The Sports Thread #2 For 4/8/14: 9TH Heaven For Geno As UConn Sweep Both Genders For Second Time

The rebound stats was just the major difference on the evening, as expected. 

Quite the accomplishment regardless of Auriemma's sometimes silly comments. But he gets the 40-0 record and 9th title. 

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Halftime: Notre Dame  38, Connecticut 47

32 points to 10 is the paint differential right now for the UConn women. Still, thanks to Notre Dame 3-point shooting, they stayed in the game. 

Simply put, McGraw has to keep the zone and let the guards beat them instead of roughest inside combo in the nation to have a chance, while keeping up their 3-production.

Even if Achonwa was available, UConn would be the slight favorite in this one. However, without her, it will take a total off night from the Big 4 for Geno's girls to give up perfection to McGraw's tenacious side.

Notre Dame must somehow make the rebounding edge to the Huskies not be too wide, along with containing the second chance opportunities of Dolson and Stewart. They must also dominated the backcourt battle, something that no team has come close to doing against the likes of Hartley and Jefferson.

I don't think they will be able to do that, but if they do, they will win.

Halftime and post game updates, stay tune.

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