he though at me." Not a big deal huh?

Instead, add this one up to another story of importance, buried by the American media for good. And The Shrub has decided to pass on it, letting one of his cronies give this pathetic statement of differing. The same President who preached about being democracy over there, and was given the option by Maliki to let Al-Zeidi go.
This is what is said by a damn crony spokesman:
"He's in the hands of the Iraqi system. I don't have anything more on the shoe-thrower," spokesman Tony Fratto told reporters when asked if the White House was concerned about reports that the Iraqi journalist showed signs of having been tortured.

"I think that's been explored extensively and I have nothing new for you."
Which really means that Bush behind the scene gave full thumbs up to Iraq's Prime Minister, with his petty self, to let the guy get beaten as bad as they could allow. Not a surprise coming from the Administration that tortures though.

Not a surprise to anyone, at all.

OOO, What Did They Find? What Were They Hiding?! Nothing.

Photo from google.com
Thanks to high heavens that this will be another story buried for good:
The Obama transition team has now released its much-awaited internal report on staff contacts with Rod Blagojevich and his own office, saying that members of the transition team did not behave improperly.
If you want to read the five page report (because I may or may not, leaning towards the latter), feel free. Hopefully Campbell Brown will read it herself though. Maybe it will make her a better journalist. Or, maybe not.

TPM's 100 Seconds For 12/23/08: Fake Outrage

Once again, another great addition of TPM's 100 seconds, including the fake outrage from the media in regards to the bailout money not getting revealed. Where the hell were you guys, um, a month ago? Fake or clueless outrage from our shameful media again.

Ugggggggh. Bloomburg Names Wolfson To Head His Second Reelection Campaign

(Bloomberg's photo from bloomberg09.com; Wolfson's photo from google.com
How lovely:
Having caught his breath after one of the most prolonged primary campaigns in history, Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton's longtime communications director, will now go direct some communication for Mayor Bloomberg's re-election campaign. Wolfson announced the new gig in an exclusive interview with NY1, calling Bloomberg "somebody who governs by addition, not by subtraction." In an e-mail to friends obtained by Poltico, Wolfson wrote: "As a New Yorker, I am very excited at the prospect of helping the Mayor at this very critical time in our city's history." And when questioned about his past dismissal of Hizzoner as "an out-of-touch billionaire," Wolfson explained that he those were not his words, but rather his "evil twin."
This arrogant nut Wolfson was seemingly unbearable during the course of the primary season. And to make his credentials even better, he , along with Lanny Davis, took their sore loser behinds onto Fixed Propaganda (Fox News) during the primary season as the biggest fake concern trolls for Obama, still bitter over him beating Hillary.

This is just the latest sign at why New Yorkers hopefully will put Bloomberg's greedy desire for a third term to bed. Putting slimeballs like Wolfson on his team shows how the mayor is hell bent on winning at all costs to retain, what he thinks, is his lofty throne.

Sports Thread #2 for 12/23/08- They Did It Again

Photo from Tony Dejak of the Associated Press

So what if the pressure will be on Joe Giradi like no other next season. He won't mind, especially with the news now that Mark Teixeira has become the latest Christmas gift given to him.

It seems that this wouldn't happen. The Yankees over the last few days seemed to be focused on Manny Ramirez more, while Teixeira was still leaning towards the Angels, the Red Sox, and even the Nationals of all teams. But the money, as always, is with the Yankees. Once again, another Scott Boras client comes to the Bronx. He sure does love getting sweat deals from George & sons. And they love giving it to him.

I wonder if this takes them out of the Ramirez sweepstakes now. Then again, with the Steinbenners, as only a fool would dismiss their chances, you can never count them out even to sign Ramirez now. They seem to never run out of money, even in the Bush recession.

And with the Angels, despite still having a great rotation, team defense, and arms out of the bullpen like Scott Shields and Jose Arredondo, the losses of both Teixeira and Francisco Rodriguez are big losses, no matter how deep they still are. Nevertheless, just as doing the same of counting out Hank & Hal signing the Manny one, you would be an idiot to count Mike Scioscia and the Angeles out now. They have always matched up great with the Yankees, and have literally owned them throughout the course of this decade.

Now if only they could stand up to Red Sox.

Sports Thread #1 for 12/23/08: Arsenal Season Devastated With Fabregas Lost

Photo from SkySports

Brutal for Arsene Weneger and Arsenal, as their captain will be out until maybe April:
Arsenal's last hopes of hauling itself back into contention for the Premier League title seemed to disappear Tuesday when captain Cesc Fabregas was ruled out for as long as four months because of medial ligament damage to his right knee.

"We will miss him, of course, but how much is difficult to say,'' Wenger said. "We have to find a way and we want to find a way to compensate the fact that he is not on the pitch to give everyone a bit more.''
This club has been ravished by many injuries:
Tomas Rosicky has not played for a year because of a hamstring injury, Theo Walcott is out with a dislocated shoulder, and Eduardo da Silva has only just returned to the reserve team after 10 months out with a broken ankle.
I forgot about Rosicky, that's how long he has been out. And only the future can tell us whether Eduardo can come back or not. Nevertheless, the latest, and probably most devastating, blow indeed to the Gunners and their hopes of any trophies this year.

Music Thread #2 for 12/23/08: The News 8 Days Before The Worst Music Year Ends (Reloaded)

Photo from T-Pain
A quick runthrough:

Once again, Jay-Z is sued by someone over a song. Funny enough, Mary J.Blige is the main focus on the lawsuit, however.

Despite a misleading title, it seems that T-Pain and Tim McGraw will work together in the studio. The title suggested that it had already happen. It didn't, yet.

The man who murdered T.I's best friend, Philant Johnson, last year is going to jail for a LONG, LONG, LONG time.

Lord, MTV flaunting their worthless mixtape award again.

When you click on this link, you'll be left with the question of "Just Why?" Seriously, you will.

And remember, as stated before, suggestions for the Cacophony Award, the worst song in 2008, are definitely welcomed from you, the public. You can see our photo at the top showing just that.

With that, here's certainly a late edition towards that. Probably the worst song form her medicre album, here's Beyonce underachieving again with "Diva." And no, a "diva" is not the female version of a hustler. At all.


The Read International For 12/23/08: Rick Warren Has Nothing On The Pope

Today's top international stories:

Apparently, Rick Warren has nothing on the Pope. Comments from Benedict XVI have drawn real ire from the gay community for his rather harsh comments (through that is very subjective, of course).
Gay groups and activists have reacted angrily after Pope Benedict XVI said that mankind needed to be saved from a destructive blurring of gender.

Speaking on Monday, Pope Benedict said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was as important as protecting the environment.

And here are some responses from prominent gay figures overseas:
The comments were "irresponsible and unacceptable", the UK's Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM) said.

Vladimir Luxuria, a transgender former Italian MP, called his words "hurtful".

LGCM head Rev Sharon Ferguson said the Pope's remarks justified "gay bashing" and bullying.

Mark Dowd, strategist for Christian environmental group Operation Noah, said the comments betrayed "a lack of openness to the complexity of creation".

Also on the BBC today:
2. Vladmir Putin says the days of easily affordable gas maybe over. Funny, a gas industry separate from the oil industry.
3. And Iraq is giving Britain and other countries the same benefit of doing a little slight alteration like the United States has done. They have the option to stay longer in the country if they want to.

From the CBC:
1.Afghanistan is pissed with NATO in regards to the number of air raids and nighttime raids have transpired in their country.
2. Canada has voiced its concern on Iran closing its Human Rights Center.

And on Al Jazeera, get this stunning development coming out of Guinea today, as an uprising of the government has taken place, Thanks to the death of longtime authoritarian Lansana Conte:
Guinea's army has staged a coup after the death of Lansana Conte, the president for 24 years.

A statement read out on state radio on Tuesday, just hours after Conte's death was announced, said that the government had been dissolved and the constitution suspended.
The detah of the dictator, who was ill for a long time, could spark even further serious problems, including a fractured nation:
Speaking to Al Jazeera, Richard Cornwell, the Institute for Security Studies in South Africa, said: "We've been expecting for some years that Lansana Conte's health would eventually give in ... and there had been no preparation for any sort of succession.

"This was to be anticipated. It was a last resort, but really it was an only resort.

"What we were really worried about, more than even a coup was the fact that the army might split and this would result in civil war.
The Read International, peace.

Music Thread #1 for 12/23/08: Christmas Videos #2 (Chris Brown)

As it was started on Thursday, The Whole Delivery is in the Christmas spirit right now with these music videos. Here's the second video, just from last year: it's Chris Brown's "This Christmas."

Happy Holidays though. I don't want people giving me problems now.

12/23/08-TWD's Agenda For The Day : Christmas in H-land

Photo from Getty's Sloan

Contrary to Republican idiot Matt Lewis, Hawaii is a state. And Barack Obama is spending it back at the place of his birth.And he's getting on his inner Tiger Woods as you can see by the photo and news reports from yesterday.

Happy Holidays to all, as the Holiday is fully in holiday mode. The agenda's pending schedule is in the comments section. Peace.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Rational Online News Network for 12/22/08

First, TPM's 100 Seconds, including this hilarious moment at 1:03 from CNN

Second, another Republican idiot makes himself look like a, well, idiot after assuming that Barack Obama went out of the country. The President-elect, however, is in Hawaii.
Last time I checked, Hawaii is part of the country:

The silliness of saying Rahm Emmanuel is having 21 conversations with Blagojevich and his staff, when he only had one:

And finally, via the Aptly titled "Vote For America" on the Daily Kos World, Al Franken is up 48 votes over Norm Coleman in the bitter, still ongoing Minnesota Senate race.


Music Thread Review for 2008, Part 1: The Cacophony Award (Worst Song Of The Year)

After a three day hiatus, The Whole Delivery has returned from the doldrums before Christmas time. First, Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate it.

Getting to what this thread is about, and specifically, this music thread, it is focusing on the worst in what has been, in my mind, the worst music year ever. It's been awfully frightening with how bad the stuff that has been spat out from the industry this year, and there have certainly been many songs contributing to the nadir music has hit.

The definition of music is "the sounds of voices or instruments arranged in a pleasing way." If this is "music" in 2008, then I am really scared of what the future holds.

So, The Whole Delivery announces its inaugural "Cacophony Award" for the brutal of the brutal, the unbearable of the unbearable, the Kobe Bryant rapping of Kobe Bryant rapping song for the 2008 music scene will be revealed after Christmas.

Candidates will be named here a little later for this, and your suggestions are welcomed.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

12/19-20/08: TWD's Agenda For FINALS- Hiatus Until Sunday

As you guys can all see from today, TWD was empty for December 19th because of me having finals, and then traveling back home. So with that, I'll just leave you with TPM's 100 Seconds. Until sometime tomorrow, or even on Sunday, Sha-la!

Friday, December 19, 2008

TSTRNS Thread- TWD's 1,2,3 for 12/18/08: Explaing His Own Recession

(Note: For those who may not know or could possibly be confused, TSTRNS is the abbreviation for "The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread").

Who made today's top three?
3. President elect Barack Obama
2. Al Sharpton with Caroline Kennedy
1. Our disaster of a 43rd President explaining how he prevented his recession from being his depression.

You'll see in this segment of TWD's 1,2,3

Good night (or good morning to you all).

Sports Thread #1 for 12/18/08: Josh Smith's Dunk on Kendrick Perkins

Definitely one of the nastiest dunks in the incipient stages of the NBA season thus far:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Music Thread #1 for 12/18/08- Christmas Music Videos (Run DMC'S "Christmas in Hollis")

Since it is Holiday time (and The Whole Delivery fully recognizes that as you can see), music videos for this specific part of the year come into the site's music thread. And with a week from Christmas, the first video to debut in our Holiday series will be none other than the timeless 1987 classic from the legendary Run DMC, "Christmas in Hollis."


12/18/08- TWD's Agenda For The Day: Their Denial Continues

Photo from Think Progress
As many on the Rational Online News Network continue to focus on Obama's pick of Rick Warren for the invocation at his inauguration still (including Obama himself), the agenda for a second consecutive day will focus on the The Denial Administration continuing their aspersion and shameful dishonesty:

The worst Vice President in history comments to the conservative Washington Times released today:
Cheney stridently defended the Bush administration’s torture policies, saying, “I feel very good about what we did. I think it was the right thing to do.” He added emphatically that he would “do exactly the same thing again.”

Most audaciously, Cheney specifically defended the morality of torture, suggesting that it would have been immoral for the United States to not torture:

“In my mind, the foremost obligation we had from a moral or an ethical standpoint was to the oath of office we took when we were sworn in, on January 20 of 2001, to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. And that’s what we’ve done,” he said. […]

“I think it would have been unethical or immoral for us not to do everything we could in order to protect the nation against further attacks like what happened on 9/11,” Mr. Cheney said.

Cheney insisted that the torture policies he helped craft were “directly responsible for the fact that we’ve been able to avoid or defeat further attacks against the homeland for 7 1/2 years.”
You have got to love his arrogance and ghastly attitude.

Not to certainly be outdone,the Queen of lies and denial is at it again today. And once again, just like Candy Crowley failed to do, CNN's Zain Varajee didn't even try to challenge her:
This morning, CNN aired an exit interview with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. During the interview, reporter Zain Verjee asked Rice if she “regretted her role in the Iraq war.” Rice responded by saying that she had no regrets about the war and is “absolutely so proud” of invading Iraq:

QUESTION: Do you regret your role in the Iraq war?

SECRETARY RICE: I absolutely am so proud that we liberated Iraq.


SECRETARY RICE: Absolutely. And I’m especially, as a political scientist, not as Secretary of State, not as National Security Advisor, but as somebody who knows that structurally it matters that a geostrategically important country like Iraq is not Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.
And to see the visual proof that she said just that:I guess "really" is a challenge. Oh, silly me and my following real journalism to the script mentality. What the hell was I thinking, questioning a CNN reporter who posses only "really" to Rice's disgusting attempts to justify the Administration's illegalities.

And as Think Progress so brilliantly presents, take a look at all of the political science professor opposing the idea that Iraq was in America's best interest. Quite lovely, isn't it.

But but but but but, it seems that the denial has, OH MY GOODNESS, stopped!!!!
But now, after eight contentious years in the White House, Bush is admitting that he failed. During a discussion at the American Enterprise Institute today, Bush said that though he came into office “with the idea of changing the tone in Washington,” he “didn’t do a very good job of it.” Watch it:
Indeed, we will watch it:
Don't worry though, especially with the form that both Cheney and Rice still are in, their wonderful narrations of how they view the last few years will continue to conflict heavily with actual reality.

They wouldn't be dubbed the Denial Administration if that wasn't going to be the case. The Agenda's P.S. will be located in the comments section at 1:50 P.M.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sports Thread for 12/17/08- NFL Plays Of The Week

Isn't She World Class At Denial?

Photo from innercitypress.com
I told you it wasn't going to last long. (To get this line, this click on the link, and read the title of this post as well.).

Oh Ms. Denial soon to be Ex-Secretary of State:
During a press conference yesterday in New York, a reporter asked Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to “look philosophically” at the state of diplomacy after eight years of the Bush administration and to think of “lessons we can draw out.” Rice then took the opportunity to polish up her boss’s record with the United Nations:

RICE: I think that the United States, under President Bush, has actually used the mechanisms and the councils of the United Nations more than they’ve been used maybe ever, whether it is insisting that Security Council resolutions that have been passed be respected, [or] whether it is seeking to deal with human rights and tyranny cases like Zimbabwe or Burma.
Just say it for me Ben:
Indeed, the Bush White House has been spending a lot of time lately trying to rewrite the history of the last eight years, mainly due to the fact that President Bush’s failed policies have made him one of the most unpopular outgoing U.S. presidents in modern history.

But Rice has been playing along as well and this latest attempt at legacy building has no basis in reality. The Bush administration’s complete disregard of the U.N.’s will during the run-up to the Iraq war is the obvious example. The administration completely ignored the work of the U.N.’s weapons inspectors (UNMOVIC) at that time and instead attacked Iraq on false WMD pretenses before they could finish the job. Moreover, in 2004, then U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan called the U.S.-led invasion illegal and “not in conformity with the U.N. charter.”
And if you want to read even more smacks to their faces the United States have given the U.N., just continue reading Ben's post at TP.

Unless I'm in total denial myself.

The Read International for 12/17/08: Guess What? Britain is Leaving Iraq Faster Than America

(Photo from the BBC)
Though the number of troops they have in Iraq isn't at the level of American forces, nevertheless, Britain is getting out of the country before its Western ally.
Gordon Brown and Iraqi prime minister Nouri Maliki say UK forces will have "completed their tasks" and leave the country by the end of July next year.
And get this from Brown.
"Our troops will be coming home within the next two months [after that]."
Not everyone is officially out at 2011 stage. Everyone is out in two months.

And no, Brown did not get a shoe tossed at him.

And in more opposition to what America is doing, in regards to our focus shifting back to the war in Afghanistan as the primary goal, the UK is not doing the same there.
The head of the UK armed forces says British troops serving in Iraq should not be redeployed to Afghanistan.

The Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, told the BBC there would be a significant reduction in UK personnel in Iraq by next year.

But he warned against US President-elect Barack Obama's idea of sending more troops to Afghanistan, similar to the "surge" in Iraq in 2007.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the UK did not want an "unfair burden".
And you can see why they feel like this
There are 4,100 British troops in Iraq, compared to 7,800 in Afghanistan. The government plans to reduce the number of UK personnel in Iraq, while in Afghanistan, British forces are being killed at a faster rate than during the invasion of Iraq.

And get this with OPEC. They announced a record cut in their oil production.

Photo from Bloomberg
The oil producers' cartel Opec has agreed to make a record cut in output, slashing 2.2 million barrels per day (bpd) from its current supply.

Opec has made two other cuts since September, meaning it has cut a total of 4.2 million bpd in four months.

However falling demand amid the economic downturn has meant prices have fallen sharply from highs seen in July.
And who continues to say that the U.S. influence around the world is waning?
Oil prices fell following the agreement, because weekly US inventories figures provided further evidence that motorists were cutting back on their consumption.

Demand for petrol in the four weeks to 12 December was down 2.7% from the same period last year.

US light, sweet crude for January delivery fell $2.07 to $41.53 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
And from Al Jazeera, a big thumbs up and pats on the back needs to be delivered to the government in Bahrain:
The Gulf state of Bahrain has arrested a group of people for planning a terrorist attack in the kingdom timed to coincide with the country's national day celebration, state security officials have said.

"A group of people were arrested early Tuesday," they said in a statement on Wednesday.

"They were planning to detonate locally made explosives containing flammable materials and large amounts of small iron balls," the statement said.

Desperate To Smear Unions, Pro-Business Groups Tries To Tie Blagojevich With Senate Democrats

It's what irrational ideologues do, sadly.

12/17/08: TWD's Agenda For The Day: The Continuing Lies

Denial, denial, denial, from this administration. It is what they do.

First, here's Bush for the 10th millionth time, not taking any responsibility for Iraq.
In his latest exit interview, President Bush continued to shirk any responsibility for the problems in Iraq or for the severe economic recession. When CNN’s Candy Crowley asked whether the problem with pre-war intelligence was “a matter of interpretation” or “a matter of just bum information,” Bush admitted “it was just bad analysis” — done by others, not himself. In fact, he lamented the bad intelligence not because it led to a misguided war but because it made it harder for his administration to promote the war:
It gets better. In that same interview, with Crowley not even daring to challenge him, guess who he blames for the whole economic downturn.

Deregulation proponents like himself? Big CEO's on Wall Street doing the same shady deals that they usually do, and not doing a damn thing to stop it after being forewarned of this a numerous amount of times? Tax breaks for his fellow affluent masses?

Nope. Just those greedy, "Know full well they didn't have the money to buy it", home owners:

The denial continues with Cheney. Does he regret anything he has done? Nope.
KARL: Regrets?

CHENEY: Oh, not a lot at this stage. I think I'll have a chance to reflect on that after I get out of here and see whether to – anything immediately comes to mind. I think given the circumstances we've had to deal with, I think we've done pretty well.
Yes, pretty well at helping only your fellow corrupt friends. None doubt about that. You have certainly done a hell of a job there.

Now, the art of denial from the pathetic Rice.
In an AP interview yesterday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice spoke highly of U.S. reconstruction efforts in Iraq, stating, “We’ve done a lot of work to get these [reconstruction] structures right, and I think they finally are” — a day after a scathing government report detailed massive waste and poor planning in U.S. reconstruction efforts. When asked about the abuse, Rice claimed that U.S. dollars have emerged unscathed
When you can lie this good, nothing can touch your conscious at all.

Finally, to top it all off, for these next few hours only though, take a look at this hilarious lie. It was a darn good one to Elisabeth Hasselback, who originally didn't get an invite to the Bush's "Christmas Party".
During yesterday’s live taping of The View, conservative co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck whined that she hadn’t received an invitation to the White House Christmas party. “Maybe I didn’t do enough for the Republican party this year,” she said. “I love Christmas cards I love getting them. … No invitation this year.” Soon after the show ended, the White House called to apologize and issued her an invitation:
Then again, maybe I couldn't blame them for lying on that one. Or actually, not even noticing they did just that.

The agenda's Pending Schedule will be in the comments section in a little while. Peace.

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