The Read International For 5/30/10: Columbia Presidential Elections Will Go To A Runoff

Goodbye Uribe, Bush's homie. Columbia is voting for a new president today, and it really comes down to Juan Manuel Santos and Antanas Mockus.

TWD will keep you updated on the results.

Update 1: After 6.3% of the vote, it's Santos early.

Update 2: Santos maintaining his sizable gap with nearly half of the vote counted.

Update 3/4: Passed halfway, and it appears that Santos will keep the Presidency on the right. And it looks to be more and more the end result.

Update 5: Not in doubt now, Juan Santos looks set to follow up after his former boss and become the new President of Columbia. And that means the Right wing will retain that seat.

Update 6: Now Santos needs 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff, and it appears that won't happen. But it will be very hard to defeat him in the runoff with how high of a total he received here in the general.

Update 7: And the runoff on June 20th will be going down. And with Columbia not going to the World Cup, all the focus in that nation will clearly be on the election.
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