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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The More Info Thread #1 For 10/31/12: Sandy Edition On Halloween (First Version)

This image says it all:
Now who would have ever pictured the bottom image happening before November 7. You would have thought someone photoshopped this image on the bottom on purpose to make Chris Christie angry.

Would you rather want a "campaigner-in-chief" or a "commander-in-chief"?

Other Key Info

A) The Knicks-Nets game at Barclays Center for Thursday night has thankfully been cancelled.

B) Unfortunately, Bloomberg is still loving the runners group here in NYC, and the precious marathon will still go on.

In more important news, Bellevue Hospital is getting evacuated at the moment, with its major problems.

More to come later in this edition.

The Fun Thread #1 For 10/31/12: Some Rare LOL Moments

From yesterday on local CBS here, this was awesome:

Funny enough, a similar incident happened last year with Hurricane Irene (August 2011)

And both men in each video yelled "Baba Booey, Baba Booey!"

A rare light moment in one of New York's shakiest and unstable times ever. 

The 1st Thread For 10/31/12: Heckuva Kate.....Literally

In America, a lack of accountability leads to shameless clowns like this royal clown to continue to say clownish things with their clownish personalities.
"One thing he's gonna be asked is, why did he jump on this so quickly and go back to D.C. so quickly when in...Benghazi, he went to Las Vegas?" Brown says. "Why was this so quick?... At some point, somebody's going to ask that question.... This is like the inverse of Benghazi."
Thankfully, Kate Sheppard is the opposite of a clown
One has to wonder why Brown even bothers. He would be better off if he just stayed quiet and stopped reminding everyone of his past. 
But the fact that someone even thought he was worth listening to at all shows how much of a clown profession our overall journalism is in sometimes occasionally clown America. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The S-Thread #2/The Crossover Thread #1 For 10/30/12: Inaugural Edition

Cavs are 1-0, they have the best record in the NBA! Cleveland, get ready for that long awaited title!

That was just so wrong from me.

Anyway, this is the inaugural edition of "The Crossover Thread," where Rajon Rondo still doesn't have a reliable jump shot, Anderson Varejao is still playing like he's at the Olympics, and David Stern does not know the difference between Katrina and Sandy.

Post game thoughts on the Celtics-Heat Game 8 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

The S- Thread/The Crossover #1 For 10/30/12 (Second Version): The Modern Day NBA and The X-Factors

Image From NBA.com 

The Key Factors in order for your team to be the best in the Association. 

1. You need at least three gunners on the court

2. You need a versatile small or power forward who can do it all

3. You need a center who can run the court.

4. You need a competent backup point guard who can score occasionally, not make bad decisions, and commit to defense.

5. Just as important as the first four factors are having a top coach willing to call the best plays in the clutch, have their players space the court well, and emphasize team ball movement and no stagnation on offense and communication on defense.

(More to come in the inaugural thread The Crossover, with the team X-Factors that could propel their franchise to greatness this season and quick previews). 

First, the quick simple predictions: 

MVP: Kevin Durant over LeBron James 
West:  Spurs over the Thunder 
East:  Heat over Celtics 

ALL NBA First Team Prediction: 

G Rajon Rondo 
G Dwayne Wade 
F LeBron James 
F Kevin Durant 
C Dwight Howard 

All NBA Underrated 1st Team

G Mario Chalmers 
G Kawhi Leonard  
F Andrei Kirilenko 
F Reggie Evans 
C Timothy Mozgov   

All NBA Rookie 1st Team 

G Kendall Marshall 
G Bradley Beal 
G Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 
F Thomas Robinson 
C Anthony Davis

Coach of the Year: Eric Spolestra (Miami)

The Fun Thread #1 For 10/30/12: The Greatest Spangelish Linguist

Oh King Mike and your arrogance, still speaking Spanish like a 5 yr-old-yearning how to properly pronounce the "ñ" letter.

Never Change King Mike......never change!

While Big Sites Are Down, The Whole Delivery is Well Up

Though most of the actions moves fast on Twitter, news websites are still integral to a fundamental wrap up and accumulations of all critical information for a local and national collective of citizens in a major storm situation.

That is certainly the case here with The Whole Delivery, and how I just give major credit for you all in reading what is transpiring throughout the Northern Atlantic region of America on this page.

In the midst of Huffington Post, Politico, Mediate, and other massive online sites with major money going down, many small news sites like The Whole Delivery are critical in providing needed updates for those hoping to find them.

More reports will be needed for major attention given to the Caribbean, which again, receives hurricane pain like no other region consistency in Earth's Western Hemisphere.

But just wanted to say that I'm glad that any clarity can be given for some reading this site searching for the information they require.

The Whole Delivery will continue with more coverage of Hurricane Sandy, stay tuned.

The 1st Thread/The Sandy Thread #1 For 10/30/12:

Somehow Bloomberg is still asking that city workers come to work today if they can. He really is just a weird powerful individual who just won't care for public workers like he should.

Hopefully not getting too New York centric: 

In the Chelsea section of Lower Manhattan.

Over 50 homes destroyed in the Breezy Point town of large Queens.

Here are all the closings, though everyone in New York knows already.

More on Connecticut, the rest of New England, Pennsylvania, Delaware (which has not had much coverage), and the rest.

Post Bloomberg Press conference 

Though Bloomberg didn't mention Rikers Island or have anyone in the news mention it in the press conference, glad to hear that Rikers did not receive significant damage, with "no power outages on Rikers last night. No significant flooding or disruption of our operations."

The subway damage is historical here.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Hurricane Sandy here at The Whole Delivery and many other places

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 10/29-30/12: The Overnight Sandy Aftermath

At least 65 died when Sandy hit the Caribbean, while at least 13 have been reported perished here on the Northeast as of the storm.

There will be more coverage of this storm from here and many other sources of course on October 30.

Until then, here's Tevin........Hopefully, see you tomorrow:

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Sandy Thread #1 For 10/29/12: The Latest Version Updates

Live coverage from the weather channel

Five deaths in the New York area, with one of those happening in the boroughs, and four deaths in New Jersey, and a death from a car crash in West Virginia, with a tragedy occurring in Maryland world.

Now onto stranded people in Connecticut, as well as through dealing with the heart of the storm inevitably, in most of Pennsylvania, western New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and into Canadian providences of Ontario and Quebec.

Still, this is nothing like what they get in the Caribbean, the American South, and Southeast Asia and Japan.

The Second Version Updates:

1) Really not cool news about an alert declared at Oyster Creek nuclear power plant.

2) Lots of ugliness with hospital messes with Coney Island Hospital and NYU Hospital. We really did not prepare well for this storm in New York.

3) The overall power outages here in the three islands and five boroughs in the New York metropolitan area:

The Third Version Updates 

4) In Pennsylvania, almost a million people are out of power.

5) This is true: A number of ambulances are there to evacuate NYU hospital:
Bloomberg confirms that they have the backup power and are evacuating.

6) The National Guard is evacuating hundreds of people in various areas who did not heed the warning. That is a breaking report from The Weather Channel.

7) Meanwhile, the situation is very critical at Bellevue Hospital, where they require many things right now.

The Updates Continued

8) In the Baltimore-DC area,  400,000 are without electricity.

9) The NYU hospital is transporting its patients to various parts all over the city from initial reports.

10) Weird tree in the District.

11) Con Edison certainly expressed how it has never had a situation quite like what happened tonight in an explosion on 14 Street in Manhattan.

Final Update 

It was not joke anywhere in the three islands of NY's metropolitan area, with Battery Park City expected:

View more videos at: http://nbcnewyork.com.

Music Video Energy Boost For 10/29/12 (Storm Sandy Edition): Beanie Siegel- Feel It In The Air (2005)

So fitting for the day, so fitting. I can truly feel the wind blows in the air.

The Dumbest Question Ever From A White House Reporter

And it is from CBS' Bill Plante, who really embarrassed himself with this question today, "How will this effect the election?" (Go right to mark 5: 38 to the end).

Our centrist media, vapid culture, embarrassing itself and thinking about its desperate horserace desires instead of being real journalists focusing on real details.

So sad, as always.

Plante acted like a Fox News personality today. He ought to be ashamed of himself.

(EDIT: New, much more smaller video here). 

The 1st Thread/The S-Thread #1 For 10/29/12: A Giant Team Spirit

Image from MLB.com  

All for one and one for all could be phrased in postseason baseball as 25 for one and one for 25. The San Francisco Giants of 2012 were an embodiment of that altruistic team spirit.

The Giants weren't even slated to make the playoffs this year in the National League, and endured many pitfalls with key players and figures that would have made it a nutty thought that they would be the last one standing in Major League Baseball this year.

Unlike the 2010 team that showed how talented the nucleus could be for a successful next decade for the Giants, this Bruce Bochy lead squad represented how an underdog deals with adversity about as well as any example in team professional sports I can ever remember, and certainly in the 16 years of me closely watching this great sport.

Unlike 2010, Brian Wilson was gone for the season.

Unlike 2010, Tim Lincecum was miserable.

Unlike 2010, they didn't have to deal with a steroid scandal wiping out their best offensive player (at the time) in Melky Cabrera.

And like 2010, they had to deal with Barry Zito still failing to live up to that mammoth contract he signed.

Despite all those glaring negatives, they created new positives to overcome later new major inauspicious, where they came back from the brink of elimination six times in two series with four of those wins on the road. Hell, with the Reds favored to win the series and taking the first two games in San Francisco, the Giants could have easily been dead.

But this team, exhibited by its superstar catcher and now leader Buster Posey overcoming his own massive adversity with his devastating knee injury last year, would not buckle at any moment the time was the roughest for them.

It's one thing when your team's stars lead you to a championship. It's another and more powerful thing when guys the casual fan would not even know are equal in being key protagonists as their marquee names.

The fact that Ryan Vogelsong and not Lincecum or Matt Cain was the best pitcher on this team, that Marco Scutaro became one of their clutch hitters, and that Sergio Romo became the face of a great bullpen in the absence of Wilson shows how incredible every player's mentality on this Giants' roster was.

And how many elite superstar hurlers would have swallowed their pride and sacrificed for the team to pitch out of the bullpen in the postseason like Lincecum did?

Lincecum, Cain, Posey, the biggest stars on the team, embodying a full perspective not about themselves but about the overall collective of the unit. The unit having any guy on its roster perform like a star player on any night.

3 stars for all 25 guys, and 25 players for one team, one franchise, one city. Another championship.

Image From San Francisco Chronicle 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

TWD Sunday 1st Thread For 10/28/12: 2012 WTA Championships Final

Simple as this, as it always is. Maria has to hope, and pray, that Serena is so off and so bad, or gets injured.

Now Sharapova has indoors and the slowest surface favorable to her. But that favors Serena too. Everything favors Serena, from mental toughness and in general. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

TWD Sports Saturday Thread #3 For 10/27/12: MLB World Series Game 3- Giants/Tigers

Simple must win tonight for Detroit as the series shifts to the Motor city, with Anibal Sanchez needing a similar gem against the Yankees last weekend to keep his team realistically alive.

Ryan Vogelsong has been immense though on the big stage as of late, and if Sanchez is not sharp enough, the Giants will be one game away for sure.

I think the Tigers will feed off this home crowd in their proud city, and avoid an inviable hole. But they have to play well. Cabrera and Fielder have been unlucky this series as they have hit the ball well enough to make an impact. Expect at least one of them to explode somewhere tonight, whether with a major hit or multiples ones.

The Tigers bullpen needs to show and be immense here. Dotel, Smyly, and Benoit have to be lights out, because Alburquerque and certainly Valverde can't be trusted at all. 

TWD Sports Saturday Thread #2 For 10/27/12: SEC-Big 12 BCS Must Win Saturday

Must win Saturdays today for Georgia and Oklahoma, and you have to include Kansas State in there since they have no Big 12 title game, along with Texas Tech.

A lost for any one of those four, especially Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas Tech with their one loss, would see their title chances gone. That is what happens when you don't have a playoff.

Live reports all day today. 

The Flashback Fridays on Saturday For 10/27/12: Blaque- Bring It All To Me (1999)

In midst of the sad death of the wonderful Natina Reed, in honor of her and this wonderful group, a Saturday edition of "The Flashback Fridays," it's Blaque with "Bring It All To Me."

The group was devastated with the death of Left Eye. For Natina, she can certainly be with her today in this tragedy she has suffered. Thoughts and prayers for sure to the family and everyone around. Kurupt, and their 10 year old son Tren.

There's more The Whole Delivery on October 27, 2012, later on. 

TWD Saturday Sports Thread/The Live Thread #1 For 10/27/12: 2012 WTA Championships

Serena brilliant once again today in the first semifinal, as Aga just did not have enough to come close to challenging her remarkable opponent.

For Azarenka and Sharapova, Azarenka getting to #1 is a great relief for her, and she is coming into this semifinal after drubbing Sharapova at the China Open all relaxed and sound. Sharapova needs Azarenka to be off to even have a chance at winning. 

TWD Saturday 1st Thread (First Version) For 10/27/12

The usual Saturday songs from Ludacris and De La Soul

More to come on TWD Saturday. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Friday Night Thread For 10/26/12 (1st Version)

Bring in Montell.............

.........Much more to come in a bit

The 2nd Thread/The Campaign is Over Thread For 10/26/12: Their Campaign

Where a racist curmudgeon is allowed to have such a prominent position and utter insane things as he has done all campaign season since the Insane Party primary was over.

And a spokesperson who can't even detail his policy well.

These people are world class slimes.  More to come from The Whole Delivery, October 26, 2012.  

TWD Friday 1st Thread/The Flashback Friday #1 For 10/26/12- Justin Timberlake- Cry Me A River (2012)

The song that really put his solo career over the top from a decade ago. He really needed it, and it was thanks to Timbaland.

There's more to come from The Whole Delivery on October 26, 2012.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 2nd Thread/The Campaign is Over Thread #1 For 10/25/12: The Desperation Is Embarrassing

Always at the heart of The Very Serious, centrist media's ultimate desperation to make this election be a neck and neck horse race is one Mo(u)rning Jo(k)e.

Now this segment, featuring the usual, great, centrist, Very Serious disgrace Jon Meachem of course, was so desperate to still paint Ohio as a see-saw contest that instead of the "Likely Voters" model (which shows Obama up decently in Ohio), and the Registered Voter model (which will always show any "swing state" with an edge to Obama), they chose instead to use something I have never seen used before on TV.

The "Yet to vote in Ohio" poll. I kid you not.

Since they are so angry that their horse-race election in Ohio and the country is in danger thanks to that "evil liberal concept" that is early voting and that the Obama administration & campaign team is excellent at registering voters while others are preventing shameful voter suppression efforts, Morning Joe tells the casual viewer who isn't able to weed though simple centrist media tricks that the race is still a tie, especially in Ohio!

The casual viewer won't notice the difference between Likely or Registered or now "Yet to vote" poll. All they will see simply is the word "poll" and figure out that Ohio is tied, just like this whole race is tied.

It really is quite alarming as usual that our centrist media just doesn't care about telling the whole truth and the whole story, with not a true care in the world for the process of fundamentally sound journalism and properly informing their fellow American citizens.

Of course that is and has always been the case (at least since the days after Murrow and Cronkite), and with the traditional media getting more corporate centrist (outside of a few brave sources with clout) that is to be expected.

But the sheer desperation this time is really noticeable, and definitely going to be exposed with the online rational community and news networks.

These desperate tricks are unacceptable to journalism and really caring about the American citizen. But frankly, when have they primarily cared about their fellow countrymen and countrywomen, outside of a few sources? We all know the answer to that if you are rational and have been attentive.      

But hey, why bother to tell the whole story instead of simply relying on antiquated Likely Voter models that never poll extensively in minority communities.

Just another part of our "great" American story.

(More to come in the 2nd Thread, later). 

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 10/25/12: MGK ft Ester Dean- Invincible (2012)

Third time this song has been highlighted here. Ester Dean and Alex Da Kid with the beat are just marvelous.  

More to come from The Whole Delivery on October 25, 2012. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The S-Thread/The Live Thread #1 For 10/24/12: The 2012 WTA Championships, Day 2.

Key day #2 for Angelique Kerber. She was always up against it in this group with both Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka, the former who she lost to yesterday, the latter who she plays today.
For any hope realistically to advance past the group stage. 

But first, a top match, as Li Na plays Serena. It's Na's first match, and she has nothing to lose here. She always finds her best against Serena and Venus. It's the type of match the Chinese star needed to see if she can break up the Serena/Vika party. 

The Live Thread will be constant, with post match breakdown and analysis.

Red Group Match #2: S.Williams defeats Li Na 7-6 (2), 6-3

Well she didn't serve well today, and Li Na showed her class to give her another tough match, but Serena was still solid enough in every other area in her game outside of a slow start and a poor serve for her standards.

Post Match thoughts on Azarenka-Kerber afterwards.

The 1st Thread/The Campaign is Over Thread For 10/24/12: Todd Akin 2.0

This may possibly even see Romney lose 90% of the women's vote. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but this is humiliating in Indiana.

From last night's debate: Once again that pregnancy resulting from rape is something God intended." And the DNC have already made an ad. It really is devastating

Jed Lewison mentions how Patty Murphy is demanding that Romney take down his ad endorsing Mourdock.

Will Romney have the courage to do so? Will he?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The S-Thread #2 For 10/23/12: The 2012-13 UEFA Champions League, MatchDay 5 (Final Recap)

Post-Match Thoughts 

Celtic in dispair (Photo from Getty Images)

Team of the Day: 

Neuer; Dante (Bayern), Ambrose (Celtic),  Rami (Valencia), Alba; Tino Costa , Brown (Celtic), Teixiera (Donetsk) , Willian (Donetsk); Hernandez, Soldado

Final Thoughts: 

1) Just when Chelsea were right there with Barcelona, they could not wake up early from the rough travel to Donetsk.

2) Robert Soldado is arguably the most underrated forward in the world, and he gave Valencia assurance that they

3) Another weird start for United at home in Europe, but they show a lot of mental fortitude.

4) Juventus plays well against Chelsea, but can't muster the three points against Nords. Concerning for them.

That's Champions League coverage for the day. See you tomorrow for Matchday 6. 

 Halftime thoughts (Original Post)

The Halftime Thoughts

1) Another ugly start by United at home in Europe. Their defensive woes continue, as well as their early match jitters.

2) Tough for Bate, but Valencia with a solid road performance to get the edge and another clinical penalty for Roberto Soldado.

3) Rough start on the evening for Chelsea in Donetsk. It's a must win for Shartak, especially with Lampard having to come in for an injured Hazard.

4) A poor own goal give up by Galatasaray in a must win at home against Cluj

5) Celtic got a famous lead in the Nou Camp against the injury plagued Barcelona backline. But La Liga giants were going to find a way no matter what.

6) With the Thomas Mueller penalty, Bayern look in position to get a key road win after losing to Bate  in the last road.

7) Juventus has yet to find a breakthrough at NORDSJÆLLAND. If they are an elite team in UEFA and a threat to go deep in this competition, they must win a game like this

The S-Thread #1/Live Thread For 10/23/12 (Second Version): 2012 WTA Championships, Day 1

I favor Radwanska, a rusty Serena, and Sharapova today.

Sharapova has got to win this match today against Errani, someone who she should physically hammer every single time.

Overall, I think the Top 4 will be the last 4. Kvitova, even indoors, is not on good enough to beat Sharapova, but that could all change though in a snap.

Live coverage all day here.

The LIVE Updates

Great performance by Aga Radwanska, who really showed why she is among the best in the world, right behind Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka. Though Kvitova wasn't at her best, that was because Aga had just enough depth on her shots to prevent Kvitova from being in the best closer situations.

It was another great display from the Pole, the type of display that could see her top the group. For Kvitova, she will have to find a way to beat Sharapova for the first time this year. With how Sharapova has the edge over her now movement wise, as well as becoming a massive hitter again, it will be difficult for the still smaller Kvitova (6'3 for Maria, 6'1 for Petra) to advance to the semifinals after not showing much against

It was routine solid stuff, outside of a health scare in set one, from Serena Williams today. She got her revenge on Angelique Kerber being one of only four woman to beat her this year, and it was comprehensive from the legend.

What was most impressive was how sharp Serena was after a six week layoff from her US Open title. And she really got into the head of Kerber this match, making the German #1 be more aggressive in the 2nd set, something that took Kerber out of her relaxed counterpuncher zone.

Serena goes to 54-4 on the campaign in 2012. That is quite terrific. 

As expected, routine result from Sharapova against Errani. When you are a 6'3 heavyweight dealing with a 5'4 lightweight, you need a miracle on the day. And for Errani, that is such a major ask always.

So that concludes Day 1 of the WTA Championships: More coverage will continue tomorrow with Day 2, with debuts for Chinese superstar Li Na and world #1 Victoria Azarenka in Istanbul. Until then, see you!

The Fun Thread #1 For 10/23/12 (Final Version): Romnesia Geography

So brilliantly dumb, and proud of it:

In a sane US journalism world, where forced and desperate centrism for ratings would not be tolerated, this would be the lead story of the day and the entire rest of the week.

Instead, it's just swept under the rug by the David Gregory's and Chuck Todd's of the world.

It really is wonderful to see Romney's 8th grade study night on Sunday evening produce one of many idiotic lines like this on Monday, October 22, 2012.

I guess John Bolton, Dan Senor, Donald Rumsfeld and Sir Cheney from afar and his other neocon advisers most have gotten their Halliburton maps mixed up.


A flashback to yesterday.......It's Twister, the hot spot!

A Fun Thread at The Whole Delivery.

The 1st Thread For 10/23/12: Uncle John is Saying 'Uncle' For Mitty

"Mr. 8 homes" John McCain, who four years ago said on stage that "Politics is a tough sport," whined on Mo(u)rning Jo(k)e this morning that Obama was such a big meanie on stage last night to now nice guy Mitt again.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

The loser of four years ago mentioned how the president took cheap shots at Romney, and did not look presidential making Romney look like the 5th grade clown he is on global issues.

It was hilarious to see how consistent McCain's complaining and whining was over Obama doing to Romney what Republicans always try to do to Democrats, and that makes them look soft and weak. Only Obama did it in a more forceful diplomatic way, as Democrats who won't concede any international toughness to Republicans tend to do.

(And all this chatter about Romney showing a nice, peaceful nature were thrown out completely again the minute he supported the practice of drone striking and standing firmly behind his buddy bud Netanyahu, even though he will lose next year to Ehud Barak).

Quite fascinating to see resident tough guy John McCain cry "Uncle" for Mitt Romney on TV this morning. Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard and Fox News proud lie guy frame thought Obama was "condensing, petty, and disrespectful." Michelle Malkin was, well, Michelle Malkin.  

I guess that long held, tired narrative of Democrats being so soft on foreign policy is long gone. 

The Rise "n" Shone Thread For 10/23-24/12: Giants and Bayonets

Well, the Cardinals couldn't come back tonight from the brink. I was completely wrong there, as Kyle Lohse reverted back to old Kyle Lohse while Matt Cain resembled Matt Cain again.

Anyway, to Tevin, peace:

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Campaign is over Thread #3 for 10/22/12: The Romney Gaffe Fest of Foreign Policy

First, let me just express how the weird and disturbingly clandestine Presidential Debate Commission picked a horrible night to have this final debate. Not recognizing that both a Monday Night Football game and a potential MLB LCS playoff contest could happen on the same night as the final debate (and it indeed has happened) shows how out of touch with America the shadow commission truly is.

Now with that said, there will be enough viewers tonight who don't tune into those sports contests to witness Mitt Romney potentially have one of the most desperate and embarrassing debate performances ever, as if last week wasn't atrocious enough in Long Island.

With any lies he can come up with about the economy gone, Romney will have a whole assortment of John Bolton-esque right-wing attacks that only Dan Senor could memorialize better. He will be desperate and out of control on another of issues, especially trying his hardest to make Libya an issue despite the smackdown he received last Tuesday.

What is going to be so appalling for any rational American and those in the global community to witness is Romney showing how limited a man this close to the White House is on foreign policy. When Paul Ryan arguably knows more about foreign policy than you do, then it really says something about how utterly brain dead the Republican Party has become on international issues.

There is no diplomacy Romney will display, just faux tough chatter from a man who will hide in the moment of a real fight. Ridiculous stern rhetoric on China, Russia, Iran, random Islamic groups, maybe even one on Venezuela too. It will get so incongruous from Romney this evening, I wouldn't even rule out a verbal threat on Canada.

Bob Scheiffer will try his best to be "neutral", but even he may go further in correcting Romney for ridiculous and horribly inaccurate information than Candy Crowley cautiously did last week.

Obama will talk about drones I think, and won't shy away sadly from being proud of them. And he won't mentioned (or will be asked) about private contractor insanity. He will remain cool and placid, ready to humiliate Romney subtly for any ridiculous comment of many he will make tonight.

The S-Thread For 10/22/12: The NLCS Game 7, Cards-Giants

Both of these teams, the last two National League and World Series champions, have shown how mentally tough they are, rising to excellency in the face of ultimate adversity.

But tonight, while one of these teams continued to show their "Do or Die" resolve, the other will finally be pushed off the edge.

For the Cardinals, Kyle Lohse must continued to come up as big as he has all season for the defending champions, as the momentum is with the Giants and favorite Matt Cain, who has not been up to his ace standards this postseason.

St.Louis bats will be desperate to wake up after both Barry Zito and Ryan Vogelsong shut them down, and they have proven how clutch their resolve is on the edge of elimination. Carlos Beltran, Allen Craig, and David Freese are desperate to get their bats going again, while Sandoval, Posey, and Pence need to figure out a way to hit the in-form Lohse.


I think the Cardinals once again show their unwavering toughness on the brink, and be the rulers of the National League again on their third and final try.  

It's starts on FOX right now, and it will be another fascinating final game of the National League for 2012. 

The Fun Thread For 10/22/12: Forever The Hot Spot!

One of the greatest things ever made. To be honest with you, I like the commercial more than the game, unless you played the game with, well, I let you decide.....
And the grown up edition of Twister:
< br /> Great Fun Thread stuff on The Whole Delivery. Thanks for reading.

The 1st Thread For 10/22/12 (First Thread): "Who Gives A Damn"

Indeed Michael Steele, who gives a damn about killing the man who changed this country's overall psyche.

Once an RNC leading clown, always an RNC leading clown I guess.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

TWD Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 10/21/12: 2012 NFL Week 7 Early Game Thoughts & Picks


1) It will be interesting to see which team for the Ravens-Texans recover from major losses to defense. The Texans badly missed their heart and soul in Brian Cushing against a determined Packers side, while more than the loss of Ray Lewis, Lardarius Webb's absence will have ramifications for Baltimore.

2) This is a must win game for the Bills against the Titans to show if they truly worth even giving any attention to. They have to win at home.

3) Will Juan Rivera actually give Cam Newton a consistent game plan? After a bye week, this is a must win for the Panthers already in the season against Dallas. A loss for Carolina today and they will be out of it before November I think.

4) Despite getting back on track last Sunday night, the Packers have a second difficult road game in a row against the Rams. This is not a team, especially at home, that you can overlook if you are Green Bay. You could easily go back under .500 today with a sassy performance today.

5) More than the attention given to RG III vs the Giants defense, will this be a day where the Redskins miss the presence of Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker being able to get some semblance of a pass rush to pressure Eli Manning? Or will they be able too.

6) While Arizona has their quarterback issues, Christian Ponder has been very underrated with how he has managed the game for the Vikings this season.

7) Keen eyes need to see Drew Brees and Andrew Luck operate today in games that their teams have to win.

HALFTIME thoughts: 

1) Jason Garrett has failed to established the run again for the Cowboys, but Juan Rivera's defense is finally playing with a sense of urgency and toughness.

2) Good stuff from Rodgers and Bradford in St. Louis, though the Packers once again don't have any ground game.

3) Christian Ponder's worst half of the season against this tough Cardinals defense, but John Skelton is just not good enough to capitalize.

4) Decent numbers for both Luck and Weeden, but the Browns just aren't good enough defensively.

5) Chris Johnson has finally had a day to remind people that he actually does matter.

6) Once again, Drew Brees shows why Sean Payton being on the sidelines would have not mattered for their poor start. The offense is excellent as usual, while the defense is, well, not excellent.

7) You would have thought the Ravens suffered injuries on offense instead of on the other side of the ball. The Texans are playing defense like Cushing is on the field.

8) As expected, great battle between the Giants, as both Eli and RG III are showing why they are among the elite quarterbacks in the NFL. 

TWD Sunday Soulful For 10/21/12: Kirk Franklin- Stomp

Always a spiritual classic:

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Campaign is Over Thread #1 For 10/19/12: Who?

One of the few, great things about this ridiculous general election campaign filled with more peculiar, elitist, nutty, arrogant, unhinged, and downright idiotic Republican and conservative behavior is the fact that a lot of annoying people of the past have been largely rendered irrelevant.

Peggy "Brooklyn has diversity!" Noonan, David "Applebees" Brooks, David Frum, Mark McKinnon, and many other prod hacks, liars, and deceivers have not be considered important enough to change conversations this election and maybe forever now.

But one voice who I have forgotten about completely has been one Joey Lie-berman, the person who hates American liberals/progressive more than anyone else in America that is not a Republican/conservative. And it has been such a relief for not only me, but a lot of other rational people.

It must pain Lieberman that as he leaves as the Senate's biggest corporate whore that no one, not even his beloved Andrea Mitchell, has bothered to even ask for his thoughts on the race on TV (although I'm sure if he ever took up Rachel Maddow's long time requests to have him on her show, she would more than appreciate what he has to say for being the biggest hater of Democratic principles by a former Democrat ever).

Joey Lie has placed himself in this position of irrelevance a long time ago, and that was before Ned Lamont, Markos Moulitsas, and Jane Hamsher were the people his heart hated the most after any brown person.

Joey Lie's love triangle with McCain and Lindsay Graham already made his legitimacy completely nonexistent, and his despicable ways reached its climax by making sure his friends at Wellpoint, BlueCross BlueShield, and Aetna kept their high profits instead of helping give Americans a public option before turning 65 or being unbelievably poor in the winter months of 2009 and early 2010.

But now, it seems that Joey Lie has been placed into witness protection with how he has not been seen at all in this presidential election. And I'm not even certain that Chris Murphy or Wrestling Ice queen Linda McMahon have even had to ask a question or two about Murphy's predecessor on their campaign trail in Connecticut (because Murphy is not losing that race).

So while he goes into becoming a proud lobbyist at home and in the Beltway for his moral less health insurance industry friends, it must pain Joey Lie-berman that he isn't receiving the attention he so loves and craves as the "independent of the Senate," a title long bestowed to a real person in Bernie Sanders instead of a fake like Lie-berman.

Most importantly, it sure is relieving for us that we don't have to deal with his proud smugness and arrogance towards the rational people in America who don't tolerate deceivers and charlatans like him. 

The 2nd Thread/The Fun Thread #1 For 10/19/12: #NeverForget

This day around three years ago that we will make sure will always be in our lives. (Also, a Rick Sanchez and Kyra Phillips throwback! Oh how we all miss Rick Sanchez!)

TWD 1st Thread/The Flashback Fridays #1 For 10/19/12: Boys II Men - MotownPhilly (1991)

The best American male singing group in the last 25 years, it's Boys II Men with the song that started it all for them, "MotownPhilly," kicking off another Friday at The Whole Delivery.

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 10/18-19/12: Tagg Romney is the Toughest Dude in America

And O'Donnell uses his Boston accent. It was so funny: 

To Tevin, see you hopefully at a later time


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The (Late) 1st Thread Today For 10/17/12: See What Happens When You Do Journalism

I remember yesterday some condemning that "ridiculous, inane idea" that a moderator should fact-check during a debate.

Well, look what happened last night.

Now although Crowley really didn't want to do it (her facial reaction said it all as she tried to keep her glorified centrist self out of real journalism), she was forced into doing it by the obvious lie and misinformation Romney was throwing.

Even more telling is how President Obama said, "Say it louder Candy."

I remember most thinking fact checking was something a moderator shouldn't do. Thankfully, Candy Crowley left centrist journalism for one rare moment and did her job before returning to her usual centrist form.

And at least in that moment of many humiliating moments for Mitt Romney last night, this is one where an undecided voter cannot say that she or he was not properly informed by the moderator.

If only that could be prevalent more times than just one rare moment. It, along with always making a debate a town hall format, would save America's debate format from irrelevance.

The Sleep Time and Rise n" Shine Thread For 10/16-17/12: It Was An Unfair Fight

It was so bad for Mitt tonight that even a seasoned, centrist journalist like Crowley had to fact check him tonight, on his and other conservatives' latest obsession into an Obama choice of words:

Now Crowley went gladly back to her centrist ways, but her disgust at actually having to do her job thanks to Romney saying too blatant of a lie (as he did all evening) for her to ignore was wonderful (especially how Obama forced her to say that by him saying, "Candy, can you say that louder").

Ah, look what happens when a moderator does what a moderator is supposed to do, and that's a fact check like I said earlier. See how it helps America?!

More on this tomorrow. But for now, it's Tevin......

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Campaign is Over Thread #3 For 10/16/12: Pres Debate #2

Candy Crowley will be the same centrist media type, who won't do the best journalism required in our failed debate format.

Nevertheless, there will be more domestic questions asked here because of the town hall format, and awkward questions will persist and bother Romney in these 90 minutes, especially if the social and immigrations issues pop up, which it should. 

Obama will be his same, usual self. He was subtly forceful in the last debate despite basically everyone thinking that he wasn't. He will have more openings to further expose Romney's lies and dishonesty, and he will not be as benevolent in debate one. But he will keep his usual placid demeanor. 

Romney could easily produce a Youtube debate moment of epic gaffe proportions, especially on foreign policy issues. 

The Fun Thread #1 For 10/16/12: Real Halloween Tips

From the homie JLA (who thankfully has her behind back on Twitter and needs the audience she deserves on there) many great Halloween-esque videos

And yes, her Halloween game would battle Heidi Klum's!

Music Energy Boost Video For 10/16/12: Justin Bieber feat Nick Minaj- Beauty And A Beat (2012)

Might as well since it's the highest rated Youtube video in a day. Still, a smart concept, even with an annoying presence in the X-Factor judge who hates Mariah Carey.

The Campaign is Over Thread #2 For 10/16/12: Why Does He Hate Kids So Much


This man really is so elitist weird:
 President Barack Obama wooed Americans not yet old enough to vote Monday in a unique children’s television news special that his rival Mitt Romney opted to avoid.
 Obama fielded pre-recorded questions from under-18s on topics as varied as the economy, gun control, gay marriage and heartbreak during the half-hour program titled  “Kids Pick the President: The Candidates.”
Television news veteran Linda Ellerbee, who hosted the show on the Nickelodeon children’s     channel, told viewers that Romney had been asked since April to participate in the show.
But his team replied they were “unable to fit it in” to his schedule — leaving producers to put together a mash-up of Romney sound bites from the campaign trail in the interest of equal time.
“I don’t know if it’s a bad thing for the Romney campaign (not to participate), but it is a bad thing for the Nickelodeon audience,” Ellerbee told AFP a few hours before Monday’s broadcast.

I thought after I first heard of it from Rayfield that they would have common sense and actually do this for the kids. But nope, that did not happen at all.

He wants to cut PBS, and he snubs Nick.

I just can't wait until Mitt Romney says something negative about Disney. 

The 1st Thread/The Campaign is Over Thread #1 For 10/16/12: The Debate Format is Dead

Candy Crowley will moderate the debate tonight. Expect the same centrist media performance instead of the best journalism. 

Basically, it doesn't matter if it's a long term veteran or a new centrist media darling, America's debate moderation format in national, state, and local elections is antiquated and dead.

When moderators don't ever think about fact checking candidates or do their research to correct candidates' lies, half-truths, or just deceiving misinformation in general, what purpose is a debate to American lives (and the global community) in the 21st century other than a glorified excuse for news networks to still feel their overrated, overpriced pundits are worth listening to?

When candidates are blatantly proud of their mendacity and dishonesty, with only follow up questions as their punishment for those shameful actions by supposedly the best journalists in America, then the debate format's current form is nothing but a continued sham made even worse in the rapid fire age of online and instant fact checking.

It's the same element of course in the traditional Sunday talk show circuit (and even sadly when conservatives are not corrected on Melissa Harris Perry's show), since they think David Gregory and Martha Raddatz are the standard of journalism.

The amount of praise people, from Raddatz's colleagues to even solid liberal sources, bestowed upon Raddatz was just as alarming as Peggy Noonan and Mary Matalin unabashed love for Jim Lehrer's decrepit performance (I'm relieved that "Atrios" Black, Susie Madrak, Alyssa Rosenberg, Glenn Greenwald didn't agree).

If Raddatz is the standard of debate moderation despite her centrist Beltway perspective, then America might as well give up being able to ever do quality journalism at the highest level on national American television for good.

Raddatz's performance will then lead to a predictable annoying display from another centrist media darling in Candy Crowley, who has already made conservatives go bonkers because they are conservatives, but who also is one of those people who thinks she's better than "know it all, peace nick progressives hippies." And it will be the same with Bob Schieffer in the final debate on Monday.

Only Mitt Romney's continued belief in not having any moral conscious, his lack of any foreign policy knowledge outside of what the neo-cons tell him, and President Obama being tired of fully tolerating him face to face in a respectful manner is the only way Romney's sham personal will be badly exposed in these debates (as it already has else where for so many days and so many years).

A few individuals in the comments section of Huff Post Live had the nerve to tell me that a moderator's job is "not to fact check" anybody. This type of thinking is due to our centrist, corporate media failing to do what a moderator should do, which is to "fact check" and not let any awful distortion go away.

Until that happens though, our debate format at all levels in America will continue to be a joke. And it's not because of lying or intelligence devoid Republicans.

It will be because our American centrist, corporate media culture has made it comfortable to not do the best job that journalism requires, especially at the most crucial of moments.

As a journalist, I really do find that quite sad and forever alarming. 

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 10/15-16/12: Just Mr. Campbell

Long day tomorrow, so piece for now.......

Monday, October 15, 2012

The 1st Thread For 10/15/12: When You Keep Yahoos Like This Relevant

....You get coverage of their nuttiness, and how they should not received any attention in the first place: 

Yeah, hopefully whether ABC's This Week or Huff Post Live or any legitimate news source not named Fox News. 

More to come on The Whole Delivery on October 15, 2012. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Sunday Sports Thread #1 For 9/14/12 (Second Version): NFL Week 6 Early Game Thoughts And Coverage

1) Dustin Keller will be the key difference for the Jets today in a must win against a Colts side who can easily go 3-2 behind another top day for the ace that is Andrew Luck.

2) The pressure gets higher and higher for Jason Garrett today, who must give Tony Romo a balance running game by giving DeMarco Murray more touches.

3) The same must be said of both Jim Schwartz and Andy Reid, who need to prevent their quarterbacks of Matthew Stafford and Michael Vick from getting killed today. Somewhere, the Lions through anyone have to get balance to help Stafford.

4) The loss of Aqib Talib will have a big effect on the Bucs-Chiefs game and could give a needed victory to Kansas City.

5) Who in the receiving group for the Rams will step up for Sam Bradford now that Danny Amendola is gone? Meanwhile, the Dolphins' Ryan Tannehill


1) Matt Ryan is by far having his worst performance of the season, but Mike Smith's mediocre coaching has not prepared the Falcons well in the ultimate trap game against a desperate Raiders team. They are not exposing their Jet lag.

2) Michael Vick: 18 throws, LeSean McCoy: 7 rushes......Why does Andy Reid hate the run so much?

3) Matthew Stafford again shouldering the load, although Schwartz has shown more needed balance running the ball.

4) Andrew Dalton, terrific today.

5) Ryan Tannehill continues his great play and is displaying a level at poise up there with Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin. And Brandon Weeden is making the deep throws over the top very well.

6) Does Dwayne Bowe even exist anymore? A rookie running back from Colgate is getting more touches than him.

TWD Sunday Soulful For 10/14/12 (First Version): Donnie McClurkin- Just For Me

The Sunday Soulful first and maybe last version on October 14, 2012.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

TWD Saturday 1st Thread For 10/13/12 (Final Version): Study It Out!

It's the Saturday 1st Thread, returning for another glorious Saturday in store (though across the globe, it has been another great Saturday altogether).

Before the Thread is updated, it's the usual Saturday participants. Bring in Ludacris and De La Soul.

It's another Saturday for hate mail delivered to Markos......

...And yes, that lady is forever a legend.

Focus on the Family always wrong, and Tim Tebow won't be happy about that.

Jay-Z is having a cooking show and a new TV channel on Youtube. Hopefully the host can actually cook and have good recipes.

Is Nate Silver not the best with predicting races or polling? I will say though that even with him getting it wrong more times than he acknowledges, that the person who wrote this post, Deaniac83, can be very Democratic hackish.

Bhahaha Atlas Shrugged.

Instead of that crap, here is a quality movie here.  And a great thought from Andrew O'Hehir on whether the movie could indeed change Jimmy Carter's reputation.

Funny, the legend of Digby continues.

And that is your Saturday 1st Thread at The Whole Delivery on October 13, 2012. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Friday Flashback #2 For 10/12/12: 504 Boyz ft ft. Master P, Magic, Lil Romeo- Tight Whips (2002)

This classic from New Orleans from a decade ago is the 2nd Flashback video this week, including that fire verse from Lil Romeo......It's the 504 Boyz with the happy party song "Tight Whips"

That is your second Friday Flashback of the day, October 12, 2012. 

The 2nd Thread For 10/12/12: Celebrating Centrist Media Once Again

Even before the Paul Ryan 90 minute lie fest was over, friends and good colleagues of yours' truly on Twitter were championing Martha Raddatz as a great moderator.

It was quite alarming all the way, as people were already bestowing praise to Raddatz just because she asked follow up questions to Ryan's mendacity. Instead, what would have been the best thing for her to do, as any moderator of any gender, race, or whatever should do, is to correct any out right half-truth, quarter truth, or just flat out lie that Ryan or even Biden would say.

Unfortunately, Raddatz never at one point corrected Ryan for his blatant misinformation, leaving that job to Biden and creating the obvious centrist media narrative today: "It was a fiery back and forth debate." Thankfully, the CBS snap poll blew up the narrative that all the news organizations, especially CNN of course, wanted to paint as the debate being a "tie."

As always, one Duncan Black has the right, proper perspective on Raddatz's moderation:

And it is supported by the terrific Susie Madrak.

Anyone could be better than Lehrer last week. But the disturbing thing though was that Raddatz herself probably thought Lehrer did a great job last week. Morning Joe, Sean Hannity sure did, and I bet most inside the Beltway thought Lehrer did a great job (see Peggy Noonan and Mary Matalin last Sunday).

But that is how low the bar has been set, in American debate moderation and in American journalism overall. 

TWD Friday 1st Thread/The Flashback Fridays For 10/12/12: Nelly Furtado- Say It Right (2006)

From the Vancouver, British Columbia legend, it's her biggest hit of many big hits for her. From six years ago, it's the great Timbaland produced track for Nelly Furtado. It's "Say it Right."

The first thing today on October 12, 2012 for this week's installment of TWD Friday. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Campaign is Over Thread For 10/11/12: The Bottom of the Ticket Debate Foreshadowing

(Note: This is my own opinion on this. Just because I say it or anybody else says it doesn't mean it will happen, because a lot of people somehow think that I feel everything I say will always be the case. Also, those people are really weird, insane, and just downright looney.)

Unlike last week, where Jim Lehrer allowed Mitt Romney to lie all over the place with no shame, tonight is going to be a little different not because of tonight's moderator Martha Raddatz, but because of one simple factor.

Paul Ryan is not as good of a liar as Mitt Romney.

Ryan is more easily attuned to revealing and sharing his Ayn Rand economic nightmares in full detail along with his unhinged, creepy social positions, particularly on women. Even worse for Ryan tonight is dealing with foreign policy with the domestic issues, something Romney didn't have to deal with for his own embarrassing lack of global gravitas.

People expect Biden to be more aggressive than Obama was last week, but Biden will keep the same demeanor as his boss did last week, just in his own Biden way. He will be comfortable with dealing with any incongruous numbers Ryan those tonight, particularly that most ballyhooed $716 million blowup of fraud Medicare Advantage that all Republicans have tired to frame as "Obama cut your Medicare."

And the current Vice President will have a field day (or field night) at Centre College whenever any foreign policy issue comes out tonight, even with any irrational conservative-esque comment from Ryan on Libya or Raddatz pressing the issue so the right-wing won't continue to flip out on her moderating the debate.

Finally, when Ryan has a disaster of a night not being able to lie well, the centrist media, with the yell fest on the right-wing delusional community, with save him and Romney, declaring the night just like all vice presidential debate nights......."It doesn't matter."


The Sleep Time or Rise "n" Shine Thread For 10/11/12: Just Tevin

Have a great day or night:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The 2nd Thread/The Campaign is Over Thread #1 For 10/10/12: Obama Says "I Got This"

Earlier this morning (8 AM ET to be specific), President Obama went on the popular Tom Joyner morning radio show and told Americans, whether they were partisan Democrats, partisan Republicans, or the middlest of independents, that he is in control of the situation on the campaign trail.

"I got this," Obama told the Joyner morning show crew, which is in its 18th year of being a nationally syndicated show.

Obama, clearly still a little puzzled that the main news story of the first debate was more on his perceived "flat" performance instead of the woeful display by Jim Lehrer or the proud mendaciousness of Mitt Romney, asked a calm but poignant question.

"Has everyone else forgotten?" he said, referring to the slow but still recovery of the American economy from the horrors of conservative philosophy.

 (The audio will hopefully come later here, here, or maybe, on Youtube somewhere). 

The 1st Thread/Music Wakeup Call For 10/10/12:

A special edition of today's Music Wakeup Call, it's a moving tribute in store for the legendary Chris Lightly, who committed suicide on himself in August, at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. So real, so true.   

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Sleep Time and Rise "n" Shine Thread For 10/9/12 (Final Version): Pimped Hard, Pimped Harder

Please good Jon Stewart, an important message needed for you that you likely aren't going to be able to see from this small, irrelevant site.

Stop letting Bill O'Reilly pimp you.

Stop letting Bill O'Reilly use you to look cool and be legitimate to young audience who know O'Reilly is really O'Lielly and who will never appeal to them.

Stop letting Bill O'Reilly be considered a rational source for any debate or discussion instead of the looney toon curmudgeon he still is. And that was before we all saw him say "We'll do it live, F--k it" more hilarious and angry than anyone has ever said that phrase before in human history.

Stop placing yourself in these peculiar debates of full overall irrelevance, where no one will be the clear winner to anyone outside of anyone who is conservative or who isn't conservative. They accomplish nothing other than transient headlines (and in this case, a full tech glitches as well).

No one is asking Jon Stewart to become liberal, because he is still firmly scared of everyone calling himself a "liberal." It's still just as scary a word to him as conservative.

But it really is so embarrassing for Stewart to "debate" O'Reilly and think everyone treats it as a big groundbreaking event in American news. Because it sure really isn't anymore.

It's great for a few laughs, especially when Stewart doesn't have to do much to make O'Lielly look like the idiot that he is.

Nevertheless, the real idiot though is Stewart himself for continuing to even lower himself on the stage with Fixed Propaganda's top loose cannon.

To Tevin, "May tomorrow bring a better you and a better me."

The Fun Thread For 10/9/12 (1st Version): I Knew Obama Was Going To Cheat!

This guy really does need help. Well, maybe all of CNBC needs help:

More in The Fun Thread hopefully.

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