Music Thread #1 For 5/27/10: Oh Dear M.I.A., Oh Dear.

I respected MIA despite her BS support of the terrorists Tamils in Sri Lanka. But this really is a global black eye over here in the U.S.
But that's not her number in that tweet.

Instead, that is the number of the New York Times reporter who wrote the article that has made the already hot tempered artist even more angry. And so angry, that it lead her to do one of the most disturbing and insane things anyone could do, let alone a famous artist with a global outreach.
Celebrity profiler/muckraker Lynn Hirschberg (she wrote the infamous 1992 Kurt ‘n’ Courtney profile in Vanity Fair, for one) learned that the hard way today when her recent New York Times cover story on M.I.A. displeased the singer enough to make her post Hirschberg’s personal cell number on her official Twitter.
Guess what? That post by M.I.A has not been taken down off her page. In fact, that post is still there as of this post.

Maybe it's the "militant leftist terrorist daughter 'Public Enemy' lyric loving" in her to do such a crazy, insensitive, and shameful thing. Either way, M.I.A deserves no one's support and everyone's criticism on her for virtually attempting to ruin the life of a journalist just doing her job and actually writing a fair piece about her. (I mean, the New York Times gave her a photograph session, goodness gracious.)

This event aside, M.I.A needs to understand that there will be some questioning her militant, "for the underdog" persona when she's basically wealthy beyond life at the moment. And that's not even bringing up the bubbling tension she feels whenever Lady Gaga is uttered around her.

For a person that is a serious risk taker and is always ready to push buttons, this is an embarrassment moment of utter immaturity and recklessness from her. And hopefully she'll reach a rational state where she will realize how psychopathic she has acted today with her actions.
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