The 1st Thread For 4/9/14: Jonathan Fleming Celebrates After Wrongly Being in Prison For 25 Years

The first words from Jonathan Fleming after wrongly being in jail for 25 years, becoming the latest wrongly convicted and imprisoned black man in America.

"It's been a long time coming," Fleming said. "I waited for this day to come, 24 and a half years for this nightmare to be over and this day is finally here. I've dreamt about this many nights, and I'm finally a free man."

And yet, some weird lady asked the question, "Did you get bitter at any point during these 24 years?"


On a more poignant note, the emotion his mother, Patricia Fleming, displayed for his son being free is obviously a must see.

"Free man, free man, free man, it's over, it's over now, it's all over."

And the words of Fleming's significant speak to how tremendous her heart is.

And the real factual thing that will continue to persist is that there are thousands of more Jonathan Flemings, including those who are on death row despite either being innocent or not having enough evidence for justified incarceration.

More from The Whole Delivery today, later on.

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