The Sports Thread #1 For 4/1/14: High Action Drama Sees Both of The Night's Ties End at 1-1

Post-Game Version

First, Diego special effort: 

It turned out to be a captivating night, as you would hope with all these eight elite teams left in the competition. 

At Old Trafford, it went from what appeared to be destined as a one-sided pasting until a real 50/50 battle next Wednesday at the Allainz. Bayern will have to rely heavy on Toni Kroos adding to his class as Bastian Schweinsteiger and Javi Martinez will join Thiago as being unavailable. 

It was David Moyes' best managing adjustment this season after the break, and his side has transformed from firm underdogs to having a real shot at remarkably advancing to the semifinals. 

Meanwhile at the Nou Camp, when one Diego comes off, another Diego shines, as Senhor Costa's hamstring injury worsened and Senhor Ribas brilliance shone. 

Another Brazilian would have the final say in this contest (at least in terms of goals), as Neymar got a vital goal not only for his side, but for himself after what was another pedestrian game for him up to this point. 

(More to come in this post game thread)

Pre-Game Version

It's an even tie with La Liga's Top 2, while it's "Lawd have mercy" on David Moyes against Pep Guardiola's World Champions.

Here are all the lineups in case you missed them.
Will be back at halftime. Hopefully Moyes will not have a plane over his head when they are down 2-0 at the half.
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