The 1st Thread/TWD Condolences For 4/18/14: The World of Gabo

As condolences are delivered to Colombia (and Mexico's) pride and joy Gabriel Garcia Marquez, there is definitely one standout tidbit that caught the attention of yours' truly.

It was from CNN Tood Leopold's great obit on Marquez, where the United States' paranoia with renowned outsiders who contrast with its "ethos" was once again apparent.
The book didn't ease all of García Márquez's problems, however. As a vocal leftist and defender of Castro's Cuba, he was regularly limited or denied visas by the United States until President Bill Clinton, a fan of "Solitude," revoked the ban.
Clinton went on to express his condolences right after in that fine write up from Leopold and showed how Marquez remained steadfast to his rational, "all for one, one for all" perspective that fueled his writing. It also displayed the utter pettiness that came with so many US presidents from Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush with an accomplished author in full support of another nation.

Marquez also knew that being a novelist gave him the financial freedom that befalls so many journalists throughout the world, and how vital it is to have a truly independent voice.

An independent voice that was only dependent on being an original, consistent, and principled soul.

(Rest in Heaven Señor Marquez). 
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