The 1st Thread/The Sports Thread #1 For 4/4/14: Boozo Esiason

As most know by now, Boomer Esiason makes himself Boomer Esiason with his even more idiotic loudmouth sidekick (Craig Carton) embarrassing the male gender again by not challenging the ridiculous "C-section" comment.

Now look, it's Esiason's chauvinist mentality if he wanted it to be his way for his significant other when he played for the Bengals and the Jets. But anytime period, even in the "old school alpha male" days of yesteryear, still meant this was a nutty thing to do to your spouse or a fellow male.

But for Esiason, this is unsurprising from his conservative, alpha male, tough guy persona. He has been so tough that he definitely hasn't even thought about tweeting today. And the same with that clown next to him in Carton. For those who never even heard of Esiason before yesterday, just trust me on the fact that Carton is even worse.

Hopefully everyone at WFAN and CBS Sports, especially female, expressed to them their thoughts on his neanderthal stupidity.

And I'm sure they did, as well as everyone else outside their offices, let him know how idiotic he was for that statement since he apologized this morning.

Daniel Murphy is given three days by the MLB collective bargaining agreement for paternity/maturity leave. Also under overall federal law, paternity leave given to men is up to two weeks by most professions. You can have a debate over whether Murphy, after seeing the birth and seeing if their child is healthy, should then go right back to playing (he didn't play on Wednesday but played last night in the atrocious start to what will be another painful Mets year, a sweep at home to the Nationals).

There is no debate on Esiason's nutty moment though, which is made even worse considering he has four children and one child in Gunner on his death bed having cystic fibrosis. He got the call about that emergency during his first day of practice with the New York Jets.

Thankfully Gunner is now 22 and doing well despite getting daily treatment for his disease. But you would think Esiason would be definitely sensitive to any athlete wanting to see the birth of his child when he endured a traumatic moment with one of his children.

Instead, most who never heard of Boomer Esiason before two days ago will look at him as a misogynist, childless clown. And he only has him to blame himself for that.

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