The 1st Thread/The Sports Thread #1 For 4/15/14: 25 Years, 0 Resolution

Photo from Liverpool Twitter's Feed

25 years later and the answers still escape those scarred by the Hillsborough crushing tragedy.

Beyond the must watch peice from Daniel Gordon on ESPN's 30 for 30 in America tonight, in order to give people on this side of the world even more perspective on the long term torment the disaster has brought, is the on going search for full accountability against powerful institutions that will go beyond today's poignant tributes.

The laissez-faire affair of Margaret Thatcher, the royal family and other prime ministers after her of not giving needed punishment to the Football Association, Sheffield Wednesday, and the local authorities is a prime examples of the many coverups the elites will proudly do in order to save hides.

And apart of those elites sadly are big news publications, as Rupert Murdoch's The Sun played a massive role in contributing to the smearing of "The 96" from the start with the infamous "The Truth" article from the slime that is Kelvin MacKenzie. The shameful piece of harmful "hack" journalism still bares in the soul of Liverpool, as boycotts still go on today of that Murdoch rag publication.

That paper bares as much responsibility in my mind as the police who covered up their despicable actions. They facilitated in creating the wave of not finding the real truth that eluded, and still eludes, so many people for so many years.

In a day of sporting related tragic anniversaries, with the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing as well, the oldest of those anniversaries still searches for answers even when the problem has long been known.

(More to come at The Whole Delivery, stay tuned).

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