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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sports Sunday Thread #1 For 4/13/14: Vincent With The Wrong Kompany As Coutinho Winner Gives Reds Dramatic One (Closing Versions)

Fulltime: Liverpool 3-2 Manchester City - The Winner from Coutinho 
A man desperate for a Premier League title, Steven Gerrard displayed great emotions to the global audience after the match. He told his team to start focusing on Norwich, knowing that today's massive result is just one result. 

He also had a great word to Jeff Shreeves after the match: 

More to come at The Whole Delivery today, stay tuned. 

Halftime Version - Liverpool 2-0 Manchester City 

First Edit: Aguero will start the match on the bench. 

Pre-Game Version

Biggest game of the season, and somehow, I think that with Aguero supposedly coming back, I see a rare draw for Liverpool as of late. 

(Halftime and fulltime versions to come) 

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