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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I leave you with Charlie Brown's New Year....God bless.

TWD Best Song/Worst Song Of 2009

TWD's best song is the highly underrated "Bulletproof" from Raheem DeVaughn featuring Ludacris

And the worst song this year is from GS Boyz, the fun but terrible "Stanky Leg"

If this is the final post before the New Year, then Happy New Year everyone from The Whole Delivery, and hopefully everyone will be safe tonight.

On to 2010 and a new (hopefully better) decade for some.

The Rationalist Of The Year 2009: Bill Moyers

In an era where quality journalism is about as hard to find as anything intelligent from a VIACOM (VH1, MTV, BET) reality show, there has been one man whose consistency and integrity in the profession has never wavered. And his steadfastness in getting to the bottom of important issues either watered down or ignored by most apart of our pathetic corporate media is a testament to how much of a treasure he is.

Bill Moyers' impact on trying to make America the best country it can be through his search for the absolute truth is the main reason why he is the "Rationalist of The Year" award winner in my perspective.

Well measured and well mannered, Moyers in his final months of television (he will retire on April 30, 2010, so please save that date if you can to start your new Year) displayed no signs of fatigued or sloppy journalism. Instead, the honesty and controlled nature of this man's journalism and commentary arguably augmented in a year where the rest of the industry seems to digress with every passing second.

His commentary on health care

His interview with Wendell Potter (Part 1)

(Part 2)

His underrated interview with Daniel Goleman on how more educated consumers can strengthen an economy

His appearance on Bill Maher's show on the moral need of real health care reform:

And his interview of course with Matt Taibbi and Robert Kuttner at the end of the year:

There have been several rational figures this year who are just as deserving for this fledgling award.

Potter was an invaluable perspective. His appearances on MSNBC, PBS, and everywhere else, as he provided the voice of a person who truly knows how the health insurance industry immoral ways and practices.

Anthony Weiner bring "Medicaid" into the health care discussion seemed like a turning point for meaningful reform. Just for that alone, he received strong consideration.

The same with Alan Grayson, whose outspoken realness was a welcome fresh air that hasn't been seen enough from Democratic figures. We had Jon Walker on Firedoglake.com providing analysis and commentary on health care that is arguably second to none. And though you can differ with the recent highly questionable moves of FDL's site leader (and that's saying it nicely), I appreciate that Jane Hamsher gave him a perch to really dissect the health care (or health insurance) bills like few other.

Bob Herbert and Frank Rick of the New York Times continue to get deeper than any columnist in the country, and the same can easily be stated about Paul Krugman as well. Keith Olbermann deserves a shoutout for being a strong rational voice as always, with the beloved Melissa Harris Lacewell getting a deserved shoutout as well.

And no "Rationalist of the Year" discussion can't be had without the incomparable Rachel Maddow of course.

Despite all of these great choices, we probably won't be able to see Bill Moyers display his rational thought and mind for that much longer (though no day or life is set with guarantees of course).

And with that, along with the individual that he is, Bill Moyers is The Whole Delivery's Rationalist of The Year for 2009.

The Straight Jacket Awards Thread #4 For 2009: The Final Batch Of Candidates- Bachmann, Palin, Malkin, King,

And sparking of spectacles to behold, let's bring in the one and only Michele Bachmann. Not too be upstage of insanity by anyone, this beloved Minnesota congresswoman from both sides of the political spectrum (for all the many different reasons) expanded to her catalog of crazy in a big way.

Among the many accomplishments from Bachmann this year include her refusal to fill out the census bureau ,
an email to her supporters urging them to not let the media "Palinize her", and calling the Democratic health plan "literally having the power of life and death over you."

And you know there are much more highlights from this invaluable figure, but we can't be that bias here in our decision making.

The other maddening Michele in the world of lunatic fringeness is Michelle Malkin. Unlike some on this list who's crazy was first exposed this year, Malkin is indeed a regular in outrageousness, hate, and pure crazy.

As hence by calling the First Lady "The First Crony."
From mocking David Axelrod and his disabled daughter to continuing to attack other children (and what is scary is that she is a parent from what I hear), the out of control nature of this individual seems like it is truly incorrigible.

Always a contender for any crazy award, always.

The same has to be said of Iowa Congressman Steve King after the year of Highlights he has shown throughout the year, The ACORN crusader as I dub thee, King is a truly under the radar darkhorse in my mind for how nuts he is.

Seriously, if you just looked at the comments and actions King has made, he not only has he earned his place here, but he can literally make a passionate argument for taking home the award. Feeling that his best vote as a Congressman is voting against Katrina funding is pure mental sickness. Thinking that same sex marriage is a socialist concept is certainly another. And calling Obama the "Star of ACORN" is indeed reason to not discount this guy.

Let this moment where he calls Hamid Karzai "Muhammad" signal how he is a legit nut and stupid:

Mrs. "Death Panel" herself can't be forgotten, but since everyone from Oprah to Lettermen have had to deal with her, I'll just let the Andrea Mitchell interview speak for itself:

Forever a contender she will be.

The one who really loves to give the likes of Palin and the Cheneys comfortable friendly interviews, Mr. Insanity himself, Sean Hannity, is also a contender. Though overshadowed by many this year, Hannity is always worthy of at least being apart of the Straight Jacket All-Stars.

Especially when he was also apart of the birther movement himself

Despite returning thankfully to anonymity, Joe Wilson for obvious reasons deserves a nomination:

Takes a special crazy to do what he did.
Last but certainly not least, the final candidate for the Straight Jacket of the Year award is none other than Mr. Failed NFL owner Rush Limbaugh.

No one in this country had more insane comments this year than Mr. Oxycotin. Since you all have heard his voice too many times this year probably, I'll just leave you with this most-outrageous one that kicked started his year of really going off the boil:

And the ball rolled from there......

And just to add, the extra moments of hilarity nuttiness.

Chris Matthews dealing with another classic birther John Campbell

The Heene family, obviously (And how most of us, including myself, fail for it):

And to throw in a sports special for you, Seattle Seahawks fullback Owen Schmidt. In probably the only physically aggressive thing the Seahawks did all year, it was truly a moment in insanity, even for a fullback:

There are many other moments of crazy this year. From Kanye West interruption of Taylor Swift to Boobie Anti-Gay Lady walking off the set of Larry King, the Richard Cohen guy and of course, the Salahis, there were plenty of people who should have their own straight jackets for this year alone.

But only one will win TWD's Straight Jacket Award of the year?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Straight Jacket Awards Thread #3 For 2009: The Candidates #2- Tatiz, Dobbs, And McCaughey

Next up on the list is the Birther movement, staring the birther queen that is Ms. Tatiz

From David Shuster and Tamron Hall digesting the battiness.....

......To this classic smackdown delivered to her by Dylan Ratigan:

It was certainly a year of constant top worthy moments where you can't just but help laugh at this woman. She can truly go all the way on this one for me, Ms. Tatiz.

And the Birther journalism of the year is former CNN employee Louie Dobbs. Already known for his negative immigrant sentiments, Dobbs went so far off the bin this year that even CNN had enough.

Now this man had plenty of other looney moments that have been thankfully forgotten about by most. From calling a pro health care reform song from Atlanta school kids propaganda to demanding that black people in Chicago (and throughout) stop complaining about the problems in their communities, Dobbs had an all time year in Straight Jacket Award.

He probably won't win, but he sure did provide his share of highlights.

The same is easily said about the woman who I dubbed the "Orly Tatiz of health care reform", Ms. Betsy McCaughey. No other interview of many highlighted how much of a special case this lady was than this interview with Jon Stewart:
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive - Betsy McCaughey Extended Interview Pt. 2
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

She was truly a spectacle to behold.

The Top 3 Smackdowns For 2009

There were plenty of epic smackdowns this year. But these top 3 selections are both stinging and short, making them truly deserving of extra praise and attention.

3) President Obama giving CNN's Ed Henry a stinging one about patience and rational thinking from a President after Henry annoying asked "why his reaction to AIG bonuses" wasn't faster. Oh, this was a great one from March:

2) Unexpectedly, Harry Reid labeling David Broder as a guy retired who writes a column once in a while was so stinging and unexpected that it truly earned itself as a strong runner up (From the :22 mark).

This moment from over a month ago will certainly be in good cheer by those who can't stand Broder, even if they also aren't part of Harry Reid's fan club.

1) And the number one smackdown for me, for this entire year, goes to Debbie Stabenow and her brilliant humbling of the misogynist that is Jon Kyl. It was certainly a moment to behold, as Kyl was arguing against insurance companies providing maternity care to counter Stabenow hopefully that maternity care was given.

While Kyl was on his "I don't care for women" type rant, here is the great response back that Stabenow gave him back:

Oh, was it a brilliant one.

And those for me are your three great smackdowns for this entire year.

The Straight Jacket Awards Thread #2 For 2009: The Candidates #1- Foxx, DeMint And Beck

We start off with the first of several house Republicans......one Virginia Foxx

To her, health care is the biggest terrorist in the nation, more so than even our recent potential bomber!

And how could forget her calling the Matthew Shepard story of his murder "a hoax."

She may not get as much attention as the rest of these individuals on this list, but she is pound for pound just as batty as anyone in this nation. A Recipient of the Straight Jacket Award since its inception, she is certainly a worthy candidate as well.

Next on that list is a Congress person from the other Carolina. It's the Deminted one that is Mr. Waterloo himself, Jim DeMint.

From calling our elections "power grabs" similar to ones in Venezuela to hissy fitting on passing healthcare in the summer, DeMint was one of the All-star political figures embarrassing the Palmetto State in a big fashion.

This moment signifies how deserving of this prestigious award this man is:

Jim Demint, certainly worth every penny for it.

Speaking of being worth any penny for this award, or any piece of gold that is, comes one Mr. Dreck. Already a proud winner of Media Matters' Misinformer of the Year, can he win two big awards in one year!

Sports Thread #1 For 12/30/09: Mike Leach Is Fired From Texas Tech

He is gone
Leach attorney Ted Liggett made the announcement inside a Lubbock courtroom today following his meeting with Judge Bill Sowder and Texas Tech officials in Sowder’s chambers.
The firing comes one day before Leach was to receive an $800,000 “completion bonus” from Texas Tech.
Fox 34 reports:
Before the hearing this morning, Mike Leach’s personal attorney, Ted Liggett, received a letter from Texas Tech signed by President Guy Bailey terminating Leach’s employment.
According to the letter, Leach is in violation of Article Four of his contract. That’s the performance clause, which deals with the health and welfare of players.
There will be more developments on this, but a lot of people upset in Lubbock land, no question about that.

The Straight Jacket Awards For 2009: The Overlooked Highlights

It is that time everyone. The Whole Delivery's 2009 Flashback Week presents, "The Straight Jacket moments in this year".

This has obviously been an unbelievable year in the world crazy people, especially in American governance and politics.

From ACORN conspiracies to deather anxieties, from to indoctrination we have seen it all this year in the severely mentally disabled. I fear that this post could lead you into having Prozac pills into your New Year's resolution plans, because the crazy is strong and abundant.

So without further ado, the notable Straight Jacket moments of the year....start the crazy!

First, some of the more forgotten overlooked moments of pure insanity for you to enjoy (or cringe at).

This nutcase talking about Obama being elected because of black racists and guilty white people.

The Savage idiot called Obama “biggest liar in the history of the presidency,” and he’s “getting away with it… because he’s a man of color”

Pat's Buchanan's wonderful other half on Sonia Sotomayor

Bill Cunningham says the people are poor because they lack values, ethics and morals:

Who could forget this nutcase talking on the Gold boy's show wishing that bin Laden would strike America. Boy, he was a loon.

There were many attacks on Sonia Sotomayor this year, but few topped this level of nuttiness

The CNBC ass-clown that is Jim Cramer, and how he was comfortable in calling Obama a "Bolshevik" on air

The intentionally amnesia loving hate queen that is Dana Perino with her usual dose of mean spirited revisionist history

And Dick Morris two invaluable contributions to crazy. He belief that Obama wants a socialist nation!

And his thoughts that Obama's foreign policy, where he believes If you're an enemy of America... he's in bed with you... The way to get popular with this administration is to be an enemy of the United States"

Now that was just the appetizer. Let's get to the ones that really penetrated the crazy barometer, as the true contenders for the overall "Straight Jacket" person of the year.

(Special thanks to Media Matters)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Sleep Time Thread For 12/29-30/09

Long day, where rest is required. Goodnight all:

Sports Thread #1 For 12/29/09: Jason Bay Is Now A Met

On a brick cold day in New York City, a signing that will warm all Mets' fans hearts.
The Mets have agreed to terms on a four-year, $66 million contract with free-agent outfielder Jason Bay, pending a physical, according to several media outlets. The pact would include a vesting option for 2014.
It will be quiet a feat if Bay somehow comes close to his 36 home run, 119 RBI total at Bailout Field's spacious death valleys all over the field. I hope he has talked to David Wright in full detail about his new home ballpark's characteristics. And let's not go there on how shaky he is defensively.

Still, it is a big signing for the other baseball team in New York. And it is a fine close to a forgettable 2009 for them.

No, She Shouldn't Resign

From the Urban Politico blog, I was pointed to Andrew Sullivan's vehemently calling for Janet Napolitano to resign as the head of Homeland Security for her very awkward "The system worked" quote on Sunday.

Yes, it is still makes me cringe, and the vague about what "system" she was referring to presented the main problem with her statement. There was just no clarity to what she exactly meant for some. And for those like Sullivan, it clearly represented an "irresponsibility" that "cannot be tolerated."

But I take Steve Benen's perspective and feel that Sullivan way overreacted to her on those words and looked like a fool at the end of it all:
Napolitano's reference to the system, in context, was clearly in reference to the federal response to the attempted terrorism:

"Within literally an hour to 90 minutes of the incident occurring, all 128 flights in the air had been notified to take some special measures in light of what had occurred on the Northwest Airlines flight. We instituted new measures on the ground and at screening areas, both here in the United States and in Europe, where this flight originated. So the whole process of making sure that we respond properly, correctly and effectively went very smoothly."

This is hardly scandalous stuff. When there's an attempted act of terrorism, the administration has a series of steps it wants to see executed, quickly and effectively. What Napolitano was talking about was officials' ability to do just that -- getting the right information to the right people at the right time so the right teams are ready, even on Christmas day. This wasn't some drill -- officials were given tasks in response to the attempted attack and "the system worked," inasmuch as everyone did what they were supposed to do after the incident.

Much of the political world is throwing a fit, though, because "the system" didn't "work" before the incident. But isn't that obvious? The fact that AbdulMutallab was on the plane with a potential explosive device in his underwear pretty much proves that there was a breakdown at some point in the system. This much should be pretty clear to everyone, and it's certainly clear to the head of DHS.
Not surprisingly, Sullivan is joined by Republicans calling for her to resign as well because of her originally vague comments.

Up to this point, no one rational (that includes Sullivan, even with him not being rational here) was calling for her to resign or had legitimate complaints about her effectiveness doing her job. She was right in pointing out the dangers of right-wing extremists earlier in the year amidst nutcases like Michelle Malkin slamming her for doing so. And she has been virtually effective in her tenure so far.

So hopefully a guy like Sullivan won't have an irrational knee jerk reaction again to a gaffe getting more attention than actual job performance.

Again, The Only Excuse To Pay Attention To The Stupid

Let us just address this now. Anyone with general common sense will know that both Peter Hoekstra and Peter King are two certified stupid people. What is more disturbing is how we continue to update on the aftermath from the stupid comments they always manufacture from their stupid brains.

With all of that stated, the only justification for giving stupid people such important coverage in an important area of life such as governmental colloquy is just making fun of their stupidness. That is the only excuse in my mind to wasting your sentence energy on these idiots (and that includes highlighting their hypocrisy to help in the comedy).

We already know they lack any credibility (unless it is to produce stupid things). They lack the brightness to figure out that their job isn't a "sport", but one of the world's most important professions (making their stupidity even scarier). So whenever they open up their mouths to hurt the ears of the rational for yet another time, let us hope a proper response to their dearth of intelligence is one that takes amusement in their lunacy.

It is why the Straight Jacket Award for this website is so vital and necessary.

12/29/09: TWD's Agenda For The Day- The Straight Jacket Award For The 2009

From Joe Wilson to the Heene family, from Betsy McCaughey to Steve King. From the Salahis to Owen Schmitt, your Straight jacket Award for this year of 2009.

All the nutty moments that have been covered here at The Whole Delivery for this year will be narrowed down to the person truly deserving of this coveted new award.

So, without further ado, today we shall find out who will win the Straight Jacket Award for this year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Holiday Excuse For The Inactivity, Plus A Few Other Things

Apologize to all who have visited the site and have seen, well, stagnation.

Unsurprisingly, the holiday season has played the protagonist in why there has been few posts or Twitter updates coming from The Whole Delivery.

Now with the malaise hopefully behind me, this final week of the 2000's (since most have acknowledge that 2000 is the start of the decade for them, including myself) will focus not only on the year, but hopefully a decade review as well.

So with that, hopefully the ball will stay rolling here.

Once again, apologize for the dormancy here everyone. I very much do.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 12/27/09: Crucial NFL Week 16- Preview And Early Games Feed

It's the crucial penultimate week of the 2009-10 NFL season, with massive encounters that will go along way into determining the murky playoff picture in both conferences, especially the wildness of the AFC.

With the Chargers dominant Christmas Day display over an injury riddled Titans squad in Nashville, the picture is just slightly clearer in the AFC than it was one week ago. Nine teams were still vying for at least the two wild cards spot at the culmination of Week 15, with six teams sporting a 7-7 record. That is now down to five with Tennessee's defeat, but the two teams at 8-6 clearly control their own destiny.

One of those 8-6 teams, the Baltimore Ravens, look to end the defending Super Bowl champions repeat title bid in Pittsburgh today. In arguably the key game of the weekend, John Harabaugh's side look to score a season sweep over a Steelers buoyed by Ben Roethlisberger's last second heroics in their thrilling 37-36 win over the Packers. Both of these maligned secondaries will be both potentially put to the sword today, as superstar safeties Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu are out of this vital contest.

The other 8-6 AFC team, the Denver Broncos, have an even more difficult task today, as they try to contain a Philadelphia Eagles side that is the inform team in the NFC. It will be an emotional return to the city of "Brotherly Love" for Broncos hard hitting safety Brian Dawkins, who was a stalwart in the defensive backfield for the "Green Birds" for 13 long seasons.

Deflated after allowing JaMarcus Russell of all quarterbacks to throw a winning touchdown on them, Josh McDaniels and Mike Nolan's defense will have to play their biggest game of the season in order to stop a collapse from a torrid 6-0 start. And it won't help Broncos fan's nerves anymore that both wide receiver Eddie Royal and linebacker Spencer Larsen are ruled "out" for this important game.

The other 7-7 teams besides the Steelers hoping these 8-6 sides falter are the Texans and Dolphins, who have their "Win or die" contest in Miami at 1, and the Jaguars, who look to help themselves by preventing the Patriots from clinching the AFC East today.

Friday, December 25, 2009

TWD Christmas 2009: Sports Thread #1- NBA Overload

Those commercials maybe even better than the game.

Part 1

Part 2

And Part 3

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Cinema For 12/24-25/09: The Christmas Time Releases

Sherlock Holmes is the big release on Christmas this year
I never was one to go to movies on Christmas (just wasn't a family thing), but you may. And with that, here is the notable reviews for what big releases this year will be on Christmas.

Sherlock Holmes is getting decent to good reviews. It's not a classic, but Robert Downey puts on a real good performance from most accounts.

Mr. Ebert:
The Conan Doyle stories are still read, and probably always will be. Most readers get to at least a few. But among moviegoers on Christmas night (traditionally one of the busiest movie nights of the year), probably not so many. They will be unaware that this "Sherlock Holmes" is cheerfully revisionist. They will be entertained, and so was I. The great detective, who has survived so much, can certainly shrug off a few special effects.
However, other's like Detroit News' Adam Graham view this Guy Ritchie directed movie as a poor one
"Sherlock Holmes" isn't an origin story; it takes for granted that the audience is already acquainted with the character. It wastes away what could have been, in different hands, a fun, clever ride.
Bottom line: Right star, wrong director, wrong script. Elementary, my dear Watson.
A movie getting mixed reviews also is "It's Complicated."

Love for Merly Streep and Alec Baldwin is in apparent in most previews, but the scrip and directing, not so much:
I would like to say that writer/director Nancy Meyers' film is cause for celebration, but it's a bit more complicated than that. Meyers has written some astute scenes about aging and regret, heartbreak and hope. In the role of a successful businesswoman — Jane owns and operates an upscale bakery/cafĂ© — who finds herself in the unlikely position of having an affair with her ex-husband, Streep is radiant, funny and endearingly vulnerable.

But Meyers demonstrates, as she did in Something's Gotta Give and The Holiday, an extraordinarily limited worldview. Her heroines are allowed just one problem, and it will never, ever include a lack of taste. Jane's semi-rural Santa Barbara home is a hydroponic dreamland, where tomatoes grow implausibly round and fully ripe in springtime. Her spacious, beautiful kitchen is filled with shelves of cake plates and creamy white platters, just waiting for this formerly unappreciated domestic goddess to fill them with homemade bounty. Producers of porn employ "fluffers" on their sets. I believe Meyers, as a producer of lifestyle porn, requires a fulltime bleacher, making sure every pristine surface and outfit stays that way. No matter how good Streep is, watching her in these surroundings feels akin to seeing Sarah Bernhardt trapped in a live-action edition of Martha Stewart Living.
It's a mix bag with this one, but you won't waste your money I think on this selection since the cast is oh so great.

The Broadway hit Nine is getting more negative feedback than it is positive, but it isn't "Gosh Brutal."

And I will let listen to what The Spill crew says about those Chipmunks, haha

Have a great Christmas Eve from The Cinema.

The Straight Jacket Award Of The Day For 12/24/09: I Feel For Her Christmas Tree

After that disturbing and funny caller worried that his prayers on at least one senator not voting for health care may have harmed Jim Inhofe's presence in Congress, this morning featured another C-SPAN caller truly worthy of The Straight Jacket Award.

A lady from Kansas named Bunny has placed herself in history. Voicing her utter displeasure with the Senate passing health care this morning, Ms. Bunny sure was (unintentionally) funny.

BUNNY: "I am so disappointed, I have taken my Christmas tree down, I have taken reef off my house, I've taken all the lights down. This is suppose to be a nation of God, and it isn't. They absolutely have ruined Christmas for all the senators and representatives who are, suppose to be, under God.

This is God's holiday.

C-SPAN: "So you took down your Christmas tree because of the senate health care bill?"

BUNNY: "I certainly did, and I would like to see every light in the nation go out, especially in the White House. This is just ridiculous.

C-SPAN: "Why are you so oppose to it Bunny?"

BUNNY: "Because it is divisive between my son, who is younger, and myself, and in many families it's that way. Either it's genocide on the seniors with this hospice with is never suppose to be supported by federal or state money, they are not for profit organizations that even in Germany quick out
The laughter in my head going on now would be stronger if it wasn't for the fact that this lady may make someone already critical of Christians in this country more evidence to be so why. And that for me is one sad stroke in this whole entire call that is seen at making fun of how crazy this women is.

Even those not happy with the Senate bill can take found laugher, just like those okay with it, for their Christmas Eve after listening to Ms. Bunny on CSPAN.

No question for today, but I never thought I would be giving away a straight jacket award for the day on Christmas Eve.

But Ms. Bunny sure does deserve it.

12/24/09: TWD's Agenda For Christmas Eve And Christmas

What to expect for today and tomorrow's holidays:

The Cinema for Sherlock Holmes and It's Complicated. (Let's not even go there on "Alvin and the Chipmunks")

The music thread, with more good and sappy Christmas music.

The Sports Thread with a preview of five NBA games on Christmas (talk about overkill). Also, the key NFL game between the Chargers and the Titans. The Titans, with their slim playoff hopes, must win here.

And holiday cartoons galore.

The best holiday commercial of the year:

The best holiday commercial by the way ever:

More to come today, please stay tuned

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sports Thread #2 For 12/23/09: A Sudden Amazing Evolution That Happen In Front of Our Eyes

Yesterday, the Associated Press have their Female Athlete Of The Year Award to Serena Williams. It was the second time in her career that she has won the award, and despite her shameful tirade at the US Open, she deserved the award clearly with her two major titles and finish at No.1 on the WTA rankings.

However, not getting much notice form ESPN and other major media outlets is the total results from the list. Take a look at the final votes if your eyes allow you to:
Serena Williams 66

Zenyatta 18

Kim Clijsters 16

Lindsey Vonn 15

Diana Taurasi 14

Maya Moore 13

Rachel Alexandra 10

Bridget Sloan 3

Jiyai Shin 2

Erin Hamlin 1
For those who aren't sports fans (or even casual fans), the names bolded on that list somehow, for me, you know, shouldn't be there.

Why shouldn't they be there (and hopefully all knowledge sports fans will agree with me since they obviously know why those names shouldn't AT ALL be there)?

Because they aren't humans. They are both horses.

Yup, the Associated Mess (because that is what that place basically now) decided it was a-okay to put horses on a list for "Female Athlete of The Year."


In fact, it is so bad that Zenyetta, who was such a dominant horse that she never lost a race in her career and became the first to win the Breeders Cup, finished runner up on this list. Second place.

In comparison, if you look at Male's list, in which NASCAR legend Jimmie Johnson became the first driver to win the award
Jimmie Johnson 42
Roger Federer 30
Usain Bolt 29
Kobe Bryant 9
Albert Pujols 9
Tiger Woods 9
Michael Phelps 8
Peyton Manning 6
Joe Mauer 4
Manny Pacquiao 4
LeBron James 3
Tom Watson 2
Brett Favre 2
Drew Brees 1
Derek Jeter 1
Tim Tebow 1
Not a single "non-human" on this list.

Now thankfully, no non-human has ever won the Male or Female Athlete of the Year. But my mind only remembers the legend Secretariat on the list finishing 6th overall in his Triple Crown year (and unless you want to say that Tiger Woods is....well, you can go to other places to discuss that of course, or to Howard Krutz).

As a sports fan, you can quibble further about the nightmare of voting on the women's list. Clijsters, despite winning her second US Open in a great comeback story, only played a handful of hard court tournaments in he summer, is worth the number 3 award over WNBA MVP Diana Taurasi and Player of the Year Maya Moore?

No love of US track star Shanya Richards finally winning her first international individual championship at the IAAF World Track & Field along with gold in the 1600m relay? Or even recognition for Marta, the premiere women's soccer player on the planet and top star in the WPSL's inaugural season?

But all of those questions look extremely frivolous to the stunning and obvious joke that this total abomination of a list is from a news organization that already has tarnished its reputation on the political front.

Then again, if horses can stupidly be on the female's list, maybe someday the Associated Press' Male Athlete of The Year results will include "horsepower" on there as well.

Since it is now well known knowledge in the Associated Press world that horses are human females as well (and apparently, in 1973, for male's too.)

The Daily Open Thread For 12/23/09: Spreading Holiday Cheer

Falcon Henne's parents are going to jail.

Funny stuff.

The Karate Kid Trailer, and iffy on this remake am I:

Mike Tyson will return to the WWE. No thoughts on whether he will convince Linda McMahon to not embarrass herself further by continuing to run for the Senate in Connecticut .

This foods sure can be hazardous to your health.

15 websites that have gone bye-bye in 2009.

Your update on that story that thankfully died down from a smart guy.

And in a possible rebutal to the N'Sync video being the worst holiday music video ever, KipHampton on Twitter gives me a this selection in the midst of a fun website battle between two prominent liberal blogs.

The Break/Sports Thread #1 For 12/23/09: The Fight Is Off

Thanks to the Olympic blood testing request of the Floyd Mayweather camp, the March 13 scheduled fight between him and Manny Pacquiao is off as being reported. Bob Arum, Pacquiao's promoter, broke that news.

Shame for boxing if this is the case, and let's hope a reconciliation can somehow happen in all of this.

Midday Music Energy Boost For 12/23/09: The Worst Christmas Music Video Ever

The song was not actually bad at all. But Gary Coleman in your Christmas video? Someone should just long and hard joke on Timberlake forever to be in that video:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sleep Time Thread Special For 12/22-23/09:The Boondocks Holiday Special

Enjoy this classic, it is your Holiday Christmas thread for the night:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Until the morning, here's Tevin. Goodnight

The Poignant For 12/22/09: Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem Is No More

Photo from Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times
Just like Yankees' hats and Blimpie's sandwiches, the Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem is a long time staple of New York City.

But unlike those two other prime characteristics, the Boys & Girls Choir of Harlem now "was" a staple of the Big Apple.

The choir is no more:
But this year, the boys are nowhere to be found. Last week, Terrance Wright, a 39-year-old choir alumnus, picked up a microphone in front of the altar of Metropolitan Community United Methodist Church in Harlem, the choir’s last home, and delivered news that surprised few people but saddened many.

“Tell the people. Let it be known,” Mr. Wright said, glistening and exhausted after leading a Christmas concert by former singers in the choir. “There is no Boys and Girls Choir of Harlem.”

The choir’s last official performance was in 2007, around the time of the death of its founder, Walter J. Turnbull. But no one ever announced that it was gone. Board members and alumni had hoped to revive it, but they acknowledged last week that they had not had any success.
Money is the obvious issue to the reason why the choir is stunningly gone, with this darkest of moment in its history being possibly the catalyst for the nail going into the coffin:
The choir’s demise as a functional organization was a result of many factors, but everyone agrees it was set in motion by a single episode: an accusation by a 14-year-old boy in 2001 that a counselor on the choir’s staff had sexually abused him. The counselor eventually was sentenced to two years in prison.

The accusation and the scandal that followed — Dr. Turnbull did not report the claim to the authorities and allowed the counselor to continue working with children — set off a chain of events that led the city to oust the choir in 2006 from the Choir Academy of Harlem, the school building that had been its home. That, in turn, deepened the choir’s already serious financial problems.
A staple of Harlem, a staple of New York City, and a state of just American in general, especially in the black community, no longer in existence.

And the lack of coverage of this stunning ending feels like the choir never existed.

The Daily Open Thread #2 For 12/22/09: A Chistmas Limerick Without Taint

Yes, Roland Burris should become a Christmas author after this:

This moment is sadly more disturbing than it is funny.

Additional Deliveries
The man who inspired the movie "Rain Man" movie has passed away at age 58. Blessings to his family.

This guy sure had a field day.

All of these shows really did go on for too long.

For me, this list is pretty much dead on.

Oh man, this guy has got both a lot of huzpah and stupidity all rolled in one.

If America were like Mexico, LGBT's would be very happy.

More headaches for Microsoft.

And enjoy creepy Santa photos!

The Daily Open Thread For 12/22/09: Truly A Deserving Award

Following in the footsteps of Mr. Insanity last year, here is this year's Media Matters Misinformer Of The Year.

One of the few awards he truly earned:

(ED note: Because of a few things to handle, process has been very slow today. But expect a barrage of links to come your way...stay tuned.)

He Wasn't Getting His

Greg Sargent picks up probably the tip point point for Parker Griffith finally officially made himself a Republican today.
But here’s a funny nugget buried in Politico’s report. It appears one reason he switched is that he was upset that the President took away his missile defense pork:

The Obama administration’s decision to scrap plans to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe further frustrated Griffith, according to GOP sources, because his district contains the base for Boeing’s ground-based missile defense research.
Angry that the administration made a clearly good foreign policy move that he didn't want happened helped in the ire of him to make the decision he made today.

May he have fun with that primary he is going to be facing.

Hilarious that the party he is joining now ran tough ads on him in the past. And they were pretty hard:

And here too:

Your Liberal Media Part 4357875

Hardwood was tolerable for me until he showed fully how much of an idiot he truly is:

Hardwood's arrogance and stupidity are in full display.

"Idiotic" are liberals who disagree with the Senate bill, and "they should be thankful" to Harry Reid he says. Yet, he admits to himself "This isn't a good bill."

The idiots who are suppose to be our important reporters in this nation. It is no wonder why many respectable figures don't take them seriously at all.

Sports Thread #1 For 12/22/09: A Weird Deal Sends Vasquez Back To The Yankees, Cabrera To The Braves

Strike me as one surprised by this
The Yankees' search for another starting pitcher has led them back to an old friend, reportedly agreeing to re-acquire right-hander Javier Vazquez from the Braves on Tuesday as part of a five-player trade.

New York is set to send outfielder Melky Cabrera, Minor League left-hander Mike Dunn and Minor League right-hander Arodys Vizcaino to the Braves in exchange for Vazquez and left-hander Boone Logan, according to the New York Post.
Now the deal is also in part to possibly bring back Johnny Damon after appearing to be done with him in signing Nick Johnson last week.

Still, this move is kind of a head scratcher for me, though nowhere near the Phillies sacrificing Cliff Lee virtually for Roy Halladay.

Though he wasn't a colossal Carl Pavano mess in New York, there is a reason why Javier Vasquez was gone from the Yankees. He just wasn't good enough to be a headline starter for this time like they thought he was he first time around.

However, he certainly doesn't have to be the man this time around at all, and its hard to not say that even with him returning to the American League that his confidence as a pitcher is just as high (if not higher) than his younger ace days in Montreal. The stuff is still clearly there to dominate (238 strikeouts, 44 walks in 219 1/3 innings with an underrated 2.87 ERA), and it allows for either Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain to be the 5th starter of this team, while the other goes back to the bullpen.

But to get rid of Cabrera and on the rise prospect Vizciano though for Vasquez doesn't make me jump for joy over this deal. Cabrera has proven himself to be a very serviceable young player for this team, much more than a lot of people thought he would be. It is tough to see him go.

And for the Braves, they needed a bat to go with their plethora of starring pitching. To get Cabrera for the quality of season Vasquez had this past season, I just don't think that is enough for them.

The Rise "n" Shine Thread For 12/22/09: House Progressives Will Fold On Key Sticking Points, Just Not Immediately

Despite their endless months of working on a health care bill, and the proclamation of requesting the Senate to make incremental changes to its very flawed bill in conference, it appears that the House will play little brother to its "big brother" chamber in the end.

The date at which a conference bill will be released isn't set in definite stone. But what appears to be likely (surprise!) is that it will truly resemble the "Joe Lieberman Ben Nelson Health Insurance Lobbyist Giveaway."
Leadership aides say progressives are prepared to take it on the chin and will vote for a final bill without a public option. But they say pro-life Democrats will seek direction from the U.S. Conference of Bishops as to whether they can support an amendment weaker than Rep. Bart Stupak's, thus setting up what will likely be the most difficult negotiation before a final vote.

Senate Democrats have repeatedly warned that any substantive changes to the bill they will pass tomorrow night will lose the fragile 60-vote coalition they've built, and it looks like they will get their way.

"I don't see how we don't largely accede to the Senate," a House leadership aide said.

The House bill raises taxes on people earning more than $500,000 per year and the Senate's does not. House aides point out the idea actually polls well and suggested they could meet in the middle and increase the income threshold for the new tax so it affects fewer people. Also, unions are not happy with the Senate's plan to tax high-end insurance plans so the House will argue that point.
Now let's be full realist with ourselves here.

When John Conyers said yesterday that quote yesterday (via the great TomP, dude, your awesome man) that "The Constitution established a bicameral legislature so that neither body would dominate the other" many including myself took that as just hollowed talk coming from him.

Conyers is a great guy obviously, but there appears to be no way in my mind that House Progressives are (or were) going to stand up in this situation and damn that important pieces of the House bill be placed in the crap coming out of the "cooling center for democracy."

The overall momentum and painful reality of the situation is truly against all of those House members who pledged not to vote for a final bill without a public option. And their anger is felt clearly within:
Another Democratic aide told TPMDC that rank-and-file members are irritated Obama has shown more deference to his former colleagues in the Senate throughout the entire process. Still, the aide conceded that members are going to have to accept the Senate version because they are ready to be done with the fight.

"I don't think you'll see that much that's left up to chance, the negotiations will likely play out much farther in advance," the aide said.

Progressives will demand a good explanation from Senate colleagues on how choice and competition can be accomplished through their bill, another aide said.

"It would serve the House well to go another round on this, it's important to send a message to our base and some of our progressive allies that we're not just going to roll over on this," the aide said.
But they will roll over on this at the end. The optics of casting asperity at those who didn't want real reform cannot replace the bottom line of not getting the job done.

This truly represents how this whole process has gone far south (no pun intended at all)
Leadership believes these issues can all be dealt with, noting weary staffers and members want to clear the decks.

"It's time to pass a good bill and move on" so members can start campaigning on its benefits for the 2010 midterm elections, an aide said.
If the Senate bill in its current version becomes the ultimate final bill without major changes, then the Joe Lieberman Ben Nelson Health Insurance Lobby Unpopular Act will be put on the throats of the public.

And for future times, it will provide further evidence for not getting too excited at seeing House Progressives stand up for the goods of the nation, only to back down in the all important final stages.

Music AM Wakeup Thread For 12/22/09: Jay-Z Forever Young

New video....he loves these black and white videos.

The Sleep Time Thread Special For 12/22/09: Holiday Coupons!

9 Christmas shopping coupons inspired by the recession.

FailBlog is truly a sensation of crazy.

This is why sometimes, you have to beat your kid.

The online technology best of 2009.

"227" and "Sesame Street" star Alaina Reed Amini has died at the age of 63.

This list will probably make me the good peoples over at Media Matters laugh.

To Tevin I go......Goodnight!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Daily Open Thread #2 For 12/21/09: Shame On Me For Not Remembering This

She should have put this on her album......just my opinion.

Sports Thread #1 For 12/21/09: Giants vs Redskins

In a must win game for the Giants tonight, the Redskins in all of there Mike Shanahan new era beginning look to ruin their division rivals chances at postseason play for good.

Live if you somehow can't watch it on your Television set.
Watch live video from www.1TVPC.com on Justin.tv

The Protocol For 12/21/09: Tough Times Continue For Yahoo

Tisk Tisk Tisk (and I hate giving a link to this disgraced Murdoch rag):
Yahoo Inc. is shutting down its offices, except for "essential functions," from Dec. 25 through Jan. 1, as the Internet company searches for new ways to cut costs during the recession.

Yahoo spokeswoman Dana Lengkeek said the move is the Sunnyvale, Calif., company's first mandatory world-wide shutdown, although Yahoo has encouraged U.S. employees to take the week off in the past.

Shutting down "during a traditionally slow week allows employees to recharge, and the company to reduce operating costs for the week," said Ms. Lengkeek. U.S. employees can use vacation time or take unpaid leave for the days not covered in the holiday schedule, she added. Outside the U.S., "time off will be paid consistent with local standards and laws."

Executives at Yahoo have been on an aggressive cost-cutting campaign since the start of the year, laying off nearly 700 employees in the spring and shutting down duplicative products. Yahoo ended the third quarter of 2009 with 13,200 employees.
Not that Google is exempt from its own problems, but with how Yahoo has gotten worse over the years, no sympathy at all for them at all.

The Read International For 12/21/09: While We Got A Blizzard, Got An Arctic Avalanche

The snow really did hit even more in Europe(Photo from AFP)
The mid to north East Coast of the United States wasn't the only region of the planet that got hit with heavy snowstorms. Parts of Europe. And it was brutal.
More than 80 people have died across Europe as days of snow storms and sub-zero temperatures swept the continent, causing traffic chaos for millions.

At least 42 people have frozen to death in Poland over the last three days and another 27 in Ukraine.

Another 13 people died in car accidents in Austria, Finland and Germany, where temperatures fell to -33C (-27F).

Air, rail and road transport links were disrupted across northern Europe where more snow was expected in coming days.
Mostly on the northeast, it was still in the 20 degree rage at least. We surly have nothing to complain about in comparison to those Arctic temperatures seen over there.

Another thing also getting news over there is the problem with these Eurostar trains:
France is to investigate the breakdown of Eurostar trains over the weekend which left thousands of passengers trapped and delayed.

Dominique Bussereau, the country's transport minister, said on Monday that he did not believe that bad weather could be the sole cause of the problems.

"We can't believe that Eurostar trains can't run for three days because of snow, so there must be a technical problem," Bussereau said.
Oh dear, Ethiopian troops have enter back over to Somalia.

Columbia and Venezuela's problems continue with each other.

That Polish sign story was crazy.

And it sure feels like the health care debate (well, health insurance reform debate) over here will have the end result of the climate change situation in Copenhagen.

Your international news for the day.

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